Thursday, July 15, 2010

Standing Ovation

Looking for a fun rocking family movie? Standing Ovation is a new musical premiering in Theaters on July 16, 2010.

This is a cute Junior High Musical, so all you High School Musical fans will love this younger version. Nothing like a feel good movie that the whole family will laugh, sing to and just agree on!


Set in Atlantic City, junior high school best friends, Brittany (Kayla Jackson), Tatiana (Alexis Biesiada), Blaze (Pilar Martin), Cameron (Kayla Raparelli) and Maya (Na’jee Wilson) form the singing/dancing group, “The 5 Ovations.” Despite all odds, they chase their dreams of becoming champions in the biggest television music video contest of the year. They may be short on money, but they are rich in friendship, talent and hope and these street-smart kids use their wits, courage and passion to create some fierce musical performances.

When a national TV network announces a music video contest with a one million dollar grand prize, “The 5 Ovations” eagerly set to work on creating the perfect routine and music video. However, they must face off against their rival group, “The Wiggies” -- Ziggy (London Clark), Angel (Erika Corvette), Zita (Ashley Cutrona), Twiggy (Devon Jordan) and Zoey (Jeana Zettler) -- five rich, beautiful and scheming sisters whose performance trademark is their series of extravagant wigs and underhanded pranks. The Wiggies also enter the contest, helped by their flamboyant and unscrupulous father, Mr. Wiggs (Sal Dupree), who will stop at nothing to win … no matter what it takes!


Director: Stewart Raffill

Produced By: Diane Kirman

Executive Produced By: James Brolin, William Lewis, M.D.

Director of Photography: Jon Darbonne

Music Supervisor: Sal Dupree

Composer: Benedikt Brydern

Music Producer: Tony Coluccio, Ed Kessel, Troy Harrington and Brian Thomas, Roy “Royalty” Hamilton III

Executive In Charge of Music: Dan Brescoll

Cast: Kayla Jackson, Alexis Biesiada, Na’jee Wilson, Pilar Martin, Kayla Raparelli, London Clark, Erika Corvette, Ashley Cutrona, Devon Jordan, Jeanna Zettler, Alanna Palombo, Joei DeCarlo, Austin Powell, Rocco Bateman, Dexter Darden, Al Sapienza, Mario Macaluso, P. Brendon Mulvey, Sal Dupree

What more can you ask for a Great Family Friendly Movie and something you can do during the summer time! Check out to find a theater by you ... click HERE!

I received no compensation or monetary value for this just wanted to share with my friends!


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