Tuesday, November 30, 2010

WWW ~ Kids Clinic, Playdates & Thanksgiving!

Wowzer time is just flying by and you add in the holidays and it seems like it is harder and harder to fit everything in. Does the early nights with the sunset make anyone else feel like your day is passing you by??? Gosh I am sick AGAIN, I swear these little germ carriers I call kids keep making me sick and it stays FOREVER!! I've missed a few Wednesday Weekend Wrap ups so I merged them all together for a quick overview :). Yup I'm always thinking about you ... hehe yes I know my life is so not the do or die but it's still fun.
We've had a few Lowe's Kids Clinics. Ok if you haven't done one get your butt up on every other Saturday, you go it's free and the kids have fun!! Here is a few we've done in the last few weeks!
We've had a few playdates and a fun Birthday party at a gymnastic place. The boys and I have been having some fun, staying in from the cold outside!
Second I had a baby shower to go to. Usually I make a huge diaper cake that takes me like 6+ hours I whipped up one real quick in about 4 1/2 hours. OK so I get there a girl takes the cake I warn her it is not stable. About 10 min later Cole comes running up and whispers in my ear mom they are putting your cake in a bag. OH no she didn't I go down to the gifts to find them shoving (YES shoving) my cake not even into a gift bag but a brown bag! I walk over and they are like oh it fell apart we're just putting it in a bag. YOU got to be kidding me 4 1/2 HOURS of work and you're not even going to come get me to fix it! They go oh do you want to fix it, I snap you THINK I only spent 5 hours on it (I gave myself a 1/2 hr ... lol). Finally someone did come help but say the least I was a unhappy camper! So sadly not my prettiest cake and a little worse for the ware but hey it was thought that counts I guess.
Thanksgiving brought us a dinner at church with all our friends there on Sunday. Tuesday brought us a snowstorm of no school for the week! And Thursday came for family coming over! Ok so I have a friend that I offered to come over she said she had no $ for dinner. Then it became her mom & son. THEN Thursday AM she called to say her brother was coming also?? Ok she kicked this person out for drugs. I'm sorry I feel like I'm being taken advantage of, also my family doesn't care for this person I initially invited so I was already sticking my neck out. So I told her sorry this isn't going to work. She was going to go with me BF shopping since I didn't have anyone to go with. She then says I have a $1000 & I'm going with my family. So she was going to bring the whole fam here for dinner and do a dine and dash! Yup the doormat is rolled in, no more welcomed! Then I was blessed my mom said she was surprising me & taking the boys over night!! This is the FIRST time both boys have spent the night, and Cole's like 6 time staying there. THEN Rick surprised me and said he was going to go with me!! He even had to work the next AM. YUP so all works out in the end. I learned a valuable lesson and actually had a good family dinner. Only a few comments when I wasn't in the room about Cole and being hyper and how another grandkid would NEVER be like that :). The favorites are always the favorite but no matter what Cole did a pretty good job!
Few that is the world we've been having, some highs and lows but over all so much fun and no matter what anyone says my boys I'll take you hyper with all the hugs and kisses and I love yous :).


  1. Wow!!! You have been busy. That birthday party looks like a lot of fun. Gotta get on planning Keegan's. UGH. And snow! Wooooo hooooo SNOW!!!

    Lots of yummy love,
    Alex aka Ma What's For Dinner

  2. Parents can be exhausting can't they? Sounds like you have had some very packed weekends but I am glad to hear your dinner and BF worked out.
    I am here to sew on your new patches whenever you want! Maybe we can get together one more time before Christmas if you need to unwind for an hour or so...:)

  3. Those Build and Grow clinics are the best aren't they? We did the smowman one too...did you or are you having troubles with the hats staying on? We sure are! LOL!

    I can't believe you had a snow day already! We've just had a flurry here and there....just enough to get the kids excited, but not enough to play in :-/

    Your Thanksgiving meal looks wonderful!! You do such a beautiful job! :-)

  4. Wow you have been busy. I will have to see about that build thing and see if they have it where I am.. I think you are an amazing Mom and you do great and no worries about what other say.. You rock.. Loved the cake.. yeah for Rick.. Have a nice day Poser...

  5. Woo-hoo for the kids staying overnight with Grandpa and Grandma! Glad you had a good Thanksgiving.

    Hope you feel better soon!

  6. You know...it took a LOT of guts for you to say no to that person after you'd already invited her....when she kept adding people to your dinner guest list. Shame on her -- how rude! Doesn't the audacity of some people just boggle your mind? Seriously it just makes me wonder what in the world goes through people's wee little brains.

  7. Sorry your not feeling well. Sorry about the friend, you are too good to be a doormatt. So happy your parents helped and that hubby went shopping with you. Dinner looks like it was awesome. Snow!!! OMG

  8. Oh my, Darling, busy as ever!
    Happy Thanksgiving.....late, as it is........Maybe I should just say Merry Christmas now...lol.....

    Speaking of which, if I can send you a Christmas card, please email me your address......

    I'm trying to keep up with blogs....but it's not always easy! I'm trying to post in the Tiger Den every day this month, so we'll see.......feel free to come over and see pics of the littlest TigerGirl.....


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