Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Traditions ... Do you do them or Not?

As many of you know I'm a nut about making traditions and making and preparing a meal to share with the family. Ever since I rented my first house I wanted to do the Holidays at my house. Me making all the treats and everyone showing up.

Christmas is the time of year I look forward to every year, a month before I start planning what I'll make and people sitting around opening presents and just being with one another.

3 years ago my parents said they were going to a 2nd cousins house of mine. I was crushed, I had the meal planned everything. I knew we had a family member who was ill they wanted to spend time with them. Now yes this person lives about 5 minutes from me and we can see them year round but I gave in. Yes with Rick pleading with me not to make a big deal. Ok just this one year! Then last year I did it to myself got all prepared and found out my parents were going to celebrate with this 2nd cousin and their family again. It took a while but I sucked it up (ok pretended to). I thought ok just one more year, but I kept my family at home and decided that I needed to make a new tradition.

So here we are again found out yet again my parents are going to the other families house instead of mine with the kids. I'm making my way to new traditions and enjoying the day with my husband and boys and of course the new boy! I can't say that I'm not bummed that my dream of this huge family get together at my house won't be happening. Along with not a big dinner since the boys are still young there sadly is no reason to make a big dinner. So even though I wish it was just a holiday party they were going to and spending the actual Christmas day with the kids I'm just going to sit back with my hot cocoa and just relax. Ok really I'm trying just let me pretend in my bubble. This year was less tears .... lol :).

Merry Christmas everyone! So now the big question: Tradition is it a big thing for you?


  1. Oh honey! I am so sorry! I know how you feel my parents do that to me all the time. I know you feel like I do, that Christmas should be spent with your children and grand Children. :)
    Thanks so much for the beautiful xmas card. Love ya lady!

  2. I think your new tradition will be wonderful and you will get your crowd when the kids grow up. You will be the house they go to and bring their children too. I have always been pretty flexible with our children, don't want them to be pressured into anything. We have been very lucky that they spend Christmas Eve celebrating with their significant others family so we get them on Christmas day.

  3. What a bummer! Yes, it sounds like time to make your own traditions with your own little family.
    As for us, it's hard because every other year my kids are with their dad. So we do the traditions, but the date varies. This year we'll celebrate Christmas on the 26th. I try to be as flexible as possible and just rearrange and do things when we can.

  4. I think tradition is really important especially for kids. It's wonderful to have things you look forward to every year. I go to my husband's family on Xmas, so we do have the usual places, but even ours is changing this year. One of the family's we usually visit is moving their party so it's not the same. Maybe a new tradition!

  5. Your kids will learn from you what is important.

  6. As for traditions, we do have a few.
    Christmas Eve we get to open one present. Then one of the boys plays Santa and puts out the presents and cookies for the `real` Santa.

    Christmas Day, I used to have everyone wait til after breakfast to open presents. But I think that's changing. This is the one day of the year I make a really BIG meal for dinner. It's just us but I make a big fuss over the meal. I enjoy it.

    Merry Christmas!

  7. We finally put our foot down and said "we are having Thanksgiving at our house, if you want to see us, stop by anytime and enjoy the day with us." Obviously that won't work for everyone, and Christmas is a little different but it has worked for us.
    Hope you start some wonderful new traditions this year! (like baking dog cookies!)

  8. Just stopping by to wish you a very Merry Christmas!!

  9. I remember how devastated you were last year by what your parents did... I think you, Rick and the boys will have the most fabulous Christmas this year just like you did last year. Your traditions will come to you and will be the best thing ever!
    You are the best mom and your kid appreciate everything you do for them, don't let the b@$&@^ds get you down!!
    BIG hugs and kisses to you all for a marvelous Christmas... I'll be thinking of you as it will be just me Bill and our puppies.

  10. Oh I wish I lived much closer to you.. I would so be over.. I love tradition but it so hard now that I do not live close to my family. I am with my husband's family and some of my traditions have left. I am getting better but it is hard this time of not having what you are use to. In the end you learn to make your own traditions with your own family. Like you and your boys and myself, husband and little one.. I know I will miss certain things but I can still bring in what I like. Have an amazing Christmas and I will join you for a cup of hot Cocoa.... love ya, Poser..

  11. New traditions are a good thing. I am working on some new ones here too since things change quite a bit as the kids get older.

    Merry Christmas to you!

  12. New traditions are good. I decided not to stress a few years ago, because like you I wanted the entire family over to enjoy my cooking. It's hard with split families though. So now my brother and I take turns on breakfast with my mom and dinner with my dad. The day after Christmas is MY shopping day, and then we go sledding with the kids. Merry Christmas sweetie!

  13. Ugh. This happens all the time to you. I hope you can enjoy your boys and relax (for once). Maybe you'll find out it's a blessing in disguise.

    We're not big on traditions. Because of The TO's varied work schedule and having 3 sets of grandparents in 3 different time zones we never know when we're actually celebrating our holidays or where we'll be. I try to be flexible but it's not always easy.


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