Tuesday, August 24, 2010

WWW ~ Church Carnival is DONE!!

I'm exhausted I'm so glad that this is done and over with. I know I should look at it that way but sadly some people have made doing this impossible and very difficult! It's sad people need to be petty and show stoppers. Now I know why no one likes to volunteer.

Friday Cole had a sleep over at the next door neighbors house for the little boys birthday party. They were so sweet to let him stay over, I made up a little gift basket.

I whipped up some of Shortcut PB Cookies & threw in some popcorn
I picked these containers up at the dollar store
Saturday I worked until 10am then started on my 200 cupcakes! 11am my one and only helper came by to help frost and make the other games and signs. While here she got a call from busy body #2 called asked what she was doing, when told frosting cupcakes the comment was that is Alexis's job!!! Really so helping is not suppose to happen! Then call from busy body #1 why is she making so many cupcakes. HELLO where you in the FIVE meetings where you said there was 150 kids last year! Then came the flowers that were promised to us, yup not right so had to shop yet again for more items! Let's just say we went until 11pm working, I sat down for a sec and totally slept threw my 2nd job :(.

Sunday at church by 9am! My help was 40 minutes late leaving me with BB or Thing 1 & 2 who were no where around the set up, except to walk by and give orders! Finally Thing 2 got a bit nicer but overall no help. The carnival was fun, I ended up helping for a sec at the popcorn machine but helper for the 2nd shift never showed up so worked it the whole time. I wasn't able to walk around so not a lot of pictures. Even worked the cotton candy machine since that kept getting left with out anyone. At one time I ran put popcorn in one, cotton candy in the other. Ran back dumped the popcorn and ran back to do the cotton candy!

Now this is a lesson in a FREE event! You will have GREEDY people that will show up with backpacks and GRAB everything. We had bags of chips for the BBQ you know one for each, except this lady grabbed 10, hubs grabbed another 10. Then went back in 4 other times to grab more. Even took a bag to put cupcakes in! I'm all about the FREE but there has to be a line to leave some for others!!!

The event was great overall with out much help from thing 1 and 2, one sat down the whole time and who knows about the other! Then clean up time I cleaned up the stations and all that was left was tents, tons of youth to help. I start packing up the boys by this time it's like 4 and the boys are done. Thing 2 decided I needed to stay longer to help clean up. Hello I've been here since 9am and I've gone over and beyond.

Did I mention not ONE word Alexis you did a great job, wow you did a great job with the games and signs! Oh did comment on how my helper did a great job on the lion. Let her know politely that Rick did most of the work and yes my helper did a great job painting it but RICK should get the credit for the MOST. NOPE not even that was nice of him!!!

I'M DONE YOU'VE WON, I refuse to work with you again. And guess what I still haven't been reimbursed over $100!!!! UGH!!!

I made a quick slide show, hope you enjoy!!!


  1. awww alexis! sorry to read about your day. people take everything for granted. i always offer help when needed and also when not needed - i was brought up that way. wish i was there to help you...really!

    much hugs,
    ash's mum

  2. I'm sorry that this happened, but you have to know you did an amazing job. You should be so proud. If I were there I would have helped, and told you thank you a million times, plus what an amazing job you did. The lion turned out so cute. Big big hugs to you sweetie.

  3. You are amazing. I wish we were neighbors so I could bring something over to make things easier for you. Thanks for the dough recipe by the way. How do you have time to blog by the way???

    Lots of yummy love,
    Alex aka Ma What's For Dinner

  4. i am so sorry it went the way it did.. if i were there i would say "GREAT JOB lex..".. and give ya a hug....

    btw- waaaay cute little gift basket you made up!

  5. You know you did a good job and anyone who counts knows so forget them and be proud of yourself.

  6. Jesus Alexis, I don't know how you do it all. Next time please use the magic word - NO! OR Charge them what a pro would for your services, I know it was a volunteer church thing but these pple took serious advantage of you.

    Keep up being supermom! and hey, you wanna come for coffe this weekend? Say on Sunday?

  7. hey next year let me know if you need prizes. i can make some hair scrunchies for girls and figure something out for boys.. just an idea.. even if you arent volunteering.. if you just want something different..

  8. You did an excellent job! Looks like a lot of fun and I know you put so much time and effort into it. There are a lot of good church people out there but also many not so good people. However God knows the truth.

  9. Man i am proud of you and think you did an amazing job.. Yeah.. Now you have lion for a fun party game. I hope you do not do this next year. You did one time. Way to go..

  10. you do so much, for everyone ur a STAR xxxx

  11. That would end my volunteering with them for sure!

  12. You are so great- nice to see they guys jumping in, and that lion bean bag toss is the coolest thing!

    Love the pop corn set-up! You rock girl...ahhh now I want mine, lol

  13. Sounds like you did a lot to make the carnival what it was, so on behalf of the BBs I say "Alexis, good job". Situations where things could be fun but turn into not so fun suck because you hope for so much positive things to happen. Karma will come back to you and you will receive great things.

  14. You do so much for so many people. I hate that they treated you this way.

    You did a fantastic job. Everything looked great! And Rick did an awesome job on that lion, too. Good idea!

  15. WOW.....just wow... i cant believe they didnt even say thanks.... ALEXIS U R AWESOME! You did an amazing job! And their so lucky to have you help them...

  16. Isn't that just a bunch of crap? Seriously... I'd just say... I'm done. I didn't have a good experience before, I continue to not have a good experience NOW and I just don't think it's in MY best interest so go screw yourself. :) LOL...

    I hate jerks that take advantage of situations...and I'd have SAID SOMETHING to the greedy wench snagging all the chips...seriously... I'm sorry, do you have 10 mouths here with you to feed? BACK OFF


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