Sunday, January 16, 2011

Party Anxiety w/ Kids

Have you ever gotten an invite and worried about taking your kids? I do that every time we go to some one's house for the first time or a place we haven't been to in a while. As you know I love taking the kids to parties, it's a way for play and interaction not for just them but for me too. Working from home limits my outs with adults and I need to make sure I don't become a recluse :).

Lately we had a load of parties to go to which is fun and also gives me anxiety at the same time. You know when you go to someones house for the first time or haven't been there in a long time. Caden is so funny when we go somewhere he is not familiar with he wants to touch and see every part of the house. He really is careful but loves to see it all, which of course can make the party giver all nutty! I have a rule you come here let the kids play I don't care if they take all the toys out of the bin, AS long as it is cleaned up when you LEAVE! Now if something is broke and it's not a cheap toy then you replace it. Cole has done it before broke something and I found the item and replaced it. We've had this happen where a little boy broke Cole's 1st DS and the parent did not replace it, now that peeved me off! So when we go and the boys play with the toys I know 1 it will be cleaned up when we leave and 2 if anything is broke we will replace it. Now that doesn't stop that one parent that always has to be the hoover (you know them, there is ALWAYS one) that will make comments about the toys. They are toys they are to be PLAYED with! Kids are loud and when you get a bunch together they like to run and play. There will always be that Mom, Grandma or Person with out kids or grown kids that makes comments.

Do you ever feel like ok enough is enough? Really I don't want to stand up every 5 minutes to check on the kids, as long as there is no blood or tears it's a good day. Right?

Same thing happens at relatives houses, some of my relatives I'm not very close with but on the rare occasion you go to visit. You feel like you've entered the Glass house. There is no sitting down, you can't carry a conversation because your repeating to the kids sit on the couch watch TV don't touch anything.

Are your Peeves the same?

* Kid Party, where kids are to not be kids
* Hoover Parent
* Negative Comment Parent
* Party Guest who comments on others kids
* No touch house, kids to be seen not HEARD
* Tattler Kid (must pick on a kid usually the smaller one)
* Parent that is like a parrot w/ Tattler Kid remarks
* The Gang up kids, leaving one kid out
* Non Kid Person at a Kids Party
* Non Sharing kid, always taking from the guest kids

Now don't get me wrong, my kids are NOT perfect I know sometimes they can be crazy and excited to be out and about. We sometimes are one of those kids that drive me nuts, and believe me I will take them aside and have the MOM TALK with them. I try very hard to make parties and play dates fun and not STRESS over the little things. It will all be cleaned up, things can be replaced and washed if needed. And sometimes you just have to smile and think 1 it's NOT my kid this time .. whoo hooo and holy crap no judgement because I so know you have judged me and my parenting style in the past :).

Phew feel better now ... lol. Love to hear what you have to think.


  1. Well lets see. I don't mind kids running around and making a mess of the play room. That's why I have a play room, for the kids to play and to make a mess. But I do have rules in my house. No running around anywhere except the playroom, I have too many glass and nice things to be broke, everyone who comes here knows that. They will get told get to the playroom lol. But that is my only rule. My kids are pretty well behaved at others homes, but do get excited about NEW toys, they may not have. I say let kids be kids, as they are only little for a short time. I have told many of my friend to listen to the song "Let them be Little", by Billy Dean, it will change how they look at things.

  2. At my house I let the kids run around and scream downstairs or outside. That way the parents and I can stay upstairs and enjoy ourselves. My kids are at the age that I don't have to watch over their every move.

  3. I believe kids should be able to play, have fun. I can't say I have always felt this way! I have mellowed with age and then again we shall see about that. I haven't actually had any kids around in a long time!

  4. I agree that kids should be allowed to have fun to an know right now mine are too little to be left alone entirely so I do check on them. I am also of the belief that if there is a special toy you don't want broken, it should be put away before company arrives so it is not an issue. I try to let the kids have funn and play as much as I can, while still keeping an eye on the little ones. Of course this is much easier in my house as the play room is so close to where the grown ups hang out all you really have to do is lean over to check on them.

  5. My mom is the kind who can't stand for kids to play and be run and "be kids." She ought to just move the things she doesn't want broken instead of worrying about it all the time.

  6. I'm with you... the only rule I have in my house is no running on the stairs, and that goes for the adults, too. HaHa - But that is for safety reasons.
    I have friends that will bring their kids over and if they start to get a little loud, my friends will try and quiet them down, worried that I'm getting upset, but I'll tell them not to worry about it. Kids need to be kids.


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