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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Must Watch ... More Christmas Movies!!!

As you know my love of Christmas Lights this movie was right up my alley. Two arch rival high school now grown up find them living across from each other. And let the battle of who has the best lights begin. You just have to laugh at this one.

Bob Wallace makes sure to go all out every year on Christmas decorations so that he can have the brightest and most festive house in his neighborhood. This year, he notices that his new neighbor has put up an even brighter and more lavish display. The fight is on when they declare war for the best Christmas decoration display in the neighborhood.

I love that the new Christmas movies are taking the common Ghost haunting to new levels. This is perfect for the times we're in. Boyfriends of past come to haunt along with a celebrity that chocked on an olive and ended up becoming a ghost. A great love story.

Christina Milian stars as high powered Hollywood publicist, Sloane, who finds herself haunted by the ghost of her recently departed infamous client Caitlin, played by Ashley Benson (Pretty Little Liars). With just days away from Christmas, Caitlin takes Sloane on a journey to meet the ghosts of her ex-boyfriends from the past,present and future to try and guide her to true love, in a modern day take on Charles Dickens' holiday classic story of A Christmas Carol. (Live Action)

This movie is so cute I love this take on bringing the past and the future self to current self to show you what you wanted and what you have become if you keep on that path. Plus a guardian angel that goes to that length is all right in my book.

Liz is a successful, thirty-something doctor who doesn't fully realize she is settling for less than ideal with the man she is about to marry. Her guardian angel travels through time and enlists the help of Liz as both a late teenager and an older woman to steer her clear from making this mistake.

Every once in a while I think we need to do this put us in someone else's body. We can really take a hard look at ourself, maybe get some thoughts about us as a person and take a big look at the picture.

In “The Santa Suit,” Sorbo plays greedy elitist and Hunter Toys CEO Drake Hunter who looks down on the whole of humanity until he is suddenly transformed from Fortune 500 phenom to Santa Claus to learn that when people are stripped of worldly splendor, and have nothing except their humanity to define them, they tend to make more heartfelt and purposeful choices.

Ok you just have to laugh and love this one Santa slay is shot down thinking it is a UFO ... lol. Greg Germann plays the FBI agent you live to hate in all the movies. Listen to the kids they always know the true Santa :).

Santa is marooned in a small town when his sleigh is mistaken for a UFO. He is rescued by two children and tries to prepare for Christmas while stranded far from the North Pole. To make sure Christmas isn't ruined this year, Santa must find a way to take flight by Christmas Eve.

After watching the show on the people that put so much into their lights I had to get a chuckle out of this one that had a town and then a street competing to win with Christmas Lights. You see Greed that finally comes back to what Christmas is all about.

When the huge local department store orders too many Christmas lights, one of the workers comes up with an idea for a contest to sell of the extras. The townspeople and the greedy female owner nearly come to blows as but they all learn a lesson in the meaning of Christmas.

What a great movie about forgiveness and making right what was wronged years ago. Good movie to put you in the Holiday Spirit.

A marriage and family who rediscovers the meaning of Christmas when pediatrician by day, single mom by night, Sarah invites her estranged pilot husband, Pete, back to their suburban home for the holidays on one condition--he must reconcile with their daughters before she agrees to finalize their trial separation with divorce.

Oh boy we've been there mom & dad asking when are you going to get married ... ok maybe not all of us. Well not all of us would go to the length that she went to but of course you have to laugh and fall in love with them.

Melissa Joan Hart and Mario Lopez star in ABC Family's amusing holiday tale of Holiday in Handcuffs, a story about a modern young woman who has a breakdown at Christmas and desperately kidnaps a handsome guy to take home to her parents. Can she keep her misdeed a secret from her family and convince them that they are a happy couple or will their Christmas be ruined?

So many can feel where this poor lady comes from she ends up homeless due to a divorce (others these days sadly from job loss). You just have to love her ability to keep going and fighting!

Julia Bedford is a dedicated homemaker whose world is rocked when in her divorce; she is left with next to nothing. When Julia finally hits rock bottom and finds herself living in her car, she decides to begin her comeback and ultimately discovers what is really valuable in life.

The story has been done and done before and to tell you the truth I can't take another version of Scrooge. Thankfully this one had a nice twist about the ghost visiting the wrong house (but was it?). The ghost are your typical ghost in these types of movies either .... I mean come on Verne Troyer plays The Ghost of Future! You'll laugh and Tom Everett Scott is always a favorite!

