Thursday, May 19, 2016

A whirlwind Work Trip

I just returned from another business trip. Let's just say it started out rather rough. I got tot the airport to find my flight was first it's delayed 40min to Boston due to they did not have a spot for us to land. Then they worked that out. We board sat on plane for 25 min to be told we need to get off the plane while they figure out something mechanical issue. After 2 hours they tell us flight is cancelled. We all hop on our phones with in min all the 1 stop overs where gone for Jet Blue. Mind you while I'm on hold for 45 min while she is checking on getting an ok to refund my non refundable ticket, she came back on to say the Fight I told her to book was full and she didn't put me on it! I'm trying to google flights thought I found one that got me in at 12a, but I misread and it got me in at 12p that was after I bought the flight on my debit for $600. So I then have to call Expedia to back out and try to get a flight another 35min to find all the flights getting me in late Thurs or very early Fri are gone. Finally found one not leaving until almost 11p. So I spent a little over 13 hours in the airport lol then had to take a flight to Chicago and then to Boston in the AM. 
My husband returned from a 31 day trip and I left 2 days later
Suitcases passing in the night!
My suitcase ALWAYS is right at the limit
Had to post my funny FB post about my trip:
#‎jetblue‬ we had a ‪#‎RHOBH‬ moment you were Vanderpump and I was Kyle. In Kyle fashion I will forgive and take you back. You're the cool kid and I missed your premium security check in, extra room seats and TV along with all access free WiFi! I may say some nasty things at the reunion show but I say we're friends. ‪#‎united‬ you were fun but you're the Brandy that left me with a cramped behind and having to play my own music! On a plus I tried uber and no one killed me. Over all I say this adventure was TV worthy lol. ‪#‎dropsthemic‬
My 2nd flight with a 2nd trip through security.
United is not as good as Jetblue, no TV's and crowded seats
I also tried Uber and didn't die! 
Thankfully my boss found the United Club where I could hang!
If your a drinker you could make up the cost in free alcohol
Me not so much but I sure did drink a lot of FREE lattes!

I thankfully arrived the day of our event and not the day before as planned. We had an amazing event and I was able to Meet Col. Allan West! Pretty spectacular to meet the man they say could be our next VP. He was a BRILLANT speaker and such a nice man!
Before My Mother's Day Drama I went to our event and event went for a Pedi & Mani
Sunday was Mother's Day, I sadly got a call about a person I called a great friend who was trying to break up my family. So my Mother's Day kind of sucked but I had a wonderful front desk lady who gave me headache meds and bought me a Gatorade. In the long run I was able to find some closure and actually saw growth in my relationship with my husband.
The week flew by and I stuck to my goal and did the stairs up and down along with working out in my hotel room. I'm schedule to go back next month. Typically I go every 3mo this year we've been having a lot of big events so I'm going more often.

Here's my trip in pictures :)
Have a great weekend!

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  1. I can only imagine you frustration. I've had some issues flying but not like that. Of course Mark deals with those things all the time!


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