Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Weekend Wrap Wednesday ~ Fun Hats, Hair & Clothing, Kids Build & Fun Things

Yet another fun weekend here some silly moments along the way!
My MIL made me some hats :)
One is a flower & one with a flower.
Saturday my dear coworker father passed away (please say a prayer for her family) so I filled in her job and which was good for my voice was going away! I signed the boys up two weeks ago for the class at Lowes so we had to rush to get there. Can you believe I got all 3 of us dressed and out the door in 13 minutes!!! The boys had a TON of fun making the flying bats! Mom had to do much of the work. I think I may have sad a bad word, sorry parents around me :(.
Lowes had the fire truck also they sent us home with. Rick and Cole built it! They had a ton of fun and no bad words, way to go dad! We did also hit the Seven Level of H**L (McD's) to run off some energy!
Sunday Cole's Class sung in their church. I've never been to a Lutheran Church before they sure do sing a lot and I loved they had the kids in the sermon. It went really fast, I think we actually may try going again soon! My parents came, my dad not much of a church person sat for Cole singing and then he took the boys and waiting in the car. I wish he would have stayed but I'm glad he do at least go. So since we were meeting up with my parents I had to make sure I looked nice! YES that meant lot's of trying on clothes and some mild frustration!
Oh yes that is Cole after signing sound asleep on my couch with one shoe on! A rare moment of all the boys nicely on the couch. And my sink and dish washer wasn't draining correct so Rick to the rescue! NOTE to self don't put that many potato skins down the garbage disposal.
Oh yes a crazy fun packed weekend we had a few crazy things that happened but I'm still not feeling up to par so it's sleep time for this girl! Hope you're all having a wonderful weekend!


  1. i like the dark hat with pink flower :). what a sweet MIL you got!

  2. Love the hats! I bought some just like those for Christmas gifts. Sounds like a another busy weekend with lots of fun.

  3. Girl you crack me up with those hair do's! The hats are adorable:) Looks like the boys had a blast at Lowes!

  4. that first hat is super cute..!!
    and your hair is so pretty too!!

    have a beautiful day lex!!!!

  5. Ok first hat not so cute but love the brown and pink one. Your hair was cute, I like it fluffy and curly!
    You are always so busy, I hope you give yourself time to rest in there somewhere.

  6. Ahh...potato skins down the disposal...I learned the hard way to NEVER EVER put a. potato skins or b. egg shells in the disposal.
    Working on your boys overalls. - when is a good time to meet up? (I probably won't have them all done until tomorrow evening at the earliest).

  7. I love hats. I wear one all winter long.

    I hope you feel better soon.

  8. Hey woman! Okay I do that whole changing hair/outfits thing every morning! I love the final product!

    (Those hats are so dang cute)

  9. Oh I know, potato skins in the garbage disposable never is a good thing!! LOL

  10. Okay Poser.. It was great seeing you pose those hats. Not sure what I think about the flower on that is pretty neat and different. I do love the other one. What a fun weekned packed full of fun. I hope you are feeling better.

  11. LOVE the hats! WOW!
    Yes, potato skins in sink=NOT good. A friend of mine did the same thing and had issues for a long time. Good thing Rick is a hand man!
    Lowes crafts sound fun! I'll have to check into that!

  12. Your mom did a good job with the hats.

  13. Hey Girlfriend...long time no see. Those hats CRACK me up!

  14. And I think I am busy! Hearing about your weekends always makes me tired! LOL And I LOVE LOVE LOVE the hat with the flower! It looks SO adorable on you!!!!

    Your hair looked great!

  15. Love ethe hat with the flower...not so much the flower hat. I'm the same with church clothes -- especially now while I have NOTHING to wear since I a) haven't lost the baby weight and b) the "girls" are GIGANTIC!

  16. LOVE your new hats-they're so cute!

    We did the Lowes Build and Grow Clinic too! It was our first time because we just realized our Lowes had it (they always sent us a couple hours away when we'd try to sign up online). How'd you get the fire truck? I was so bummed that they had done a fire truck in the past...if only we'd known we could go! :-(

    Don't you love it when you can get a pic of the kids with their Dad-always so sweet! :-)

  17. Love the hats and your pictures getting ready for church. My sister always belonged to a Lutheran church and they always had the children in church at the beginning bringing them up for a special story and then they would go to class.


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