Friday, October 8, 2010

On the Road to a Happy Boy ....

The reason I've been so behind on emails and replies is we've been having some issues with Cole and his behavior. Cole has always been a very hyper child some doctors have said "Oh he's just a boy" some hinted to you know he may have "ADHD". We've just have gone the course, I plan lot's of activities that keep us busy and no real sitting time. We don't stay long some places since a lot of people don't know how to deal with a hyper kid. I see the stress on their faces and the need to correct him. Being his mom I of course know what to battle and want to just bear and grin.

School has been a tricky situation, PreK was half days and then daycare with a wonderful 2 ladies that adored Cole and took him under their wing so not many problems. Then on to K where one of the daycare ladies became an Aid & knew how to handle if we had problems. During both years we would hear from the teachers Cole would make noises while doing his work. They had a key system you had to turn a key if you acted up and go up and down the key system along with loosing items like recess.

Now onto 1st Grade we changed schools to another Faith Based Private school that was easier on the budget but new place and new teacher. The noises have increased and some of the behavior too. After doing a lot of research and talking to a few people and nurses I've gone on a path to what can I do to help him with being focused and his impulse control.

So we Start out with this first adventure at Super Suplements, they were very nice told me I was on the right track that this is what she even took with her Adult ADHD. The only problem with this is they were all pills. Let's say I tried hiding in PB, in Chocolate milk everything and could not get him to take them. I have learned the Bacopa is a horrible taste and taking it out of the container you CAN'T mask that flavor!!

So I headed to Marlene's Natural Foods which I found some amazing people that helped me. We started with replacing the Bacopa with MindCare Jr. in a capsule form. Well we had the same issues not good trying to hide it. So onto the Liquid form and we have a hit that can hide in juice along with the Calm Child. The powder is the Lecithin for brain function that can be added to oatmeal etc. Well I can take the taste Cole not so much, he's not in love with oatmeal for breakfast so we're still working on that.
Then on to Vitamins mom picked up the Omega-3 & I picked up the Nutri Stars. Both not BIG hits with Cole, Caden love it.
So more research and I found Focus Factor for Kids, Costco has it so called dad who has a membership to pick it up for me. And YEAH Cole loves the flavor.
Then on to my newest item that I must say I'm in love with. Nichol at Kiddies Corner Deals did a review on Homepathic products. I picked up BrightSpark that helps with the noises and I can tell you that it really has HELPED a lot. We've had a few bad days but overall I must say the noises have calmed down and so has the behavior.
So there you have our adventure in a Happy Boy, I hope I could say we've found the magic thing we haven't but I am seeing a light at the end of the tunnel and better days that keep me sane and less screaming. It's a work in progress, I'll keep adding Cole to the prayer chain at school and know the best will come. Thankfully the new school we have a wonderful teacher that is so helpful. All teachers have said how bright Cole is and he has no trouble learning it's just getting him to sit in his seat along with not needing to be the center of attention (I wonder where he gets that from). I'm so relieved to hear that is very smart just needs help with impulse noised (aka singing, animal noises, speaking out of turn). Life teaches us many things and I'm learning as I go and I'm so happy and pleased to have this little boy in my life and I know God has a plan :).

I think I have a handle on this and will be back to my blogging commenting self soon :).


  1. My son also had problems with these issues- I eventually chose to home school, which was easy in Texas, not sure your area. I know you cannot afford that choice, and I had lots of teacher/client support, along with family support.

    I believe in suppliments, but you have to begin reading as much as you can on this stuff. Behavior is a learned thing, along with exercise. I taught Aaron that if he could not focus, to create an environment that allowed him to focus, and exercise, because some depression goes hand in hand. Such a fine line. I am sure you will hear many things from others, but you have to find what works for you and him.

    People can get over it- life happens, and his mental health and self confidence are more important. Love is always the biggest supplement, along with patience. I do still believe some boys are more hyper, part of them- but not all kids are 'standard' learners, and suggest you study kinesthetic learners (sound/singing/noise making goes along with it), it goes along with this behavior you mention. My son is great with his hands and learns best this way...hard headed, lol as they grow older, meaning they have to make mistakes to get it...Aaron is doing great as a butcher and is on college part time...he is not a rocket scientist, but pretty close in creative life...

    love ya and hugs...

  2. E, you know I love ya! You're so right it's a trial & we'll just keep plugging threw. He's a super star in my mind & I love him for who he is and know he's trying and I'll keep doing what I have to. We may have to go down a different path but I'm going to keep trying these items. I'm seeing improvement and so does the teacher. She is just amazing and keeps telling me how smart Cole is just needs a little help with his impulse control. She has a son who has a few different problems and I just know God sent me to this School with her to help Cole.

    Aaron sounds so much like Cole and I know what an amazing boy you have raised and I know Cole will be the same. He tells me all the time he wants to be an Artist and I think that would be a great path for him as you said using his hand and learning that way is best for him.

    Much love my friend you always brighten my day.

  3. I'm glad you are finding answers without having to drug him up.
    Good for you!

  4. You've done a lot of research! I knew you were a great mom. :) Hugs to you!

  5. Good for you working so hard for the well-being of you child. Way to be an advocate!!!!! Big Hugs!!!! and a pat on the back Momma. Now, hang in there.

  6. So glad you are trying homeopathic options before drugs! My Pediatrician works with a wonderful naturopath if you are interested in the number just let me know. So glad you are getting positive results!

  7. Pryaing for you... I am glad all your research and hard work are helping your son.

  8. i send you many, many prayers and wish you the best of luck...

    and btw-- i think you are an awesome mommy!!!

  9. No worries. I am so glad you have many ideas and ways to help your little Cole you are an amazing Mom for sure.. Enjoy your weekend..

  10. I'm going to have to look into some of these! Glad that things are working for him!

  11. I hope you find the products you need and that will work. It is so hard to get kids to take medicine of any sort!

  12. Wow-what a process to go through to find something to help Cole! I'm glad you've found something that seems to be working. I'll be sure to keep Cole in my prayers :-)

  13. So sorry about these issues with Cole. Sounds like you are on the right track and hope you find the perfect mixture for him. Keeping him in my prayers.

  14. Lex - I am free anytime to look at costumes...Just give me a 10 minute heads up. You want this weekend?

  15. I babysat for a friend who has two kids who need to busy. I don't know how she does it running here and there. God never gives us more than we can handle and he must of known my threshold was low. Hang in there mom...looks like you are working hard for a solution. I will pray that it all works great for him. Raising kids is NOT easy!

  16. I am happy to see that you are trying to take a natural approach to this situation. :) You might also check into food that may trigger his behavior along with food colorings. I am not experienced with this sort of issue but just thought that might be something to think about.

  17. Good for you chicka! Gotta do what you gotta do to take care of those kidlets!

  18. You are a great mom!! I am so glad you found some natural things that are working. Take all the time you need for you and your family!! We will all still be here checking up on you. Take care!!

  19. WOW It's great to see parents going this route instead of giving in instantly to meds. Great post & thanks for the info also.

    I handed out awards tonight, so be sure to stop over to pick yours up :)


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