Thursday, January 7, 2010

Apples, veggies, and ...beef snacks?

If you haven't noticed yet we're big beef eaters around here along with ham and turkey. Now I always try my best to give the boys the healthier versions of snacks and meals! My parents actually got me hooked on Jack Link's Beef Jerky a while back. My dad always has beef jerk around it's actually a memory that always comes up when I think of him. Now there are more options then beef jerk that are a great source of protein plus a healthier snack. Now instead of go grab a fruit snack I say open up the fridge and grab some of the Jack Link's to tied you over.
Rick at first was like Ham and Turkey, I'm not so sure about this Alexis. But then he's buddy and him are working outside I pass a bag out and before I know it another bag is missing! Let's just say these didn't last very long in the house, thankfully as you can see they had a dollar coupon off. A quick trip to Wal-Mart and we're fully stocked for yet another day!
Looking for a good snack for your lunch, the kids lunch? Then here is the perfect bite size snack that is easy for on the go (yes moms this is for us) they don't need to be refrigerated. They are also naturally high in protein, and low in fat, calories and carbs – making them a better snack alternative than chips or crackers for active kids and moms on the go. All of Jack Link's products bear the Smart Snacktm symbol, an on-pack label which allows consumers – at a glance – to read the nutritional attributes and benefits of the product.
Teriyaki Beef Steak Nuggets are a lunchbox favorite, and some of the popular flavors with active moms include Oven Roasted Turkey, Maple Glazed Ham and Flamin’ Buffalo Chicken. Although many people don’t think of beef jerky products as a better-for-you snack, Jack Link's Nuggets are made with premium cuts of 100% beef, pork, turkey or chicken.
Thank you so much for the Jack Link's that we're sent to us, we are hooked and thankfully this is one snack food I will allow in the house along with being under $5 (even less when you have a coupon) it's fits into my budget too! And hey it may help me fit into my jeans too!!
We received bags of jerky to try, no monetary amount was exchanged. These are my opinions along with my families from our experience with the product.


  1. Next time I'm at Wal-Mart I will try some. We love jerky!

  2. I LOVE jerky. I love store-bought best, but I asked for a food dehydrator so I could make our own since it is so stinking expensive.

  3. I love jerky. We have venison jerky and bison jerky around here now.
    weese gots huntin' friends

  4. I love beef jerky, though I don't buy it very often. Looks like your little one likes it too:) Happy Friday!!

  5. I don't think I've ever had those, but they look delicious! I love jerky! :-)

  6. That is one of my oldest's fav. snacks.

  7. I wonder if my son would like these. He loves jerky!!!

  8. I love Jack Link's Jerky - the teriyaki and original are my favorite flavors! How did you know? I swear we were separated at birth! I even share them with Nano... he loves it, too!

  9. I love jerky! Mmmmmmmmm. My son really likes it, too. I have to hide it. How sad is that? My husband and my son will eat all of my jerky if I leave it out.

  10. I'll have to keep and eye out for these. My son likes jerky I have eaten jerky. It's okay.

  11. Hubs lOVES this stuff. He could live on jerky!!!

  12. Hmm have to try this on Hubby LOL he loves the jerky so something new would be good ;)

  13. I'm not a big fan of beef snacks, but my husband could eat them for breakfast, lunch, and supper. Jack Links is one of his favorite brands.


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