Sunday, July 21, 2013

Mickey Mouse Party ... Cupcakes & Cake Pops

Now on to cupcakes and cakepops, my favorite part of any party I do!  I love cupcakes and have them decorated up and be the ahhh of the party.  I know it's the little things that make me smile!

For the cupcakes you know me I couldn't just do ONE version, yup I had to do THREE!  All were pretty easy I just used fondant and some cookie cutters and professional looking cupcakes here we come (ok well not high end but hey I think they look better then the crap ones I've bought before at the grocery store).   Plus I hear they tasted better, still on diet and not even sampling.

Cupcakes What you Need:
Favorite Cake Mix (I used my Homemade Yellow Cake Mix)
Favorite Frosting (I used my Sturdy Buttercream Frosting)
Favorite Fondant (I used my Rolled Buttercream Fondant)
Extra Powder Sugar (for rolling fondant out)
Cookie Cutters (1 Small Mickey Mouse Head, 1 Large Mickey Mouse Head, 1 Medium Circle).
Clear Cup (optional)
Clear Bag (optional)
Ribbon (optional)

So I must admit I tried to do a fun technique I found on How to Cook that.  Her cool trick was to have a Mickey Mouse head in the center of your cupcake no matter how you cut into it.  I thought I would be good and use a batch of brownie mix I bought at a party lite party (yes they have baked goods now).  Now I've made other things from this Two Sister's brand.  Sadly I should have taken the clue when they came out a little dense and not right.  I should have went and made the mixture she used, but I was running behind and tried it.  Let's just say you can KIND of tell it's suppose to be a Mickey (click the picture to zoom in).

I first made one batch of cupcakes (24 cupcakes) made in Mickey Mouse cupcake liners.  I also found a pretty red scalloped cupcake holder that I put the finished cupcakes in.  Then I frosted all the cupcakes with white frosting.  Next I dyed the fondant using Wilton Gel Colors (using red and back).  

Cupcake #1 - Mini Black Fondant Mickey Head

I rolled out my black fondant and using my small Mickey Mouse Head  cookie cutter.  I found this mickey mouse head cookie cutter on Amazon.  Make sure to have extra powder sugar when you roll out fondant so it doesn't get sticky.  If I had more time I would have let these sit out a few days to harden up so they would do better in the heat we had.

Cupcake #2 Mickey Mouse head on a red circle!

I then used a circle & the small mickey mouse head cookie cutters in my rolled buttercream fondant.  I cut the circle first and with a little water to the back of the mickey head to act like glue to the red circle.  I put on wax paper and let them sit out again if more time I'd let sit out a day or two to dry out so in the heat they would have held up better.

Here is the step by step photo!

As usual I put my cupcakes in a clear plastic cup easy for transporting.

Cupcake #3 Two tone Mickey Mouse head.  

For this I had my fondant already dyed Black and red.  I then made two strips of of fondant the red being almost double the size of the black since you want the bottom red to be larger.  I used a large Mickey Mouse Head to cut these out. They came out to be about the size of the whole top of the cupcake, but the ears stuck out over the top of the clear cup.  Again if I had more time I would have let them sit out a day or two to dry out.

Then comes the cakepops, ok here is the story on these babies!  I decided to try the way everyone talks about a cake mix then mixed with frosting.  WELL Friday night I went to my bestie's house to help me with the party foods.  WELL I made the cake balls and then was going to decorate them the morning of the party!  I totally left them in her freezer ... ugh!  So before I went to work Saturday am (I got up at 5am and made some new cake balls this time using my cakepop pan NOT doing the whole frosting trick).  Then I worked and rushed around to get out the door.  YUP you guessed it totally didn't decorate the 2nd batch either!!!

So I had my women's group on Wednesday after the party so why not take them to the girls, I also had some cake mix & frosting left over and didn't want to throw out so I made some cupcakes for the kids group also!

Mickey Mouse Cakepops - 

What you need:
Cake Batter / Baked in Cake Pop Pan
White melts for glue the stick into the cake pop
Black melts (save a few to cut in half for the ears, melt the rest)

So batch #2 was a simple yellow cake that I dyed red with my Wilton Food Gel.  I used my handy dandy cake pop pan my MIL bought me for my bday a few years back. I think my next purchase will be one of the mini cakepop cookers.  The red cake balls came out great, I put them in the freezer to cool. I took a small amount of white melts you could use the black but I thought I didn't have enough and dipped the stick into and into the froze ball.  I put them into the fridge to cool and harden up.  I then took black melts (saving a few for ears) and melted in microwave remember to do in 30 SECONDS and stir it can burn!  I like my cake balls to be frozen to dip into the melts.  I tired using a whole melt chip for an ear but my balls were too moist so I went to next plan to cut a melt in half and placed on the dipped cake ball.  I the put them into the fridge since with the sticks it was too high to harden up.

Next on my list was the left over red cake mix from the cakepops so I filled up a few cupcake liners and used up my black frosting I had left over and topped with some red circles / Small Black Mickey Heads.  Follow the steps above this is just a quick add on!

A few more to come, so hold on!

Mickey Mouse Projects Done:


  1. I LOVE Mickey! This is soooo cute!
    That tray of cup cakes would be soooo gone if that was here...All you'd see would be crumbs and me there with chocolate all over my face!
    Blessings, Joanne

  2. AWESOME! I want one of those cake pops right now :)

  3. Good Job Alexis!! Okay... tell us how you find the time to exercise, take care of your family, bake/cook, and blog too?????

  4. The ones with the Mickey inside are so clever.

    I'm sure they all got eaten in a flash!

  5. My birthday is 12/20 I would like to have you do it for me. :) LOL

    This is plenty of notice, right?

  6. They're all so cute!!! Wonderful job as usual Alexis! :-)

  7. I love Mickey Mouse.
    I was just wondering what kind of fondant you are using? You were saying that it gets sticky. Just a tip: add powdered sugar until you think you are done and then....add more! After 3 years of making the stuff, I've finally figured that out. Just add more..simple, but makes it so much better to work with! (But then, as soon I figured that out, I decided that making it wasn't worth my time, especially for black, and now buy it..haha)
    Anyway, I'm loving looking through your party preps! I hope the party went well!

  8. You are just amazing. How cute is all those yummy sweets!! Love the cakepops.


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