Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tuesday Dinner (Pub Classics that won’t bust a gut)

Hi Everyone it’s Tuesday (well Monday when I’m writing this but you know what I mean) I’m still sick as a dog and feel my head spinning so this is a quick post and sorry I haven’t been around to say hi I hope to be by soon as I can see with out my world spinning Smile.

Tuesday is when my High School Friend April comes over with her son and we have dinner just us moms and the kids.  I try to find a new meal each time they come over.  Her house is under major construction and that means her kitchen is non existent also so a home-cooked meal is a nice treat.

I found a new website Laa Loosh which is a great site for Weight Watcher and low calorie meals, check them out!  First I made some Low Calorie Ranch Dressing Recipe (WW 2pts) for dipping!


And now onto the Chicken Fingers (WW 4pts) to go with our Ranch Dipping Sauce.  These were yummy but I’m thinking I need to make sure to chop up the bran flakes better.


Chicken Fingers Recipe with Ranch Dipping Sauce (WW 4pts)

<p>Another great and low calorie way to have your favorite meal.</p>

See Chicken Fingers Recipe with Ranch Dipping Sauce (WW 4pts) on Key Ingredient.

And what goes best with chicken strips but Chili Fries!  Well of course we can’t have the normal, so I did HG's Cheesy Good Chili Fries (WW 7pts) that were delish!


HG's Cheesy Good Chili Fries

<p>Looking for a fix that won&#8217;t make you have to open button your pants to sit!</p>

See HG's Cheesy Good Chili Fries on Key Ingredient.

And I made these for my neighbor who has been so kind and let the boys play with her kids during the day while I’m working and as we know 4 boys who aren’t exactly quiet running around your backyard is not fun!  So I whipped up a batch of Oatmeal Banana Bars, YUM Smile.


Oatmeal Banana Bars

<p>I made these for the our neighbor for being so sweet and letting the kids play over there while I worked. They smelled so great!</p>

See Oatmeal Banana Bars on Key Ingredient.

Happy Tuesday everyone I hope to be feeling better soon to stop by Smile.


  1. You made time to cook and blog when feeling lousy? You totally rock! :)

  2. I think the chili fries are the clear winner here! ;)

  3. well goodness!
    now.. i'm TOTALLY hungry!!
    still hoping you get to feeling better soon.. sending well wishes your way!!

  4. You can come be my neighbor and I WILL LET YOU bake me goodies...lol! I use to do that all the time for the neighbors too. I usually do the holiday sharing.

  5. Oh wow - that dip looks awesome!! Chicken too!!

  6. Chicken strips and Chili fries. YUM

  7. busy as always cooking away... be over soon.. with my fork..

  8. Sorry you are not feeling well. No fun!! What an amazing meal! LOVE ALL OF IT!!

  9. I have no clue how you find the time to cook and bake so much. I hope you are feeling a tad better, and get fully better soon. Hugs.

  10. Ummm How do you cook and blog when you feel icky? You are a super Mom! Hope you feel better soon!

  11. These are awesome recipes. I love ranch, it's all I use. I am going to have to try this. That of course is if I get off my butt and cook someday!


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