Sunday, January 3, 2016

Sesame Street Cupcake (Modeling Chocolate)

As many of you know I donate my decorating skills to make cupcakes for a charity that brings birthday to homeless kids (living in shelters and temporary housing). Birthday Dreams is an amazing charity if you looking for a place to help out, 90% of donations going right back into the business. I recently signed up for a cake for a Sesame Street party. I searched the internet and found a design made on Etsy by Taleen Shop. I took her design and made my own. I must say this is my 2nd favorite cupcake I've done so far (Angry Bird's were my favorite so far, hard to top those).

Modeling Chocolate / Modeling Clay recipe on the bottom if you've never made.

What you need:
Modeling Clay (Red, Dark Blue, Green, Yellow, Black, Red, Orange, Purple and Light Blue) 
Large Scallop Circle Cutter
Small Circle Cutter
Medium Circle Cutter
Small triangle Cutter
Candy Eyes
Brown Candy Melt (for Cookie Monster Cookie)
Brown Candy writer (for chip on Cookie Monster Cookie)
Frosted Cupcakes
Cupcake Box (I bought mine on Amazon)

Big Bird

Cut out your head in yellow ( I made 6 since I had 4 characters and needed 24 cupcakes). I used my scallop circle cutter. For the nose you take orange modeling chocolate and make a triangle (I couldn't find my cutter so I formed by hand). I added candy eyes (Large from Hobby Lobby), attached with water to the yellow modeling chocolate. For the eye lids I made a circle and cut in half for purple and then blue, make sure your purple is a little larger then the blue). Attach to a frosted cupcake.

Cookie Monster

Cut out the blue with your scallop circle cutter (again made 6). Add large candy eye's with water, for Cookie Monster his eyes are always crazy so put one up and one down. Medium circle for the black, cut in half for the mouth. I then took a light brown candy melt, took my melon baller to make the teeth marks. I then took a candy writer and made the chocolate chips. I took a little water and added to the moth along with a few of the crumbs.


Take your scallop cookie cutter to the red modeling chocolate (made 6). Add large candy eyes, attaching with a little water. For the nose I took a little orange modeling chocolate and rolled into a ball. Medium circle for the black, cut in half for the mouth.

Oscar The Grouch

Take your scallop cookie cutter to the green modeling chocolate (made 6). Add large candy eyes, attaching with a little water. For eye brows take a strip of black cut in half and place on top of the candy eye's. Medium circle for the black, cut in half for the mouth. Add a tongue by taking small circle cutter and cut in half, attach with water.

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Modeling Clay / Chocolate
12oz Candy Melts (In Color you need)
1/4 Cup light corn Syrup

Melt your Candy Melts in microwave (mine takes about 2 minutes). Stir them to become smooth and add the corn syrup.  It will become thick and form a ball.  Wrap in plastic wrap and let it sit out and dry.  Takes a few hours or over night is best. (Alexis note: I found to roll this out use a little powder sugar (like you would do with flour), also you have to kneed it a little like you would dough to make it easy to roll out).


  1. These are aaaaamazing!!!! What an angel you are for those families!

  2. Those are really cute. I just heard about Sesame Street moving to HBO.

  3. beautifully done lovely cupcakes happy new year

  4. Those are super cute, especially the Cookie Monster one.

  5. You really are amazing... do you do this on the side for business? Your talent is just so beautiful.

  6. These are so awesome!! What a cute idea! Thanks for the post:) I saw this on Pin Me Linky Party:)
    Have a great day!!

  7. These are so cute! Love that Cookie Monster :) Thanks for sharing with the Wednesday Showcase!

  8. Those are little precious works of art!! Love!! Thank you for linking up at my craft party! I pinned your entries! Hope you can make it again on Thursday at 7pm EST.!


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