Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Weekend Wrap ~ Fun Time & More Parties

Busy weekend as always and then I went to sit down to type this to find my headset for work wasn't plugged in so I tried and guess what the plug went into the headset ... CRAP. Tried to take it apart but no luck, I'm going to have to re order a new one. GREAT $60 for a new one, double crap. So this will now be a quick post while I freak out a little bit.
First I show you the boys having fun around here! The boys found the night vision glasses from last Christmas! Yup I keep coming into their room to find them in bed with these on!
Saturday was a busy day, I worked 6am to 9:30am had a nice little break. Then off for two birthday parties and then back home to work my 2nd job. It was nice to get out and we went to a friends house I haven't seen in a few years for her son's 13th PARTY (I can remember the day he was born). It's nice to reconnect with friends. It's funny I was so nervous to go since we haven't talked in a while. We didn't end on bad note just fell away for a while, but still got nervous as I drove up. But walked in and was greeted with hugs and smiles, of course there might have been one that didn't talk to me but overall a great day.
Sunday we had church then we hung out home, then Rick called he was working Monster Jam and thought the boys would enjoy. So I got them dressed and off we went! And the BEST part my bestie from elementary school was there and Rick walked her and her family over to our seats. It was so nice to sit with friends.
Happy Wednesday everyone, now I'm going to go back to freak out and what I'm going to do with my headset for work tomorrow AM. Since I do calls all day long and MUST have a headset. DOUBLE CRAP .... Is it worth the $40 extra to ship it here ASAP. UGH I must go insert my head in the oven know ... :).


  1. Sorry about the headset. I love the goggles.

  2. You can't just run over to Best Buy or something and pick one up?

    The Monster Jam will probably be something the boys never forget!

  3. I agree with blueviolet, just pop into staples I am sure they have some.

  4. I had Rick pick up a cheap pair at Walmart :(. The ones I use are a wireless one and Amazon has them for $60 (Reg $110). I haven't found a decedent pair at a good price here in town :(. So I'll have to order another of these that work great and suffer with the cheap pair until then.

  5. The boys look like little aliens...how cute

    Sorry about your headset

  6. Fun weekend for you.. Love those glasses..

    Sorry about the work thing..

    You won my giveaway I hope that makes you smile..

  7. Those night goggles look cool! Wow two parties, your always so busy. Glad you saw and reconnected with a friend of yours. Monster Jam sounds like fun and then to have a friend there was awesome. So sorry about your headset.

  8. My kids love Monster Jam, too. Love the pics of the goggles.

  9. I get nervous, like you did, when I get together with people I haven't seen in a while. Looks like everyone had fun at the Monster Jam. My husband did tough trucks a couple of years for Monster Jam and it was super awesome to see all the trucks up close.

  10. We took Gavyn to Monster Jam when he was 4 and he doesn't remember it, so we have to go again. We all enjoyed it.Loving the night vision glasses!

  11. Birthday parties galore in your neck of the woods!

  12. I'm so glad that you and the boys have so many friends and that you were able to connect with two this weekend.
    I totally adore those goggles, the boys look so cute! I want some for myself - they look like they would be fun at night!
    Sorry about your headset, I know how important they are to your work. Hope your new ones come in soon. HUGS!!


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