Thursday, December 9, 2010

Christmas Check List (PINT Style)

Only Parent Chronicles


  1. Awwwe! I hope you guys find your perfect family puppy!

  2. My cousin had a chocolate Lab, and this dog was the sweetest thing!

    We'll be wrapping gifts this weekend, too. Too bad we can't get together and make a party of it. :)

  3. wow, a pup. You're a good Mom/Santa. I think the kids will be off to college before I can talk "money bags" into getting a dog.

  4. You are a much, much better mom than me!

  5. Oh I love the puppy idea.. No beagle though they are a wild.. Yes, I love mine but she is just so wild.. Have a great weekend. Can't wait to see the puppy..

  6. The boys would love a puppy!

    As far as the puppy being fixed, they don't usually have them fixed until they are at least 6 months old if I remember right from working at the vet... :-/

  7. Hey, I have my check list coming up on Post It Note Tuesday! A lab will be wonderful. We had them when the kids were little, best dogs ever. (they shed so I don't want to hear about that!) I pray that the perfect puppy will be found. What an awesome gift. (28 years ago we sold lab puppies for $250. each, we had 12 of them)

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    Thanks again, ralph

  9. A puppy!.........lucky little boys this year.........What fun!

    A friend of ours has labs.....and she went through having puppies with her younger lab this summer...she had 10 puppies! What a bunch of adorable little pups! They grow so fast though..........she gave them all away, except for selling a few, and did keep one.

    Seeing those pups makes it so tempting to want a pet!
    Good luck finding the perfect little one.......

  10. We have Christmas lights up, but no tree.
    I know, it should be up by now :)
    We simply can't decide on a place to put it.

    I hope your family gets the dog of your dreams.

  11. If he goes to see that pup, he'll fall in love and get it! Oh wait, that was yesterday! What happened?

  12. Well, you know how I feel about your getting the boys a puppy. They would love it SO much and a lab would be a perfect family dog. It is a lot of work, but you are a great mom and I know you could do it. You are the best mommy!! :-)

  13. You are much better off going to the pound. They have been checked over and they really need a home.

  14. We have a chocolate lab and I will tell you, they are the best dogs to have and are so worth shelling out the money for. They are great with kids!

  15. Good luck picking out the perfect dog! I got my Great Dane from a rescue and she is WONDERFUL!!!

  16. Puppies are the perfect gift ever!! How fun, but man a lot of work. lol

  17. Have you checked to see if there is a lab rescue by you.
    Good luck on your search labs are great!

  18. Good luck finding a puppy/dog by Christmas!

  19. Good luck finding a puppy!!! I'm your newest follower! Make sure to come on over and check out my blog! My giveaway has really low entries and ends friday! perfect timing to get that last minute christmas gift!


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