Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Mickey Mouse Party ... Mickey Head Banner and Hot Diggity Dog Station

Now on to a fun Mickey Mouse Banner with Caden's face and the coolest Hot Diggity Dog Station.   Simple but fun things that makes the party theme worthy!

I started with this fun banner made with mickey mouse heads I cut out on my circuit using the Mickey Mouse & Friends Cartridge.  I saw a couple of ideas on Pinterest and kind of ran with it.  

What you Need:

Heavy Black Card Stock - Cut in Mickey Mouse Heads / One triangle
Heavy Red Card Stock - Cut in Mickey Mouse Head / One Triangle
Photos - I did black and white and blew up so it was a close up pic of his face
Circle Cutter

Using my circuit cartridge I cut out Black Mickey Heads and one Red Head to be my center.  I blew up 3 pictures of Caden and printed on my printer and used my circle cutter to cut out the head in a nice clean circle.  I then glued the picture of Caden onto a Mickey Mouse heads.  Hot glue is my friend but you can use whatever glue you like.  I then measured out ribbon for how long I wanted the banner to be.  I glued done Mickey Heads to the ribbon and tried to space them out evenly.  I made a triangle with one color on bottom and then cut some holes of the 2nd triangle and placed on top so you could have a peek a boo of the 2nd color.  I placed this on the red mickey head to be like a party hat.   When done I tied it up to my parents gazebo!

Next on the list was to do a fun Hot Diggity Dog Station I found this idea on Catch My Party.  This was so fun and everyone thought it was such a cute idea!

What You Need:

Hot Dogs
Cut up Red and/or White Onions
Frito's (to top the chili dogs if they want also)

I found really cute hot dog size plates they look like the ones you get at a ball field.  I found them at Target in their $1 bins, SCORE!!  I set those out and I found also at Target in the clearance section a set that holds the Ketchup, Mustard and Relish.  The other sides I found these really cute little cups at the dollar store that were perfect fit for the other condiments.  I had my dad working the grill and we even toasted the buns for those who wanted it.  The perfect treat for all.  

 I even made Homemade Chili for those who wanted Chili Dogs!  I found this recipe for Chili Dogs on Simply Recipes, I added chili beans, Red Kidney Beans and Black Beans because chili is not chili with out beans to us!

And for those who love lil' Smokies I took a crescent roll cut it in half and wrapped the lil' Smokie like a mini pig in a blanket.  I made 72 of those suckers and they went like hot cakes!

Oh yes there is so much more to come!


  1. The bot dog station is a great idea. When I throw my boys joint party in August, I just get pizza. It's much easier for me LOL.

  2. Now this looks like a party that I would like to attend! The hot dog station is a brilliant idea, and that banner is just darling.

  3. You are a party planner extraordinaire

  4. Great party theme, and you did a wonderful job!

  5. I love the Mickey Mouse banner, so cute! I bet the kids loved the hotdog station.


  6. The banner is so cute! And I LOVE hot dogs, so I'm a huge fan of a hot dog station! :-)

  7. You DO know how much I would have loved to have been at that party.
    Not just because you did such AMAZING things with my buddy, Mickey Mouse; but because you know how much I adore my little Caden.
    I'm sure everyone had a fantastic time.

  8. love the hot diggity dog station with the little diggity dogs! Great idea!

  9. Said just now "that is f'n GENIUS"

    And then I sang the song to myself!

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE this idea!

  10. Love it! What a fabulous party! Thanks for sharing at my Pin Me Party!


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