Monday, September 3, 2012

School Supply Cakes (2 to choose from)

Well I thought I would make something fun for the teachers (Cole is going to be in 3rd and Caden starts Kindergarten).  I've been seeing these amazing School Supply Cake's on Pinterest and thought I had to make one.  But then I thought I had to make one for each teacher.  You know me I can't do the same for both so I found a different type to make also.

The first one I found cute School Supply Cake on Carries Scrapyard that she made.  I took the picture and ran with it.  NOW if I read her whole post I would have found she found instructions on the Butler's site (yup I didn't so mine is a we'll my own).

Supplies Needed:
(1) Plastic Container - You could use a Roll of Paper Towels also
(5) large rubber bands 
(6) 24 count Crayons
(4) 1-Subject Spiral Bound Notebooks 
(10) Bottles School Glue
(6) Small Glue Sticks 
(20) No.2 Pencils 
(1) box of Kleenex Tissues
Wood Cut-outs (I picked up 2 apples, 1 worm & 1 bus - Michael's)
Ribbon (Apples - Found it at Michael's)
Packing Tape

I took a plastic container placed the spiral bound notebooks around it and one rubber band around it to hold it in place.  Then I added the crayons and glue sticks around the bottom, grabbed another rubber band and secured it around those to keep them in place.  I took the Glue bottles on put them on top and once again took a rubber band to secure them.   On top I stuck a Kleenex Tissue box in the center (half of the box will be behind the notebook paper.  I placed 5 pencils on each side of the tissue box (held on with packing tape).  I found some cute ribbon with apples on it that I added to each tier to hide the rubber bands.  The top tier I tied a bow and then added in the wood apples, worm and bus.

Next on my to do list was one a little bit more "boyish" per Cole :). He picked out this School Supply Cake I found on Come Together Kids.  I had to make it fit to our needs and played around with it a little bit.  The bin I found was a little large so that changed the design a little bit. 

What you need:
(7) Kleenex Boxes
(1) Bin 
(20) Pencils
(6) Glue Sticks
(2) Crayons
(4) Hand Sanitizers
(1) School Stickers - Found at the Dollar Store
(1) School Paper Borders - Found at the Dollar Store
(1) Package of School Cut outs - Found at the Dollar Store
Packing Tape

I took 6 Kleenex Boxes and taped them together, I added the paper School Paper Border around it (use tape to secure).  Add the bin on top, I taped the pencils on the front and then added the border around that also.  Cole added the Cut-out Apple and Stars to the side of the bin.  I then added 1 box of Kleenex on top of the bin, added the box of school stickers in front.  Added the crayons on the side and filled in the gap with the glue sticks.  Added the school border and secured with tape.  We also added on 4 hand sanitizers (taped together) on top.

It took a little bit of time but my helper Cole did a great job and he was very excited to bring them to school to show them off.  I'd say they were a success, what do you think?


  1. FANTASTIC! Those are just amazing! I know everyone at school will love them.

  2. I hereby nominate you 'mother of the year.' An awesome idea and I am sure your boys were proud as punch.

  3. I'm sure the teachers will be thrilled with them

  4. I've never seen anything like those before. They are very unique and neat looking.

  5. You are so creative!! They turned out super cute and I bet their teachers LOVED them! :-)

  6. I am so impressed. These are so cute and what a great gift to receive.


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