Friday, November 19, 2010

Get Your Turkey on (PINT Style)

Only Parent Chronicles
It's that time of year again, bring on your Turkey. It's funny how family dinners can bring on laughs and tears ... hehe! But all and all it's always a good time having family over and making traditions.


  1. I really don't get it when people whine about something new. I mean come on it could be great and what a wonderful day to start a new tradition!
    I agree, my kids will be coming home to mom's when they are grown.

  2. I hope you have a wonderful holiday. I miss those days, even if I was not thrilled with family- it gave me memories...I can tell you all too well about how they grow up, and then go through a period of 'forgetting' to call mom, but I know, I did it too once, so I guess its pay back time.

  3. Just enjoy the day. Make some standards and add in a few new things. Before they know it the new things will be standards.

  4. i say.. don't stress too much.. just enjoy hubs and your little ones!!

    have a wonderful wkend!!!

  5. I have seen way to many Thanksgivings with drama. I will pray that this year it will be perfect for you. The work that is put into Thanksgiving dinner is by far the hardest holiday to do. I can only imagine how wonderful your dinner will be and I know if I was there I would be full of compliments to the cook.

  6. As long as my inlaws arent around then it is usually drama free here! This year they wont be at our house for Thanksgiving....and Im looking forward to it!

  7. I just have a need for a house full on Thanksgiving! Doesn't matter if it is family or friends.

  8. I would love to be there for sure.. I would love all the work you put into the whole meal. I know it would be yummy and everything would look amazing... Yeah on the guess you are so right on my Halloween post.. Have a wonderful weekend.

  9. I don't get the drama, it's at my home as well. I just cook all day, to make everything perfect...darnit be happy! Hope you have a great Thanksgiving, I've also found some great new recipes I'll be making!

  10. I hope you have a wonderful holiday and it's drama free!
    I know a lot of people feed on drama and they couldn't handle it if there was none so they make stir to pot so to speak...whatev!

  11. My grandmother always -insists- on hosting Thanksgiving. Now that all my aunts and uncles have small children it's just FAR too small, but she won't let anyone else take it over! I'm kinda glad I live 6,000 miles away. *sigh*

  12. I'm very glad it's just me, my boyfriend, and my kids on Thursday.

  13. I'll be over whatever time you're read for me! :) Seriously, the drama makes us glad we're home and just the three of us for the holidays! Hope you enjoy yours!


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