Thursday, December 9, 2010

Must Watch Christmas Movies & Some Lights!

You know I'm a sucker for wedding movies and then you add in Holidays and I'm all over it! The reviews where iffy on this one but I thought it was fun and well you have Luke Perry and I just adore him so it's fun movie :).
A twenty-something wedding planner disapproves of her forty-something widowed mother's whirlwind romance. Her mother has been a devoted single parent, but now she wants to create a fulfilling new life for herself. Unable to stop the wedding, the daughter decides to take control of it, and hopefully find a way to persuade her mother this is a bad idea. It takes comedic disasters and emotional confessions before the daughter discovers that letting go works both ways. An unexpected romantic development in her own life, makes her truly understand how her mom feels, and motivates her to whole-heartedly give her mom away.

They've done it again taken a movie and made it to an awesome movie. It took me back to being young in that moment. What a wonderful movie that will make you smile and also maybe slap that mother and fiancée.

Alyssa Milano, who also serves as producer, stars as Jane Claremont, who, as a young girl, would accompany her mother Vivian (Stockard Channing) to Tiffany’s in New York every Sunday and bring along her imaginary friend, Michael. Now, 20 years later, Jane is a successful businesswoman, set to marry Hugh (Ivan Sergei), her handsome fiancĂ©, until Michael (Eric Winter) suddenly reappears, all grown up, to warn Jane about the path her life is on. Initially shocked and in disbelief, Jane slowly realizes that not only has Michael returned to her when she needs him most, but he may also be her one true love. Based on the book by James Patterson.

This movie was funny it of course had moments when you wanted to roll your eyes but overall it was funny and you just had to love the cast. Take a ride when Jr. takes over a part to help out and does like a kid who doesn't want to go into the family business kind of screw off until he realizes he likes the holiday.

The title character in this made-for-cable comedy is a youthful slacker (Nick Stabile) who has long been a source of disappointment and embarrassment for his famous jolly-old-elf father. Anxious to prove his worth, Nick (as our hero is known) decides to clamber down a few chimneys just prior to Christmas Eve. Alas, his efforts coincide with a string of burglaries, and Nick is promptly arrested by cops Daryl Bedford (Judd Nelson) and Norm Potter (George Wallace). As Nick frets away the hours before Christmas under house arrest, Bedford grows attached to Nick's court-appointed attorney, Susan Flynn (Lauren Holly) -- and inevitably, the real burglar strikes again.

Now here is an idea make them see all you put in for Christmas :). This movie had me laughing and shaking my head in agreement. Enjoy!

’Tis the season, and a mother’s work is never done. After years of making sure everything is perfect for her family, Joy Robertson (Daphne Zuniga) is saying “enough,” and decides to go on strike for the Christmas season. If her husband, Stephen (David Sutcliffe), and their kids want to have the perfect holiday, they will just have to organize it themselves. But as more and more women in town join the growing boycott and Christmas approaches, some of the families discover they have larger issues … and it turns out that a little holiday magic might be exactly what they need.

You know me and a Christmas story and some great cast members to boot and I'm hooked. Of course I laughed and cried it was a cute movie perfect for the season and to get me in the mood!

Annabelle (Christine Taylor), a widowed journalist, begrudgingly accepts an assignment on Kris Kringle, a Santa Claus impersonator who lives in a small, Christmas-themed town. To her surprise, Anna is enchanted by Kris and the townspeople who love him. As her involvement with the town grows, Anna is able to put the past behind her and open herself up to love again.

I was so excited to see programs about Christmas Lights hit TLC. I immediately set the DVR for them all! Cole and I enjoyed curling up on the couch with some Cocoa and watching them. These people really go all out and spend so much money and TIME doing these displays to share with the community. They even have to fight mean neighbors who try to shut them down.
Invasion of the Christmas Lights is a one-hour holiday special that criss-crosses the U.S. to chronicle families of extreme Christmas lighting enthusiasts and documenting their glorious, outrageous and elaborate displays.

HOLY smokes all I can is I'm just over blown away with this second episode. These people spend a LOT of time & money for other's enjoyment! Just gorgeous! And Poo Poo to the nasty neighbors that try to shut it down!

INVASION OF THE CHRISTMAS LIGHTS 2 takes you inside the world of extreme Christmas light decorators. Join us as we criss-cross the US and visit 6 homes where wizards of light out-do the neighbors and put on holiday displays that make you go: "wow."

These lights just blow me away, another one to curl up with a cup of hot cocoa!

The inaugural episode of TLC's Crazy Christmas Lights takes viewers inside the homes and lives of the craziest holiday decorators. The show allows you to see what happens when homeowners go over the top with their holiday displays.
You thought the first program was crazy this one has MORE lights. These people blow my mind, I would love it. Rick thinks I'm nuts :)

Christmas is that holly jolly time of year when people everywhere want to bring a little light into the darkness of winter. This time on More Crazy Christmas Lights we will go coast to coast finding the best Christmas light displays.


  1. Wow! what a great Review! (Have you thought about working for TV Guide?) I so enjoyed this - thanks so much for the I know what to watch!
    PS Come check out my new header - I just love it!

  2. oh oh!!!
    sundays at tiffanys is actually ONE OF MY MOST FAAAAAAVE BOOKS EVER... so when i saw this movie i so recorded.. watched it last night.. and i hafta say.. i was actually pretty impressed!!!!!!

    have a beautiful day!!!!!!!!!

  3. Aaaaaahhhhh - Christmas lights are taking over the world!

  4. This was a fun DVD review and reminded me of my aunts in Baltimore. She took me to this circle road and all you could see is lights, nothing else. SO many Christmas lights, decoration and more just filling their yards and homes. It was fun to see as a tween:)

  5. great lights and movies are the best.. Have an amazing day..

  6. I enjoyed watching Farewell Mr. Kringle! Have a great weekend.


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