Tuesday, August 10, 2010

WWW ~ U Fish, Birthday Party, Costco and Home Improvements

Holy smokes talk about a full weekend, I'll keep this short since it's late and this is also a crazy week at work and I need all the beauty sleep I can get :).
Saturday I worked as usual 6am to 10am and then it was rush around get the boys dressed and out the door.
Stop #1 we met up with my GF and her 2 boys at a U Fish. Ok yes those who know me know I'm so not the outdoorsy person. My GF that we went with is and always makes fun of me, it's just not my gig. But my boys are boys and love to go outside and get dirty and fish are cool. Yes I let them be boys and play in the dirt so take that people who don't think so!
Here we are fishing the boys got 2 each, I was the baiter.
Yes that is my YUCK I can't believe I'm touching this face!
All the boys had a ton of fun and it was worth every penny!
No I didn't take home fish :)
Caden of course got board quick but they had animals!!
So we walked around and checked them out!

Stop #2 of the day was a birthday party. So after fishing and lunch I had to run to get a gift and then to the party. Sadly it poured down so we didn't stay long.
Stop #3 was Costco for some quick groceries. Then it was a melt down for a very tired Caden.
Stop #4 After naps was to the 7th element of hell (AKA McDonalds Playland). The boys were bouncing off the walls. Usually I hate that place but it was one of those things you have to do. Then home for a quick bath!

Sunday we went to visit my other GF and her kids, sorry forgot the camera.

Also we had some home improvement going on!

1st was the couch had a friend sit on it and break it :(. Thankfully Rick was able to take it apart and fixed it!
Then when we first moved in 7 YEARS ago my parents bought us doors. One set is the french doors we already put in, then was this other door that thank god has been stored under beds and rooms and was still intact. My parents would have killed me if it was broke, would have been a $400 oops. So the adventures in a pocket door has hit my house. Let's just say this quick install was my whole wall taken down to the stud and then those were taken down, a new header installed and all new sheet rock! Let's just say the mudding is still going on, my house is still not back to normal (one week later... ugh)
My dad came to help, thank you!!!
Cole even got to screw in nails to the drywall and knock down a wall!
Door in, sheetrock up but still mudding!
Holy Moly Ok there it is that was a weekend and some. One day I'm going to get some piece and quiet! LOL


  1. WoW darl u sure did have a busy wkend! Looked like the kids had fun fishing! My son cant wait till we get to australia and have my dad teach him how to fish.....altho my dad has been for warned no deep sea fishing till his older! LOL

  2. LOL You do more in one weekend than I usually do in three! Get some rest!

  3. sheesh, someday you'll get smart and do what I do on weekends - stay in your jammies and watch tv. Order in DO NOT COOK OR CLEAN. The kids will love watching movies - hell send them to summer camp...just have a chillin' time. But this is you darling Alexis and we know you are the queen of busy...so maybe you'll settle for only going out ONCE over the weekend...

  4. YIKES!!!
    busy week much??
    one thing i noticed that stuck out.. was you and what you were wearing.. LONG SLEEVES!!!!

    is it really cool enough for that?
    if so.. i fly up to you tomorrow... and stay and help till oh about the end of october... lol

  5. you are a very busy lady, its always hectic lol xxx

  6. Sounds tiring! The remodeling is always a pain, my house is tore apart right now, as we are working on our room now. What a nightmare. 4 layers of who knows how old wallpaper stuck to the walls. Thank god the stripper we purchased worked amazing. Now hubby is running electrical for new outlets and a ceiling fan and sawing holes...dust everywhere!

  7. Another crazy busy weekend in your world!

  8. You accomplish more in one day than I do in a week!! Looks like a fun weekend!! Love the fish pictures!!

  9. From the looks of it, you definitely were busy!

  10. You have a lot gong on for sure. For some reason blogger is going nuts and I could not leave a comment on some of the posts. I am glad you are getting some thins done in your home. I hope you are having a great week.

  11. I am exhausted... you move so quickly and do so much. I'm with you on the McD's playland, but welllllll I generally jsut say no ;)

  12. Are you kidding me, that is so much to do in one day. What a mess with that door! Well worth it I'm sure. You are doing wonderful improvements to your house. Now take a breath!

  13. You really need to try and get out more... :-)
    I'm glad you spent time with some friends, you really need some positive people in your life. The fishing hole looks like a lot of fun; I love the photos of the kids in the cut-out with the shirt that says "My mom {hearts} me."
    That door is really pretty - I hope you get the wall finished soon.

  14. Again with the business! LOL. You wear me OUT girl! Dang!

    And.. did your friend that broke your couch KNOW they broke your couch? Was it just a bad spot in the wood or were they huge or something? I'm saying, if they were an "average" person you could joke and say, "Hey, lay off the cheeseburgers or you won't be allowed to sit on anything else in here." Someone with a weightier issue may take offense. My uncle ... man... he was GIGANTIC (everyone just about on my mom's side was morbidly obese).. he broke my grandma's chair, couch and a settee. She told him from then on he had to brig his OWN chair if he came to visit. LOL


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