Wednesday, January 6, 2010

What did you do on your Christmas Break?

Why don't I show you in pictures! So this was our first Christmas break with me working from home. Ok we can work this Rick usually doesn't work until 12pm or 1pm and I finish up around 2:30pm or 3pm, we so can work this. Did I forget who I was married to? Love the guy but really that boy loves to sleep and getting up to help with the boys come on! Yup slapped myself with that one! A few days at daycare and a few days of juggling we managed to have some what peace while I was home working! But oh boy did we have fun destroying things in the back of the house while mom worked. Always be afraid when it's quiet! So here it is our 2 1/2 week vacation. Really who thought up these breaks? Shouldn't kids go year round only weekends off? Oh come on you know you've thought it too! By the end of the break this Tuesday when Cole went back to school let's just say this mama sighed so loud I think you all on other coast heard it!
December 21st is the perfect day to put up lights right?
And of course your neighbor always has to come over and "help"
AKA stand by and smoke and bs!

This was rather cleaver I must say Cole
Only one flaw in your plan your brother doesn't know how to spell!
Yup mamas red permanent pen all over the walls and door
Cole and Caden jumped on the bed and did this!
Caden Standard response "Cole Mean, mama"
Cole response "No mama it was Caden"
Cole used some creative art time!
I labeled the one pic for you, When asked why mom's butt is so big
No mom it's your dress not your big butt. Oh thanks Cole!
Thanks Mom for the bath crayons!
At least they wipe clean quick.
Except now we fight over who gets what color. JOY!!
Day 1
Day 2
And the joys of hotwheels, look they can go threw the wash process!
And look Cole's been hording money from Rick's coin jar.
Oh look mom got paid to do laundry: 1 hotwheel and some change
Caden World:
Get into Cole's paints and paint moms dinning room table
Eat just the frosting off my donut (takes after mom)
Caden took over Cole's bed when he stayed at my parents house
Cole World
Yup that is toothpaste smeared on my bathroom mirror
The evidence left out for mom
and the hotwheels, check it out they had a bad crash ... LOL
Sneaky Caden!
So I'm working I hear noise in the kitchen.
Later I get up walk over to my pantry what I find:
The stool from the bathroom taken from bathroom to here
Rick's Vanilla Waffers missing (here is where they usually are)
Then I go into boys room to find Caden on bed eating them!
This is him saying "Sorry Mom, Sorry Mom"
How could you be mad at that face?
So we know the bedroom was wrong and not to eat dads cookies
So we pull the same trick but now with the cheese crackers
But what we made a fort with the diaper box
Technically it's not on the rug mom!
Smart little poop!!!
Happy Thursday everyone, hope you had fun on your vacations and have some fun stories like me. Love to hear any fun things that happened at yours house, feel free to comment please ;).


  1. I laughed so many times reading this. And I have never in my life seen anybody color so thoroughly with soap crayons!!!

  2. Fun times. Your Christmas Rocked!!!!!
    Are you as happy as I am that they are back in school?!??!? ;-)

  3. it was great to see what you did. I stay home every day so all kinds of things happen, naps, no naps, mess every place you look, cleaning, singing, movies, crafting and having fun..

    Tomorrow is Round Robin time.

  4. Never a dull moment at your house......LOL

  5. i might would have to tell that neighbor to LEAVE!!! LOL..

    and oh that bathtub... just beautiful.. hehe!

  6. The pictures are wonderful. Boys will be boys!!! They are so darn cute, you can't help but smile!

  7. I must echo Robyn... "Never a dull moment in your house". My exact thoughts. =)

  8. YOu know.. i'm glad you take pictures.. otherwise I would think you make half of this stuff up! LOL! You are too cute.

  9. i'm laughing my head off...
    uh-hem. i've stopped.
    Here's the 409 cleaner and i'm uh....rejoicing that my son is GROWN!!!!

  10. Oooo those kids are sneaky. Ok, all kids are sneaky :) Bummer on the bed. And the walls. Fortunately it doesn't look like anything too bad -- and they seem to have had fun! I'm sure they enjoyed the time home with both you and your husband.

  11. Oh this made me giggle so many times! You have some smart little boys, and you are in for some trouble I have a feeling. Good luck with that! Thank you for sharing, I enjoyed seeing those!

  12. Wow! I think our Christmas break was rather uneventful compared to yours-LOL!

    I remember thinking those bath crayons might be fun, but not after those pictures! I know my kiddos would do the same thing and I don't like cleaning that much-LOL!

  13. Looks like a great break! :-) Love Grandmas and the weird toys they give. Looks like the boys are having a blast with the crayons, though.

  14. Ok so here is an idea for you. Lock the kids in your bedroom with Rick. When he gets up to let them out you can tell him "great! now that your up I really need you to watch the kids so I can get some work done" Alternatively if you have a tv in your room you could put on a program for them in there and repeat the lock in process. You might have to get creative so that Cole can't open the door.

  15. I love everything about this post!
    The photo of Caden in Cole's bed is adorable as is the one of him "apologizing" about Rick's cookies.
    I have the policy that if I find money in my laundry it is MINE! My kids used to know to check their pockets good, because it would all be mine.

  16. I laughed at the thought of being afraid if there is quite. This was definitely true in my parent's house growing up...with my twin brothers.

  17. It will soon be my turn for Marker VanGoghs all over the house! Man oh man! No crazy stories like that for me yet but my sister's 2 yr old got into the bathroom and the blue toilet cleaner. Looked like a smurf threw up all over the bathroom! YIKES

  18. OMG girlie I'm crying here how much I'm laughing! You're awesome, and you know our kiddos would get along so nicely ;) my girlie does so many things that when I hear quiet I get so scared LOL


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