Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Thursday DVD Review ~ Mostly Older this time around

With mom sick last week and no voice the last few days you would think I'd be moving it up ... lol sadly mostly sleeping and trying to keep the boys running outside so the noise stayed away from my head that has been pounding for a week! Some ok ones this week, I promise next week I'll have a better selection.

Rubbadubbers: Tubb's Pirate Treasure
Cole saw this on the instant download for the Wii and asked me to download it for him. He of course saw the shark and was hooked. It was a great kids movie reminded me of what you would find on PBS. I even caught myself watching it a few times :).

Tubb the frog and his bathtub buddies embark on exciting aquatic adventures in this collection of episodes from the animated kids' show, beginning with Tubb's voyage on a pirate ship, where he learns about courage. Later, Terence travels to the desert so he won't get splashed, Sploshy frolics with polar bears in the Arctic, Amelia trains to be a superhero, and Reg longs to join his friends underwater.

Soccer Mom
I came across this on the Wii download and had to check it out, yes it reminded me of a lifetime movie had to watch. It's a cute movie you can watch with the kids. You feel for this poor mom that is trying so hard to do anything for her daughter that doesn't sadly see it right away. Very cute for the whole family.

Obsessive soccer mom Wendy (Missi Pyle) poses as a world-class Italian soccer star in order to coach her daughter's (Emily Osment) team in this heartfelt comedy. But can minivan-driving Wendy keep up the charade long enough to steer the girls to victory at the big tournament? Director Gregory McClatchy's comedy co-stars Cassie Scerbo, Jennifer Sciole, Kristen Wilson, Dan Cortese, Master P and Victoria Jackson.

Rachel Getting Married
Ok you know my love of Anne Hathaway but in this movie I really couldn't stand her. It really was just an odd movie with adult themes throw in just to have it. I really couldn't enjoy this movie at all.

Longstanding family conflicts resurface when drama queen Kym (Anne Hathaway, in her first Oscar-nominated role), a former model who's been in and out of rehab for 10 years, returns to her parents' home just before her sister Rachel's (Rosemarie DeWitt) wedding. Debra Winger co-stars as the girls' emotionally distant mother in director Jonathan Demme's critically acclaimed portrait of family angst and unrest.

Falling Up
This was an ok movie of course it the typical poor guy meets rich girl theme. It does have a few funny parts and keeps you watching. Overall I kept it on because I was doing things around the house and the little parts that made me smile or laugh was enough to keep it playing.

When his father is killed in a bizarre sports accident, wrong-side-of-the-tracks Henry O'Shea (Joseph Cross) quits nursing school to earn cash as a doorman at a posh New York apartment building, where he falls for lovely resident Scarlett Dowling (Sarah Roemer). As the pair's relationship progresses, Henry's sister (Rachael Leigh Cook) encourages the romance, but Scarlett's mother has other ideas. David M. Rosenthal directs this romantic comedy.

Scooby-Doo meets Batman
Ok yes I thought this was a new movie so I picked it up for the boys. Yes I didn't read the description! But it really didn't matter the boys loved it, I think they watch it at least 10 times before I sent it back! We even had to fall asleep to it.

Join the meddling kids and their lovable dog as they team with the Caped Crusader and Boy Wonder to defeat the scheming Joker and Penguin in this collection of two episodes from the TV series "The New Scooby-Doo Movies." In "The Dynamic Scooby-Doo Affair," Scooby and the gang help Batman and Robin tussle with the villains over counterfeit money. And in "The Caped Crusader Caper," Joker and Penguin plan to steal a flying suit from a crazy scientist.

Precious: Based on the Novel Push by Sapphire
I really tired on this one all the great reviews and the awards, now of course I felt bad for the girl and what she's been threw was horrible. The mom I wanted to throttle with her nasty ways and living on the system ... ugh. But that was about all I could do with this movie. Sorry if you loved it, I just couldn't.

Viciously abused by her mother (a riveting, Oscar-winning Mo'Nique) and pregnant by her father, Harlem teen Precious Jones (Oscar nominee Gabourey Sidibe) has an unexpected chance at a different life when she enrolls in an alternative school. Teacher Blu Rain (Paula Patton) encourages her, but Precious must battle unimaginable barriers everywhere in her life. Lee Daniels directs this drama that features appearances by Mariah Carey and Lenny Kravitz.


  1. WE r besties at heart darl! I too LOVE Anne Hathaway BUT that movie man i just could NOT stand for Precious...i made Kevin watch it as Nathan refused to and believe u me Kevin spent the following week complainin about how i tortured him for making him watch it....funny thing is i felt the same way...i felt like i tortured myself for sitting and watching that entire movie... i felt the same way about the mother special at the end when she talked about her husband OMG! But i can say ive seen it and never have to watch it again PHEW! Id take scooby-doo any day over those 2 movies! :) Hope ur feeling better sweetie!

  2. It's a bad week when the best-sounding title is ScoobyDoo. LOL

    Hope you're feeling better every day!

  3. I need to get out more! Thanks for the great reviews I kmow which ones to steer clear of:)

  4. I havent seen any of those movies and it doesnt sound like I was missing out!

  5. Thanks for the reviews. I have seen Rachael Getting Married and it was pretty heavy. I haven't seen Precious and I have no desire to see it.

  6. I wanna see the scooby doo movie lol, big kid, thanks for another great weekly review xxx

  7. First off Poser.. I saw you at another site trying to win my prize. What? J/K Belle did pretty good in class today. She even went over to Grandma's and did not go in the pool but was a good girl. I hope you are feeling better.. Be sure to stop by tomorrow.. I know you will like the room.

  8. I will definitely get Scooby for Gav. He love Scooby and Batman, so he should love it as well. I haven't seen Rachel Getting Married, because I've heard it wasn't good. I love her as well, but will stay away after your review.

  9. The only one of those I've seen is Scooby Doo meets Batman. Sad.

  10. Some heavy and light movies goin' on there. Thanks for the reviews.

  11. Great reviews... You and I seem to have the same taste in movies. I had the same feeling about the movie "Precious" - I haven't even tried to watch it, I don't care what the critics or The Academy has to say about it. :-)


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