Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Fireworks and Boom ... Firecracker Cakelette & Flag Pretzels

On to the second day of fireworks, well at least for recipes here!  I have found some super cute things I couldn't pass up making.  You know me I just can't help myself with a theme and a party I just go all out.  I'm trying to keep this one from my usual overboard status so I promise just 2 more things to come ... lol I'm trying!

First off I found these Fourth of July Firecracker Cakelettes on She Knows.  How hard could this be ... lol. I know I always am trying new things.  I started with a White Cake Mix (I created a post of just this recipe so I don't clog up this post - click link for the recipe). 

What you Need:
Cake Mix (Split into 3 bowls - Mix one red, one blue and one leave white)
Wilton Icing Colors (I used Royal Blue & Red Red No taste)
Circle Cutters
Frosting (I used my sturdy buttercream) / Piping Bag
Pop Rocks
Licorice String

Bake cakes as directed, allow them to cool and remove from pans.  Using a round cookie cutter, cut circles from each of the baked cakes (I think the one I used was a 2-inch).  Using a serrated knife, carefully trim off the browned, baked bottoms of each cake circle.  Using a jumbo straw or plastic tube (one-half or three-quarters-inch in diameter), remove the centers of the cake circles. Be sure to save the red and blue centers to use as plugs for later. Put a portion of the red cake plugs back into the bottoms of the red cake circles. Pipe a line of frosting around the centers of the red and white cake circles. Stack the white cakes on top of the red cakes and the blue cakes on top of the white cakes. Add Pop Rocks down the hollow centers of the stacked cakes. Put a portion of the blue cake plugs back into the tops, covering the center filled with Pop Rocks.  Cut licorice rope pieces approximately 1-1/2 inches long and insert them into the centers of the blue cakes.  (put pop rocks in no more then 4 hours before they will be ate.

Next on my list is some fun and Easy Flag Pretzels I found on Passion for Savings.  I actually had everything here on hand.

  • 1 Bag Pretzel Rods
  • 24 oz. Almond Bark
  • 2 Tbsp. Shortening
  • Food Coloring
  • White Sprinkles
Melt the Almond Bark with 2 Tbsp. Shortening
Dip the Pretzel Rods in White Almond Bark
Divide remaining Almond Bark in half and add Red and Blue Food Coloring (I used Blue Melts & Red Gel instead easier)
Dip ⅓ of the White Chocolate Pretzels back in Blue Chocolate
Add White Sprinkles before drying
Drizzle Red Chocolate over the remaining white section to create stripes (I used Wilton Red Gel instead of Chocolate).

These are so simple to make and you can put it in clear bags and tie with a ribbon and had them out if you want. 

Simple and Easy to make and can really make your 4th party a real hit!

My little helper loved them, hope you do to!

Don't forget to see the parties I link up to HERE.


  1. What a cute idea! How do you come up with this stuff?

  2. Very awesome project! We did 4th crafts today and had fun. : )

  3. Those came out really cute. I made pretzel rods at Christmas!

  4. Looks like the kids enjoyed eating them as much as you did making them. Thanks for sharing. :)

  5. The pretzels look yum and you clearly have too much time on your hands!!

  6. Those are just so fun! They turned out so cool, I wouldn't want to eat them! ;-)

  7. LOVE the pretzel ideas! Those can really be incorporated into any holiday... why do I not think of stuff like this until it's just... too late?!

    Again, always in awe of you!


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