Wednesday, July 6, 2011

It’s a Weekend Wrap (BBQ, Birthday, 4th & lot’s of friends)

We had such a fun packed weekend with little sleep or down time but so much fun!

We had time to hang at my Tuesday Dinner Friend April’s house.  The boys were able to run, slip & slide, roast hot dogs & even some s’mores.

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I even had a chance to put my feet up.  It’s the tour of the feet … lol.  In the grass, roasting hotdogs and even making S’mores.  Fun times and smelling like a bonfire the next day is the best Smile.

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4th of July started out with lot’s of fun Smile.  We went to Mud Mountain Damn which we never have gone to.  It was fun they have a wading pool and a play center for the kids.  My friend picked the perfect spot to have her daughter’s 2nd birthday.  Even being in the booney’s it is a great place to visit in the PNW.

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Then we hit a 4th of July party at my friend from high school.  We had a mini high school reunion you see 5 of us together. A few of them I have seen in 15 years how fun!  The kids had so much fun, they were able to go swimming, play whiffle ball (Which Cole rocked at) and even got to light a few fireworks Smile.

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Then we ended our 4th of July at my parents house waterfront to enjoy the fireworks.  Just my style let everyone else spend thousands of dollars and I’ll sit back and watch Smile.  We had a BBQ and mom brought down some hot cocoa for the boys and coffee for me … YUM!

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Sunday church had a potato salad cook off.  I made this World’s Best Potato Salad (yes that is the name) and it was super yummy.  Sadly I did rush it the morning of so it didn’t set up correctly so I didn’t win the cook off which of course peeved me off … lol.  Next time I’ll make it the night before (and NOT be lazy … well I was).


Yeah all I can say it’s Wednesday and the feels good but my neighbors are still trying to blow up the neighborhood so I bet I won’t get much sleep this week … UGH.  For the love of Pete I work early fireworks after 11p AFTER the 4th of July is annoying.  OH Crap I’ve turned into my mother … UGH


  1. Just hearing about your weekends make me tired. Sounds like such fun too though. I've been reconnecting with some old friends from high school too. It's amazing to me with some of them it seems like we just pick up right where we left off. I love it!

  2. The goats don't like fireworks either

  3. looks like your usual crazy.. fun.. but way busy self at work again!!
    looks great!

    wanted to tell you... that i've been way busy and had some things going on... but i do want to wish you a belated birthday.. so sorry i'm late.. but sometimes craziness DOES prevail!!!

  4. All of the lingering explosions were tough for my kids too...hopefully they are done now...:)

  5. My oh my you were busy girl! :) I need a nap after reading everything you did!

  6. You were way busier than us and we were BUSY! My kids are still recovering from the sleep deprivation. I am sorry you are still having to listen to all the booms, our neighborhood was blissfully quiet last night...

  7. LOL! LOVE the tour of the feet! =)
    Reunion with friends from high school sounds awesome! Good for you!
    I would LOVE to watch fireworks at a place like your parents! That sounds amazing! Was it really cold enough for a scarf and hot chocolate/coffee?! That is so crazy to me, since it's been SO freakin' hot here! 118 a few days ago! Yikes!

  8. Fireworks over the lake sound awesome. You are right fireworks after 11pm is a bit much. I say you decide to play sinatra at 5am, full volume, right under their bedroom window. you'll have to ditch the cd player and run but it'll be worth it to see them come out in their fruit o' the looms.

    Blessings, Joanne

  9. Previous Commentator will completely deny that she has suggested such an outlandish and chidiish prank if you get caught, however if you don't could ya make sure there is a video and send it to me? :O)

    Blessings, Joanne

  10. Wow those are some amazing flip flops you have one.. Love them.. Looks like a fun time as always at your house.. Wish I lived closer.. Love ya, poser..

  11. Sounds like a fun filled weekend.
    Sorry about the potato salad :(

  12. We need to get together and make our own weekend memories. I love you girl!


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