Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Weekend Wrap Wednesday ~ Volunteer Work, 2 Birthday Parties and Being Baptized!

As usual we pushed it to the max to fit it all in, and I even had to turn down one birthday party. As many of you know I volunteer for whatever I can, it makes me feel good to help other and I don't mind. That being said if I'm asked to do something I'll show up to pick up the item and then time to go. So Thursday after picking Cole up from school I stop by the church office to pick up the newsletter to do again. Sadly they weren't ready asked should I come back oh no stay, ok 2 kids late in the day small room not a good idea! So after a half hour of running, screaming (inner screaming of mom) we head to the grocery store. Come back an hour later and guess what still not ready, crap! The second page hadn't even been started on being printed, go take the boys for a hot chocolate and come back still not ready. After another 30 minutes of the boys trying their best (you know me trying not to kill them infront of the pastor). Finally at 7:30pm they were ready, yes I got there at 3:30pm to pick them up! And she wanted them back the next day to mail. Now I know I signed up to help and I don't mind but I really need help on the other side. I need more then a day to turn around 250 newsletters, I mean fold them and put labels on them!!!! So Saturday night when I finally had a moment Cole and I got them put together. That sweet boy actually addressed about 150 of them for me!! I then told her I don't mind helping but you have to give me 2 days and call me when they are ready.
Saturday I worked the morning to another amazing busy day, loved it! Then mom called and wanted to pick up Cole up. So on our way to the birthday party made a quick stop and dropped him off. Oh poor Caden he's finally old enough to figure out that they were only taking brother not him. He stood next to my mom's car crying forever and went kicking and screaming and alligator tears to get him in my car. He kept saying "me go" my heart broke for him, and later that night I told my dad it's just not fair for them to only take Cole. Fingers cross (and for mommy's sake) next time will be both. Caden and I went to the party alone. Caden did finally have fun with his cousins, still kept asking about Cole the whole time but at least not too many tears.
Now for Sunday a very powerful and beautiful day! Sunday I got everyone ready and Rick actually came to church with me for the first time! I was so excited for him to be there and to share with me my baptism! I can't tell you how moving and inspiring of an experience it was. I'm even tearing up now thinking of it! It was a beautiful moment and I'm more then excited to have shared it with Rick. I hope he will come with me at least once a month when he's not working. He did tell me today he will go as long as they don't push. Fingers crossed. After the baptism I had to get home to change out of my wet clothes (it was a full submersions) and get ready for Birthday Party #2 of the weekend. See below is my Church look, My Baptism look and My Birthday Party look.
On to the birthday party, and get this I had it in my phone an hour early so my 7 minutes I thought I was late was actually 53 minutes early ... LOL. Glad it was a friends house that didn't mind us showing up early. The boys had so much fun, we had only a few talks. Don't know what it is with Cole and parties he gets all hyper and has to show off, but his showing off is that kind that can drive a mom nuts! Thanks Racheal for being a great host and letting the boys come over, even if they of course had to be right in the action of the opening of presents! UGH, I hope you got at least one pic with out their little heads or hands in the mix ... LOL

There it is an amazing weekend that was very emotional in many ways, and I'm so blessed to share it with you all! Hope you're all having a wonderful day, much love!


  1. So glad you got to share the baptism. It is awesome!! Oh, and I think you offically get my vote for the busiest mom around! Have a good rest of the week!

  2. I can't get past the winter clothes, no snow!!! So jealous!!! You were a busy lady that is for sure!!!

  3. CONGRATULATIONS on your baptism!!! So cool to have your family come & experience it with you!!!

  4. God is good! I'm thrilled Rick went. The first step is one of the hardest! AWESOME!!!!!

    Your boys are just the cutest things...I want to hug and squish and smooch 'em

  5. I am so proud of you my poser friend. Yeah.. I would be sad about the one child too. I also loved seeing pictures of you. I will work on the apron for you.

  6. What an awesome weekend you had! Congrats on the baptism!

  7. Talk about a busy weekend! I can't believe all the things you do for your kids and then your volunteering on top of that! Are you psycho? LOL!

    So what church did you get baptized into?

  8. that was so SWEET of cole to help you out..

    but i'm afraid that caden may have broken my heart when cole left.. how come they won't take him too?

  9. I'm so happy that you got Baptized and that Rich went with. I am sure that he is very proud of you.
    So why don't your parents take turns with the boys, that would be fair? Two at a time is hard. What a busy weekend, so like you....

  10. Congratulations on your Baptism.
    The younger always wants to do what the elder is doing. It will never change. My brothers are all in their 40ies and it hasn't changed....

  11. So happy to hear of your baptism and that Rick came! SO great!
    Sounds like a crazy time as usual, but you seem to handle it with so much grace. You go girl!

  12. congrats on your baptism!! you have been super busy!!

  13. Im glad that you were able to stand up and tell the lady to give you more time to help with the newsletters! Its hard to volunteer when you arent getting the help in return that you need! Congrats on the baptism, hopefully hubs will attend more with ya!

  14. Congrats on your baptism. (I did the dunk-a-roo, too.)

    My MIL will only take my oldest, too. It really sucks and makes more work for me. Why don't they get it?

  15. I am SO happy for you - for all of it! That you were able to fulfil your dream of getting baptized and that Rick was there to share it with you, and that he may even go to church with you once a month!
    I love how Cole helped you with the newsletters - even if they weren't ready for you when you went to pick them up, that was quite inconsiderate... you are so patient!
    You are being blessed for all your good works, you are such a special woman and and I am SO lucky to have you as a friend!!

  16. I'm glad your husband came to such an important day in your life. I understand about grandparents only taking a set of kids. They have a special bond with my oldest because I was a single mom for five and a half years and they helped a lot. However, Jonathan wasn't easy to bond with as an infant and toddler. My parents babysat him as an infant because we needed the break, but who wants to bond with a baby that cries inconsolably for hours? Then it was hard to bond with my daughter because they didn't bond with the middle child. It is what it is. Fortunately my children are loving and have developed a relationship with my parents over the years. Jonathan and my dad play chess. Jonathan has beat my dad twice, the highlight of his life. And Faith loves goofy, which my dad is. And my mom gives the kids lots of stuff (she's not very affectionate or demonstrative in her love, even to her own children...but her mother was the same way).

  17. I am so very proud of you!! Congratulations on the baptism. That middle picture (all wet from the baptism) was the most beautiful one of the bunch. ;-)

  18. Congrats on the baptism....and so cool your husband came!......So very happy for you!!!!
    Wow....all wet, huh? from ear to look great!

    Sorry about Caden and being left they ever take him for time alone?....poor little guy....

  19. Yay!!!!!!!!!!! I'm SO glad you got baptised and I'm SO glad your husband decided to go too!!!

    That is wonderful news!

  20. Oh girlie congrats on the baptism! Love the pictures! Busy, busy :) we need a vacation girl :)

  21. Congratulations on your Baptism! It means so much more when you understand what is going on, doesn't it? You certainly are a busy lady. I was surprised how much "busy" simply adding preschool made us.

  22. Congratulations on the baptism!! And it's great that Rick went with you.

  23. What a great weekend you had! My parents and in-laws are the same about only taking Morgan, but they're starting to take Blake more. If Blake was potty trained they'd have no problems taking him-he tends to be easier than Morgan in A LOT of ways! :-)

    That is so neat that you were baptised and Rick was able to be there with you! I was baptised as a baby, but I've wondered what it would be like to be baptised again as an adult-it would definitely have more meaning now! :-)


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