Thursday, October 28, 2010

Ode To Grandma!

A while back I posted my grandparents house had sold, sadly the deal fell threw and it went back up on the market. I have been told now it has gone all the way threw and it is now no longer part of our family :(. My grandmother passed about 10 years ago, Grandfather was lost with out the love of his life and companionship. My uncle with mental illness lost his battle during this time (I'm glad grandma wasn't around for that). Grandfather ended up remarrying a few years later. 6 months into the marriage grandfather had a brain aneurysm and while driving. Now years later having to deal with crazy people who are money hungry between family, non family and people with kids. It's sad what money or the prospect of money to come can do to people. I have seen a different side to many people and seen if someone is not removed from a will their amount will then go on to others. As I've said from day one I have been blessed my grandparents would even think of the grandchildren. Whatever money I am given was out of love and NOT money I earned or deserve for something I did! I will use it to pay off bills and know my grandparents helped me when I needed the help!

So long story short ... hehe :) A Post It Note tribute to how I have become my grandmother!


  1. thanks so much for stopping by. i am now following you back..


  2. Thanks for the laughs this morning! I can relate to a few of those ... but I'm not sayin' which ones. :)

  3. Congratulations on having the house sell. I know it's kindof sad but also I know it's been a bit of a headache for you and your dad.
    Gotta love Grandma's! I relate to my Great Grandmother the way you relate to your Grandma. She passed when I was around 8 but we are definitely kindred spirits.

  4. Great post for your Grandmother.. I can see why you followed in her steps..

  5. wonderful.. so funny!!!
    have a wonderful halloween wkend..!

  6. Grandmas are fun and leave us with good memories.

  7. That is hysterical. I am happy to report that I have also apparently turned into your grandmother!

  8. Great post. Grandparents leave the best memories and it is great when we can see how they helped share who we are.

  9. LOL! Some funny memories of your grandmother...I've starting seeing things in myself that remind me of my grandma too-never would have that would happen when I was younger! :-)

  10. Love the Post It Notes!!
    I have lived through issues of the money after a death and people do change, it's very sad. My moms sister did that to us with our grandmothers money and we no longer see them.

  11. So, love this one! Ha ha... grandmas rule! and the boob/cinnamon roll... bwa ha ha hahaha


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