Monday, August 27, 2012

The Day Our Hearts Dropped ...

For you who follow me on FB know that this weekend we had a horrible accident happen.  Saturday am I talked to my dad made plans to me to come pick him up and take him to his motorcycle @ 4:30pm.  I took the kids to a birthday party and didn't even see my phone ring 2x, I looked down saw Rick called twice and called him.  I called and started to say Rick dad and I already made plans and I'm to be there at 4:30pm it's only 2pm.  Doing my usual talk over him, so he finally had to yell at me to stop talking and listening to him.   He said your dad was in an accident in a truck a lady hit him head on.  My mind immediately went to the lady (think dad was in his big F250 it's high and big), he said she caused the accident crossing the center line coming at dad head on and died.  It then hit me to ask about my dad, Rick told me to calm down that my dad was in the hospital and I needed to find the host of the party to pass the phone to.  Thankfully I was at one of my best friends house she talked to Rick got the details and grabbed her best friend.  Her best friend a nurse calmed me down and was so kind a drove me to the hospital to see my dad.  I got to the hospital and they just told him about the lady, he was very upset.  

They took X-rays and found that dad had a broken femur, foot, a laceration on his knee, and one hand pretty banged up.  They stitched him up were they could and then he was transferred to another hospital for a ortho specialist for his leg and foot.  We got him settled in for the night.  Rick and my mom went back the next day to be with him and get him in surgery that afternoon.  I came to relieve my mom and we ended up waiting in the recovery waiting room for a hour and half then I called the front desk and found out that they had already taken him down to his room.  We packed up and went back down to his room, my mom went back home to get some rest and I sat with dad.  He finally got his pain med and was able to get him to get some sleep.  He is doing ok, in a good deal of pain but we Thank God he is alive and we're praying for her family.

Also I know some of you are not religious but yesterday I couldn't get to church so I listened to it online while I was working.  On came the song "The Healing Has Become", I'm a new Jesus person but I can no longer call things coincidence anymore and know that was what I needed right then.

Thank you again for all your thoughts and prayers, I have felt you all with me!

Here is what we know so far she just got her hair done in the neighboring town, no drugs or alcohol were involved.  Dad only remembers driving and then a flash.  From witness we heard that she came over to his lane (both cars doing speed limit around 50).  Her car went under his bumper the force actually flipped my dads truck once and it thankfully landed on it's wheels.  The lady behind dad was a nurse and thankfully took care of dad until the paramedics came.   

Here is what the crash looked like, I have posted pictures of dad on FB but didn't want to put it here.

Here is the crash

Here is upclose of dad's truck

Thank you again for all your kind words and prayers.


  1. I hope your Dad continues to heal quickly and as painlessly as possible.

    I wonder if she had a medical problem or something

  2. I'm so sorry that this happened, and I can only wonder if she was texting or something. I'm grateful your dad wasn't injured more severely and I wish him speedy healing for the injuries he did sustain!

  3. I'm glad your dad survived! Have been thinking of you guys since I saw the news on FB. Will continue to send out prayers of healing and comfort.

  4. Oh my gosh, how scary! Glad your dad is okay and hope he heals quickly!

  5. I am so thankful to God for sparing your dads life. Hold him tight. ((HUGS))

  6. Alexis, thank you for posting this. Jesus will carry you and your family thru this. There are all KINDS of angles in the hospital. I praise God for the nurse that " just happened" to be behind your Dads car, and that took such care of him. I'm also impressed, and proud, of how level headed and caring Rick was is delivering the news to you. You got a good one there. ;)
    Your cousin, and sis in Christ,

  7. I am so glad your dad is okay, and praying for him and the family of the woman who died. Hope he heals quickly!

  8. Looking at those pictures I would say it is a miracle that your dad survived. I am glad he is doing OK.

    Prayers for you all!

  9. So sorry to hear about your father's accident. Sounds like a miricle that you dad was not hurt even worse. I will be praying as I do believe in Gods healing power.

  10. Hugs to you all, I have never been there but treated many on the other side so keep calm, smile at him often but also allow yourself time to feel like shit, it is allowed and will help all heal better if you allow the bad time to come through every now and then. Thinking of you x x x

  11. Just makes me bawl. I followed the events as they happened and you reported on fb...but I didn't look at the pictures. Seeing them now...just makes me cry and not ever want to leave my house except maybe to go buy a big truck.


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