Tuesday, August 17, 2010

WWW ~ Painting, Swimming & Stepping Stone Project

Another amazing and crazy weekend! It was super hot here this weekend so it was a get out of the house before we melt.
Rick had 2 days off in a row and totally busting his rear to get our project done. I was so proud of him for working so hard and getting this done for me. He's trying to earn back some brownie points :). We won't let him know but he's making some up :). He retextured all the walls, painted and put up the molding around the doors and the waynes coating!
Saturday after work the house was boiling and we had to get out before the boys went nutty! We went to visit one of my childhood best friends who live 2 doors down from my parents. Cole even was able to go out and swim by himself which he doesn't usually do. We had a few good drinks and just hung out. I even finished a book, next time I promise to get in the water and noodle with the girls.
Adventures in Caden, he had so much fun on DRY land ... lol he got a bit in the water and more adventurous. We tried the no diaper since it was waste-less to keep putting new ones on. Sadly the only undies where Khari's ... lol I at least turned the pink ones inside out.
Cole had adventures in Stepping Stones. Sadly was a little too eager to paint and it broke so we have to make a new one but it was fun.
Another hot few days here, hoping it will cool down. But the weekend ok if it's hot we'll go swimming again :). Have a great week!


  1. wow - what a fun weekend. thanks for the pics! :)

  2. I am glad you had a great weekend. Your house is looking amazing.. What a fun project sorry about it breaking.. Have a great day..

  3. caden is SO CUTE!
    and gooooo hubs for steppin' on up.. it's nice when they do isn't it?

    sounds like better wkend than some of your crazy ones.. lol

  4. Those are some great ways to beat the heat!! Home projects - so exciting!

  5. sounds like a great wkend darl! its cooled off here the last couple days its been lovely hope u get some of this cooler weather!

  6. Sounds like a great time....loving the room! I'm actually so tired of the humidity here and looking forward to some cooler weather, so I can open up the house.

  7. Sounds like a nice weekend. The walls look great!
    where did you get the stepping stone? I know a little boy that would love one!

  8. Great pics, as always. Wish we could do a play date.


    Lots of yummy love,
    Alex aka Ma What's For Dinner

  9. The heat and humidity broke here on Sunday and we took the girls to our local Zoo and spent like 3 hours wondering around.. Something we normally dont do. Usually it only takes us like an hour and a half to go but it was so nice out i kept dawdling...

  10. another fun packed weekend, thats what its all about, nice pics xx

  11. Im glad you at least got in a little relaxing in there by the water!

  12. The new door looks great! Love the pics of the boys. So cute!

  13. Caden reminds me so much of Blake!! But Blake finally got in the water this summer-YAY! Only problem is he likes it so much now he has NO FEAR of it and that kinda scares me....almost liked it better when he wouldn't go in-LOL!

  14. The house looks great. I'm glad you are getting those brownie points. Good for you.

    Kids look like they had a great time

  15. Rick's doing good with the project and it looks like the kids had fun.

  16. The house improvements look wonderful. Looks like you had a fun day and the water looks so refreshing!

  17. Looks like fun :) love the color of the walls :)

  18. Another weekend of fun with your little boys, sounds like great times. Don't you worry about getting in the water if you don't want to, you and Caden can have a great time on the shore. :-)
    Glad you got the door done, too.

  19. OK, you DO realize that we're coming up on a HOLIDAY weekend which means RELAX, right? :)

    I read a book LAST weekend. It was great! Have A New Kid By Friday.


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