Thursday, July 14, 2011

Party Planning Again!

It’s time to plan Caden’s party, it’s at my parents house so I won’t have to do much running around.  My mom will be hosting the party which is so nice to have the use of their waterfront for the kids to play.  Mom loves to throw parties and cook, she is an amazing cook, her food is more for the grown up … which is great but the kids not always on board with dressed up mac and cheese with tomatoes or onions … lol.  I love her food but the kids sometimes look at it like we’ve gone mad.  She would like to do nice sandwiches.  I think I may have to sneak some hot dogs down, I sworn not to bring them but I just know the kids would really want them … hehe so I must be on a covert mission to bring them in. 

Now as many of you know my parents did a huge remodel of their waterfront and they say it’s for this party … hehe.  God love them when we had my wedding at their house they did a huge remodel their too some how that included a new smoke house which I’m not sure how it played into being because of my wedding but it did … lol.  So the lake is ready for a party, but as the rest of the country is having a heat wave here in the PNW we are experiencing storms and downpour of rain.  And yes we are known for our rain but usually we’re pretty safe to plan a party in July with out having to worry about rain!  I need all the prayers I can get right now for NO RAIN, right now they are calling for showers!

So now on to making the cupcakes, as you may have guessed I’m going to make them.  I’ve been working very hard to be able to make the kids party cakes myself.  Now I’m NO Duff, but I’m trying hard to make cute ones Smile.  So on the search for the best cupcake design to use:

These are cute look like the ones I made for Cole just NOT in the ice cream cone!

These look cute but I’m not sure about transporting with the trees, could always assemble at the party.


These are super cute but I’ve never worked with fondant.


These also look like the ones I did for Cole.


I think I’ve decided on these! hehe I think they look a little creepy but I know the kids would get a kick out of them!  With out the flag about school.

What do you think?


Then of course I thought I’d do my pudding pops but make them like ocean colors so do dark blue, then light blue and white for the kids.

And for the adults and because my BF had her birthday last week I thought I’d make these Unfettered F-U-N . . . Rainbow Jelly Shooter! I found the COOLEST website for you Jello Shot fans It’s the Jello Shot Test Kitchen and she even has a book out.  Talk about elegant grown up jello shots, she makes the coolest one’s with not sight of a paper cup!


So I think I’m set on the cupcakes, pudding pops and the Jello Shots to be made.  I will sneak in some hot dogs Smile along with items to make the s’mores.  Rick built them an amazing fire pit out of bricks.  It looks very pretty which is why Rick is not too pleased to be having me use it … lol.

On a plus side Rick is scheduled to work that day and he couldn’t get the day off, so he is going to take a personal day which is not ideal but hey it’s better then him not being there (which most times he has to work and only can be there for 1/2 the time).

So I’m still sick so I need all the prayers I can get right now for no rain and to be done with the cold!  Thanks again for all the well wishes you guys are just amazing!


  1. I'll get all the goats to do the no-rain dance

  2. sending prayers out for a speedy speedy recovery and NO RAIN!!!

    oh.. by the way.. this party looks like it'll rock.. can i please come!!


  3. I need the Jello shot book!!!!

    I hope you are feeling better by Saturday. If you need any help in the covert mission department, I can always bring something...

    No rain, No rain!!!!

  4. I like a lot of those cupcakes. I'm planning as well for Gav's pool party on Sunday. Shh..I'm sneaking in hot dogs for the kids as well, they don't like adult food lol. Good luck and pray no rain for both of us. Hope you are feeling better.

  5. I know - what is up with all this rain!!! :(

    Love the cupcakes - and the jello shots look so amazing and fun, I may have to go visit that link. :)

  6. All of that looks pretty neat. I dont do anything that has to be with drinking so have one of those jello shots for me my friend. enjoy..

  7. Sounds like a great place for a party. Praying for your weather to be nice and for you to feel well too! Those cupcakes are all so cute. Have fun!

  8. prayers on their way! Cupcakes look cute but those jello shots look very very appealing right about now!
    Blessings, Joanne

  9. As usual, way cool party stuff. You are a super mom and I know that Caden will LOVE everything.
    It's nice of your mom to make the food, but I agree, sneaking in hotdogs is a terrific idea. =)
    Can't wait to see the photos.


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