Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Thursday DVD Review ~ Lot's of Instant Downloads this week ...

Happy Thursday everyone, it was some serious watching instant downloads. Raining here stuck in side :). Hope you're having a wonderful week.

The b0y's weren't a huge fan of #1 but thought what the heck I'll try #2. It was about the same, good for a rental not going to make that mistake again as I did with the first one. I tried to watch it and yup it was best left for the kids to watch that one.

After accidentally blasting off on a solo mission to Planet Malgor and kicking it with his new friend Kilowatt, brainy techno-chimp Comet attempts to prove his bravery by teaming up with his simian comrades to defeat evil alien leader Zartog. Chock-full of silly jokes and thrilling action sequences, this animated adventure will delight kids as it plays up the quirky characteristics of Comet's best buddies Ham, Luna and Captain Titan.

I'm a sucker for don't mess with a clasic, ok Karate Kid isn't a classic like Gone with the wind but it is one of those movies that is like a cult classic. They followed along the lines ok but over all it was just ok, not a movie I would buy. The boys had no interest in it. I may just be a Ralph Macchio fan but he just seem to fit the role, Jaden did a great job but it didn't have the same feel. A rental here, no buy. I need to hear more Wax On, Wax Off :)

After moving to Beijing with his mother, Dre (Jaden Smith) falls prey to a bully, so he takes lessons from martial arts master Mr. Han (Jackie Chan) in this remake of The Karate Kid. While Mr. Han teaches Dre to defend himself, he also imparts some important life lessons. Meanwhile, Dre struggles with the unfamiliar language and cultural barriers he encounters in his new country. Taraji P. Henson co-stars.

The boys and their love of Dinosaurs, I just knew this would be a hit with them. They were a little sad when this DVD was returned. You just have to laugh at these older shows. Jim Henson was a genius!

Featuring groundbreaking puppetry, this animated comedy series comes courtesy of the visionaries at Jim Henson Productions. It's 60 million years B.C., and life is tons of fun, if your species rules the planet. Just ask the Sinclair clan -- a family of talking dinosaurs who give new meaning to the word tubby. The show's talented voice cast includes Jessica Walter, Sally Struthers, Sherman Hemsley and Stuart Pankin.

Yup you know how I love my wedding shows, this follows the coordinator while they try to wrangle their clients. It was a different group of clients and weddings. Another one glad I watched on Instant download instead of my DVR time.

Planning for the Big Day is at the center of this at-times highly emotional but always interesting reality series. Brides and grooms from various locations plan ceremonies that range from traditional and intimate to eccentric and bold. In Season 8, a bride worries about fitting into her white dress, a couple attempts to populate their bridal registry and a wedding planner is charged with putting together a three-day affair for 1,000 guests.

If you ever loved the big chill back in the day you'll like this movie to it is another faith based movie so the feel is a bit different but on the same lines. There is one lady that would drive most people nuts she was down everyones throat about their faith and what they believe. I like at the end someone does tell her to back off that she shouldn't judge that she is being that stereotypical Christian person that makes people not want to go to church. Overall a good movie with a meaning of helping people, loosing our self along the way and helping us get back to friends and faith.

A Christian version of The Big Chill, this drama explores the lasting impact a group of close friends has on one another despite drifting apart over the years. Nine old pals return to their hometown to attend the funeral of one of the group, where they alternately connect and clash in the face of their disparate lifestyles and worldviews. Meanwhile, engaged Jeremy (David A.R. White) finds himself drawn to his old flame (Tracy Melchior)

My instant download has picked movies that I would like. It knows I'm a sap for heart warming movies. This has a great value and spiritual feel to it. I believe everyone would love this movie even if your not of the same faith. It does have a strong Christian feel but the over story is just amazing that shows forgiveness, becoming friends and sharing. And I love Benson from the old TV (if you don't know it find it) and he has a great character in it.

The lives of three 12-year-old buddies -- sharing a carefree existence in the summer of 1970 -- suddenly change when one of them, Dustin (Jansen Panettiere), makes an unexpected friend after cutting the lawn of 75-year-old Jonathan Sperry (Gavin MacLeod). As Jonathan shares lessons in faith with Dustin and his pals (Frankie Ryan Manriquez and Allen Isaacson), a spiritual transformation occurs in this Christian drama helmed by Rich Christiano.

I've caught a few Who's Wedding is it and saw Jung Lee was the coordinator but they gave her and her husband their own show it lasted 6 episodes and I can see why it didn't have a lot of umph to it. It was nice weddings, but you didn't have the drama like the other wedding shows. Glad this was an instant download that I didn't was my DVR space or the DVD rentals.

As the owners of Fete Events, a high-end planning and design company in Manhattan, charismatic and detail-oriented husband and wife Josh Brooks and Jung Lee create one-of-a-kind weddings and parties, turning their clients' dreams into reality. The first season of this TLC show finds the expert planners organizing an elegant ceremony at a country estate, an over-the-top wedding reception and a 1970s-themed birthday bash.

I've only seen a few minutes here and there of this show but I loved Bill on the Apprentice & Giuliana is always fun on the red carpet. So when I saw this on the Instant download I thought what the heck. What a cute couple and I love they do bicker and fight everyone once in a while. Of course their life is out of the world, but always fun. Glad to catch it here I don't think I would set my DVR for it, I'll just catch it when the next one is put on instant download.

E!'s Giuliana and Bill of "The Apprentice" fame found love and now they're giving fans an inside look at their new marriage. The affectionate twosome learn to balance careers and marriage while living thousands of miles apart. From building their dream home in Chicago, trips to Las Vegas and cooking lessons, to legalizing their union, working red carpets and hobnobbing with the likes of Ryan Seacrest, the Rancics keep the laughs coming.

I loved the Peanuts when I was a little girl and now they have new ones the boys love. Cole found this one all on his own on the Wii Download and the two boys actually sat nicely while I was making dinner and no screams. I had to look over the stove a few times to make sure they were still breathing.

America's favorite pastime turns into endless grief for Charlie Brown in this trio of vintage specials that depicts the Peanuts gang's struggles not so much to win a game as merely to even the score. No team uniforms, a ban on girls and dogs, mutiny by his players -- such are the troubles that befall Charlie, not to mention a summer camp where the girls take every prize. But when the Masked Marvel appears, redemption is only an arm wrestle away.

You now know my love of PBS shows by now, sow when I saw a new one called Word Girl that is like my Word World the boys love I just knew it would be a hit. Of course Cole loved it, she's like a super hero that teaches things. Yes he may have a little bit of a crush :).

Armed with the most powerful weapon known to man -- knowledge! -- fifth-grader (and alien) Becky Botsford draws on her Lexicon planet roots and supersized vocabulary to fight ignorance and injustice wherever she finds it. Naturally, that involves invoking her super-powered WordGirl alter-ego in these animated adventures that find Becky and buds struggling to save Halloween, dealing with the sad consequences of a candy-eating spree and more.


  1. following you back :) thanks for stopping by!

  2. great picks this week!!
    can't wait to check into a few!!

  3. You some really good one this week!! I will be checking some of them out!

  4. Wow, you have really watched a lot this week. I will have to check some of them out. I do want to see The Karate Kid.

  5. Wow a lot of fun and different shows.. I enjoy Giuliana and Bill.. Enjoy your day Poser.. ..

  6. Seriously you just cant replace the original Karate Kid

  7. Both me and my kids liked both of the Space Chimps movies. I can't bring myself to watch the new Karate Kid movie. Like you, I imagine Ralph Macchio as the only one fit for that role.


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