Monday, July 22, 2013

Mickey Mouse Party ... Mickey Mouse Thank You Gifts & Revamp Dollar Store Bowl

We continue another week of what we made for the Mickey party!  I didn't want to overwhelm in one post with everything so I'll just overwhelm you for few weeks of Mickey Party Items made ... lol.

In this post what you'll see:

I have this thing about giving either crap dollar store items and/or candy as thank you gifts. Usually I don't even do them because I know most parents are like me and hate to see that stuff come home with them.  This party I did do thank you boxes but I only included Mickey Mouse coloring books and homemade crayons.   I did try to find Mickey Mouse fruit snacks to add to the box but for the life of me and 4 grocery stores later no luck, I swear I use to buy them all the time.  I did find Jack and the Neverland Pirates (hey it's part of Disney) that I bought and through in  but didn't get a photo of that.

Mickey Mouse Crayons (Thank You Gift)

What You Need:
Crayons (48pk at Dollar Tree $1)
Silicone Mold (found on Amazon)
Cookie Sheet
Sm Plastic Bags (50pk at Dollar Tree $1)
Black Card Stock Paper
Mickey Mouse & Friends Cricuit Cartridge (found on Amazon)

Unwrap Crayons (this is the hardest part, I find the dollar tree ones the wrappers almost fall off).  I break them up and put them into the mold, you need to have it almost overflowing to fill it up when melted.  I used between 6-7 crayons per each Mickey Head. Now the fun part is putting like colors together into the molds.  I learned from my previous experience that I needed some tin foil to make the molds steady when the crayon's melted.  Bake at 350 for 20 - 25 minutes.  Be careful when you pull them out so the melted crayon doesn't spill over.  I put mine in the freezer to firm up.  I then 2 crayons in a small plastic bag and topped with a small Mickey head I cut out using the Circuit.

Mickey Mouse Coloring Books  (Thank You Gifts)

What you Need:
Mickey Mouse Coloring Books (Dollar Tree $1 Each)
Twine or Ribbon (I used twine I had it on hand from previous project)

I rolled each coloring book like a newspaper and tied it with twine.  Yup easy one!

Mickey Mouse Treat Boxes (Thank You Gifts)

What you Need:
Red Boxes (found a 3pk at Dollar Tree $1)
Black Card Stock Paper (Mickey Star)
Mickey Mouse & Friends Circuit Cartridge
Hot Glue Gun

Using my circuit and my Mickey Mouse & Friends cartridge I cut out the Mickey Mouse Stars.  I then took my hot glue gun and glued the star down to the box.  Tada done!  Another simple one that really made it look like something special when the kids were leaving the party.

What went into the Thank You Gift Boxes

Last on the list was a simple red plastic plate I found at the dollar store and added a little bit of white ribbon to jazz it up and be able to put on the table with food.  This was a simple and cheap thing to make picked both items up at the dollar tree.

What you Need:
Plastic Serving Tray (Dollar Tree)
Ribbon (Dollar Tree)

I found this nice serving tray at the Dollar tree but thought it would be nicer with a little bit of ribbon added to it.  So I weaved it in and out of the holes and tied a bow.  Took me about 3 minutes to do.  

Oh yes there is so much more to come!


  1. The Mickey Mouse crayons are super cute! Love that idea as something for guests to take home.

  2. Love the crayons! Last time I made some, I set my microwave on fire - literally, so I won't be attempting that again.

  3. Good god woman! It will be time for the next party by the time you are done with this party. You are a party planning maven!

  4. Those crayons are great! I've never heard of that before. I'll have to try those sometime!

  5. I never do favors. Can't stand them but love how you did homemade crayons and coloring books to fit the theme!


  6. Hi,

    I love your blog!

    I am doing a themed week on my blog: a week in August. I have several guest bloggers and I am looking for a few more. I would love for you to be one of those guest bloggers! Anything Disney! My family and I are HUGE Disney fanatics too!

    I am just asking for the post, in HTML, to me by August 2nd. Once I have them all, I will let you know the date your post will go live. I will promote your website through all my social media and would appreciate the same. =)



  7. Those Mickey Crayons are ADOREABLE!!

  8. The Mickey Mouse thank you gift item is very interesting. I love it! Hope you can provide more interesting thank you gift ideas that we can use in the future. For those who are searching for other gift item ideas you can check out the link


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