Just before Christmas, idealistic greeting-card writer Allen Karroll (Tom Everett Scott) cooks up a "special moment" wherein he will propose to his sweetheart Carrie (Deanna Milligan) in a public place before thousands of oohing and aahing spectators. Alas, Carrie turns him down flat, so thoroughly humiliating Allen that he ends up hating the Yuletide season. Not long afterward, Allen is visited by four disreputable-looking ghosts, including a very hip Jacob Marley (or is it Bob Marley?) Can it be that our hero has morphed into a latter-day incarnation of Ebenezer Scrooge? Not quite: All of the ghosts have come to the wrong address. Turns out that the real Scrooge of the piece is Alex's nasty next-door neighbor Zeb Rosecog (Wallace Shawn), who'd once been CEO for the company which employs Alex. His curiosity aroused, Allen overcomes his intense dislike for Zeb to investigate the source of the man's misanthropy--and in so doing learns a lot about himself. A clever spin on an all-too-familiar fable, Karroll's Christmas was produced for cable, and was originally telecast December 14, 2004 by the A&E network. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi

Another Hallmark movie that makes you smile and cheer for the underdog who at the time was the son who wanted to venture out on his own. Anne Heche another one I usually don't enjoy and at times didn't really enjoy her but the rest of the cast made me love the movie.

Every December, widower Christopher Byrne (Tate Donovan) travels to New York City with his son and daughter from the family's Christmas tree farm in Nova Scotia to sell their trees on a street corner in Chelsea. On that same street live Catherine O'Meara (Anne Heche), a lonely soul who lost her beloved husband three years earlier. But one December, 16 year old, Danny runs away to pursue his passion for photography. His father is heartbroken. Eventually, though, the distraught father, estranged son, and lonely widow come together and have every reason to truly celebrate the season.

Usually not a big George Lopez fan but in this movie I actually like him. It was a great make you feel good Christmas movie. With a message that we all need to step back and look at!

This made-for-cable "dramedy" represents a change of pace for comedian George Lopez), here cast as a nasty, vituperative Chicago radio "shock jock" sportscaster named Henry Ramiro. Although his show is Number One in the ratings, Henry has managed to alienate everyone around him with his relentless verbal assaults--and when we say "everyone", we also mean his long-suffering wife Diana (Lisa Vidal) and his insecure daughter Olivia (Bianca Collins). This is the status quo until 15-year-old Grant Michael (James Kirk), whose life-threatening illness has not dampened his zest for living and his relentless good cheer, shames Henry into being a nice guy for one whole day. Not surprisingly, Henry's ratings immediately tank--but he manages to learn a valuable lesson (with a few detours along the way) just in time for Christmas. Naughty or Nice was produced by the Hallmark corporation and telecast by the ABC network on December 11, 2004. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi
Merry Christmas everyone hope you find a few you would like to watch. I love this time of year and my DVR is always set to catch all the holiday movies.


  1. Fun fun! We are getting Netflix can't wait! We got a Wii for a family gift and hubby says Netflix is a must. I hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday!!!

  2. These are all new-to-me movies.

    I hope you enjoy them and have a very Merry Christmas!

  3. I'm definitely checking out the Three Wise Women movie! Looks so cute! Thanks for sharing! I've never seen any of these!

    Merry Christmas! You are an Angel and may you be blessed with all your wishes coming true, my friend!

  4. You really watched a lot of holiday movies there girl.

  5. I just went over to find that first one, it's on Friday night so I set it to tape. Three Wise Women are on tonight, set this one too! Got the Santa Suite too! Lots of great movies. I can't wait to watch the ones I'm taping. Thank you so much.

  6. Thanks for sharing these movies... still looking for the one we want to watch on Christmas Eve. Hope your family has a very Merry Christmas!

  7. I think I need to watch more Hallmark TV. Or more tv period. Everyone hogs my tv. *sigh*

    Hope you guys have a Very Merry Christmas!

    PS Thanks so much for the card!! I LOVED it! It's on my fridge.

  8. We dont have a Wii and I wont get one either at least not right now.. but glad you have the fun of watching these instantly.. but do enjoy our netflix.. Merry X-mas and happy new year..

  9. I've already watched about 1/3 of these and, you know me, almost all of them are on my TBW list for the weekend.
    You know that I keep Hallmark Channel and Lifetime on all the time, our taste is so much the same.
    Merry Christmas and happy viewing to you!


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