Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Semi- Wordless Wednesday

Well friends, usually Wednesday I show off our fun weekend. We had an awesome weekend but tonight we went to get Santa pictures and ended up home late so it's a quick post and then bed. I thought I'd leave you with the problems of getting Santa Pictures.

  • We live in WA so it rained of course and by the time I got in the door the 1/2 I spent curling my hair went down the tube.
  • It was close to dinner time so both boys were whining :(.
  • Caden decided to have a meltdown about seeing Santa, didn't want to go anywhere near him.
  • Then we're next and he starts screaming for the people ahead of to go faster so he can meet Santa.
  • I put my hand in front of me on the chair pushing my boobs together and slumping so I look like a football player with helmet hair to boot!
  • $34 for a CD ONLY!!!!
  • Order the Cards with the new Photo $37 (I think I need to cut some people off the list)
  • Crying, Wet Hair, and fat moment (On Mom's part Only)
  • Christmas Time with the Family .... PRICELESS
Well we got a nice shot of the Mall Behind us!
And everyone is looking forward!
I guess that is a Plus


  1. We used to live in WA...Tacoma (University Place). I miss it soo much! My point, I know what you mean about the hair! Still a great picture!

  2. Hey, and now you have a memory you'll never forget! :) My son loves hearing the stories behind photos.

  3. I think the picture looks great. Who knew that there was so much going on before the shot.

  4. oh you look great lex!
    actually you AND your whole family is gorgeous... beautiful family you have!!!

  5. Ok.....not seeing that football player you were talking about....and your hair looks fine.........
    However, I can understand how you were feeling.....

    Anyway, love the picture!........such a nice Christmas shot..........

  6. You look lovely.
    Why is your hubby looking so grouchy?

  7. Is that Tacoma Mall? You all look great!! Holy cow they are expensive though huh? :)

    Hey, check out my blog today...there is a little mention of you in there. You will have to look close to find it but it's there! :)

  8. Awesome. Love the photo!
    Ho ho ho hugs to you!!!!

  9. I think you guys look great! You are so beautiful my friend...gorgeous!

  10. I think it turned out great!

  11. I think it is a wonderful picture.
    Of course it rained. My family picture was scratched by rain. I like our picture but I do get tired of seeing my fat face. I am glad that Caden changed his mind.

  12. The photo is wonderful!!!

  13. $34 for just a CD? That's highway robbery! The picture turned out beautiful. You have a lovely family and I wish you and yours a Merry Christmas.


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