Wednesday, March 13, 2013

St. Paddy Day ... Pot of Gold

Onto day two of my St. Patty day projects!  Well this was the one I started with but let's just say plan A didn't go right, so I had to skip to plan B.  I pinned a while back this idea for St. Patty Day Boxes on Inside BruCrew Life.  Her's were really cute but I didn't have the time to order the boxes plus I'm all about doing projects on a limited budget.  I know most parents probably throw away the things I make their kids bring home so why waste the money right?  I hit the dollar store with her picture as my inspiration and went to town.

I at first thought I would paint some popcorn buckets from the dollar store green BUT let's just say the paint didn't STAY on the buckets.  Plan B was to take construction paper, cut it into the shape then hot glue onto the bucket and tada it worked.  I must say I was pretty darn impressed with my pot of gold's all made from the dollar store!

What you Need:
Popcorn Buckets (small) - 2 for $1
Construction Paper - $1 a pack
Pastel Pipe Cleaners - $1 a pack
Foam Clovers - $1 a pack
Hot Glue Sticks - $1 a pack of 15
Caramels - $2.40lb bulk section Winco
Gold Coins - $4.40 bulk section Winco

NOW you can use Rolo's they are really nice gold wrappers but I found they were $4.40 a 1/2 lb.  SO I opted for the caramels that we are calling gold nuggets and then 4 Gold Coin Chocolates per bucket (hey they suckers are expensive).

I took the popcorn bucket made a template on the green paper and then cut them out and hot glued them to the bucket.  I then added a foam green clover and printed a St. Patty's day printable I found yes you know how I LOVE people who make free printables.  I took my circle cutter and cut them out and hot glued in the center of the clover.  I took the pastel pipe cleaners and hot glued on like a rainbow handle to the bucket (Caden let me know these are not the colors of a real rainbow ... lol, let him know we'll pretend).  I added some paper to the bottom so the buckets weren't full of candy (didn't want parents to hate me).  I added the caramels and then the gold coins on top.  Tada done!  I think they turned out pretty cute.

Hope you have a wonderful day, it has been a busy one for me at work and sadly we're having some problems with Cole and school so I've been beating my head against a wall.  More to come on that .. ugh.

So what do you think of the Pot of Gold?


  1. They are super cute! You have a lot more patience than I do :-) Sorry to hear about the school troubles.

  2. Too cute. Have you ever thought about opening up an Etsy shop and selling your creations? I bet you could make a small fortune.

  3. That is adoreable and I have seen a lot of popcorn holders on clearance lately.

  4. You do so much for the boys' classes! Those kids must LOVE you! ;-) I think your pots of gold turned out great! I don't know how you find the time! :-)

  5. Those kids are going to be so disappointed when they go to a different school and they don't get these cool gifts any longer

  6. These are super cute! My kids would love these.

  7. You need to change your blog title to POSTS BY SUPERMOM - THE REST OF YOU SUCK!


  8. So cute!! These would be a great party favor for a St. Patrick's Day themed ladies night I'm hosting this weekend. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm returning the follow. :-)


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