Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Weekend Wrap Wednesday ~ Just a little Running Around

Just a little running around and fun things around here. It was a fun and busy weekend but loved it!
Found a new way to make my caramel to get out of the pan.
Sadly it broke but I'm working on it!
Cole reading to me while I cook
Caden decided he needed to sit in his chair on Cole's bed.
Saturday we headed to Rachael's house & the play yard!
After our play date, the boys were ramped up
So off to Seven Level of H*** McD's Playland
& Some light reading for mom :)
Sunday after church we meet up w/ my parents.
Yummy Ice Cream for all!
Yup Caden isn't a cold fan so he had to eat w/ spoon .. lol
Then I found on craigslist outfits for Mario Brothers.
the overalls were handmade I should have asked for a photo of them.
I'm hoping Rachael can help me fix them up a bit.
The hats were super cute :)


  1. What a cute group of little men!! Sounds like a perfect weekend to me!

  2. That is SO funny! My twins want to be Mario and Luigi too!! They are all sorts of excited about it.

  3. Sounds like fun, and the photos of the boys are all great!

    For the caramels, can you line the pan with waxed paper or plastic wrap? I know the silicone pan is easy-release; but I'm wondering if it would be easier to lift the whole sheet rather than flipping it out.

  4. Busy weekend but those costumes are adorable.. Of course it might justbe the handsome young boys wearing them...

  5. Those costumes are ADORABLE...well, actually the boys in the costumes is what makes them adorable ;-)

    Definitely looks like a great weekend!! :-)

  6. So Mario is big again?
    I am sooooo out of the loop

  7. The caramel looks so good! I agree with Melissa about using a liner but wax paper and plastic wrap might melt - I would use parchment as that has a higher heat rating.
    So glad you had fun on Saturday and that you were able to find the costume...did she take your offer? I can definitely fix the overalls - it was the hats that I was worried about being able to pull off. Bring 'em over and we'll get 'em sorted for ya. :)

  8. My kids would LOVE those costumes!!! Gotta find some of those.

    Lots of yummy love,
    Alex aka Ma What's For Dinner

  9. awww!
    those last set of pics are SO ADORABLE!!! ur kids are sooo handsome!!!

  10. Looks like a great and busy weekend!

    Great pics! I like the way you make the collages (sp?)

  11. his smile says it all, and I agree I love these montages as well xx

  12. The carmel looks yummy and the boys look adorable. Looks like a good time at the park and even McDonald's! I suppose the outfits are for Halloween, they look cute.

  13. Those outfits are so cute.. i remember playing the game. jeff has the computer version on the computer down stairs from some internet site..

  14. Are you making like just plain caramel? My mom lets her sit over night and I believe she used aluminum foil under it? I'll have to ask her. The boys are really cute in those outfits. You will get them all fixed up...super cute. Another busy weekend like always:)

  15. The boys look amazing. Looks like another fun weekend in your house.. I love carmel and have no clue on how to make it.. Hugs to you my Poser friend..

  16. They look cute in their Mario Brothers outfits.

  17. What cute costumes!! Looks like a fun weekend. You always do fun stuff..I am a bit jealous. I totally agree with you on the McD's playground. So I had to laugh!! Take care my friend!

  18. Now that my boys are almost grown its been years since we've played on the playground. Yep, kinda miss those days.
    We still enjoy ice cream time, tho.


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