Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Ode To My Boys!

I'm doing it again I'm interrupting my usual Wednesday post about our weekends to do a special post. We're getting close to Thanksgiving and it makes me reflect and think of what I'm thankful for. I know most of us what to be a better version of our parents we saw things they did and want to either do the same or tweek a little.

When my dad remarried to the person I know as my mom we went from lot's of camping and outings to a new world. It was a great world they did a lot of their things and I became very independent & one that is happy by myself just reading a book. Would explain why I wasn't into sports and did not do very well when I tried them. I love my parents and how they raised me has made me the person I am today. Today I want to just think of the future and what I want to put forward and a promise to my kids. I find if I put it out there then I have the personality that makes me want to strive for it :).

To my boys as you grow up I want to make some things I will strive for :)

I hope to always be there with no judgement and love you no matter what thick or thin. You may have another cookie I promise not to comment. We'll just go run around more ;).

I strive to have that fun house that your friends will always be welcome at and hope to find our house at the house they all want to hang out at. There will always be plenty of food and treats, lot's of laughs and of course many hugs to go around.

You are always welcome home when you move out. Stop by anytime you, your friends are always welcome. No calls needed just come on by, sit down and hang out!

Sports we must at least try these I think sports help with playing with others along with just being well adjusted.

Family dinners I want to make sure to keep this a tradition. Good food and lot's of laughs and questions. I hope that we will continue these for years and years.

Family night this is something I'm going to keep pressing on, keeps us close and we have open communication.

Grandkids .... WAY down the road I mean 20 years please .... are welcome to come play and hang out I will love to let them come hang out and parents you go have some of your time!

I can't promise the house will always be spotless, and dusted but it's full of love and some day I promise to get my house tip top shape. Maybe when I'm retired ... hehe

I love you guys and can't wait to watch you grow and learn and can't wait for us to have many laughs with I'm sure many tears (on mom's side)

Always looking for ways to improve and look at where I am at. I say take what you have learned and always improve.


  1. This is beautiful! Your post and your picture!

  2. Your boys are lucky to have such a loving mom

  3. How sweet!

    I hope my boys come back and hang out often. And they better give me lots of granddaughters!

  4. What a great mother you are!! You are already a success at raising those boys of yours!

  5. So cute- how do you get your hair so lovely? I want that do!

    I smile when I read this, so things are going normal as usual? he he

    I am mad at my son, and am waiting for him to call and say he is sorry for his last phone call LOL yeah right huh? Oh well a mom is a mom is a mom, and so on, I love him.

    Hope you are doing great! I have to catch up on some goodies over here!

  6. your picture IS beautiful my dear...!!!

    and i think.. that YOU ARE an AMAZING mom.. and that your boys are beyond LUCKY to have you!!!!

  7. First off I love the picture of you.. YOu are such a pretty woman. I love what you wrote for your boys it was kind and sweet. They have such a wonderful Mom for sure... Great post for them to look back on.. Enjoy your day..

  8. Alexis, this is so special and beautiful. ((HUGS))

  9. Great idea! I love this post! You are a good sweet mom!

  10. Ah what a great post. I'm hoping to have that house all my kids want to come to as well. Family fun night will always continue here, camping out in the living room and now a Wii after Christmas, can't wait. And god grandkids, I don't wanna think of that lol

  11. I know you'll be that mom to your boys. I knew it before you wrote it down. You're a great mom and the love you have for them shines through your posts.
    You have a great attitude. Rather than whine and complain about the past (like so many of us do) you're moving on with positive actions.

  12. What kind things to say. It's obvious your boys mean a lot to you.


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