Sunday, January 17, 2010

(CLOSED) NutureShock Audio Book Giveaway (3 Winners)

Continuing on my Sunday theme of growth I wanted to share another amazing audio book I had the change to review. Being an only child I missed a lot of what goes on having a brother or sister. Reading this book I have no one to blame for my messed up childhood but my parents ... just playing. Let's just say when they talked about how the most brutal person in a childs life is often a sibling, I just sadly looked over at Cole who at that time of course was taking Caden down with a full nelson wrestling move thinking one where did he learn that and two is this the time we step in or is then when you say there boys. Yup being the girl I am I first screamed and then took Cole in the corner, wishing at time he had an older brother for this same move. Oh stop rolling your eyes you with two boys are so on the same page with me ;).

One of the scary parts is thinking that their preschool-aged play can determine their relationships as adults. Crap I'm in trouble with Cole, all I can think of is McDonald's playland and the sparkle butt girl! Then I think ok he's a little rough but overall he plays well, right? LOL OH man! They even touched on private schools, which we have Cole in a private Christian school. Follow along as they talk about parental conflict, discipline, television's unexpected influence and social dominance. A very interesting and intriguing book!



Thank you to Hachette Book Group for another great book!

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Audio is $34.98 Amazon has on sale for $23.09 or or on Kindle for 9.99

WIN IT: Hachette Book Group has offered 3 of my readers NurtureShock Audio book.

To Enter let me know if you had a sibling that beat up on you or something you seen with your kids or what you would like about the book. 1st Entry MUST be done before any of the extra entries. SUPER easy.

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  1. My older brother was very mean to me.

    Preschool-aged play can determine their relationships as adults....interesting.

  2. Hahaha! Oh boy, I had an older brother who beat on me all the time! One time he hit me in the head and I almost blacked out. But hey, now we're the best of friends!

  3. I entered to desire a devil book giveaway

  4. I'm the middle child of three girls. I don't know that either of my sisters negatively marred me early in life. I'm a pretty independent gal always seeking attention...wait...I didn't mean that...

    Anyway, this really interests me. It is very possible that our daughter will be an only child (Only God knows that for sure). Both hubs and I have sibilies. I would like to know how it may or may not affect our daughter to be sans mini terrorists.

  5. Sins of the Flesh...yup...God forgive me :O)

  6. Can God Be Trusted?


    But I entered anyway

  7. I'm holding out for the Spread Heads giveaway too!

  8. I entered the Teri Woods giveaway...maybe I'll win an audio book by the time my sister's birthday rolls around. Is that bad? To win something and then 'regift it' ?

    That was a rhetorical question btw :O)

  9. I Drink For A Reason!

    ...even though I really don't need one.

    I kid

    I kid

    I do hope I win that one though

  10. Sparks - entered...I'd give that one to my sister too

  11. The Murder of King Tut looks to be a great one too!

  12. ((0 0)) shakin' my booty cause I'm pimpin you on my sidebar!

  13. Holla! Thrown peeps your way via the sidebar

  14. My sidebar is the offical Alexis Giveaway Zone....posting since 2009!

  15. Sad to say, I was mean to my two younger brothers. Sigh. Thanks for hosting this giveaway!


  16. Not so much that my sister & I beat up on each other, but we've never gotten along and really have very little to do with each other to this day. Which is completely different than my mom & her sister, who have been best friends their whole lives.

  17. I follow thru Networked Blogs! (Annmarie dipasqua Weeks) -#1

  18. I follow thru Networked Blogs! (Annmarie dipasqua Weeks) -#2

  19. I follow thru Networked Blogs! (Annmarie dipasqua Weeks) -#3

  20. I also entered your The Murder of King Tut Audio Giveaway!

  21. I also entered your The Liar in Your Life Audio Book Giveaway!

  22. I entered Brief Interviews with hideous men


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