Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Thursday Must Watch ... A bunch of Christmas & some other fun stuff

I start with one of my favorite movies! Talk about a tear jerker for the holiday season! Finally one that ends with a smile. It is a great story of what parents will do when a child is sick. Along with the kindness of strangers and neighbors. This movie made me cry at times but I did laugh and it was just a great movie that made me feel good, plus the ending you enjoy!

In this drama, set in a small Rhode Island community, neighbors band together to create magical Halloween and Christmas moments - several weeks early - for a young girl named Vanessa, who is facing a serious illness. Told entirely in flashback from the perspective of a vibrant Vanessa, at age 23, the drama begins in the summer of 1995 when the 8-year-old Vanessa (Emily Alyn Lind) has just returned from several weeks of tests and treatments at a Providence hospital. Though deeply concerned about Vanessa’s serious prognosis, her father, Tom (John Corbett), is committed not only to her full recovery but also to keeping things as happy and normal as possible for her and his 4-year-old son, Gordon, and his wife, Beth (Sarah Paulson)

I LOVE Debbie Macomber's books and love when they make them into TV movies. Doris Roberts plays the best Angel sent down to help with a little Christmas magic. You will fall in love with this movie and the characters. A GREAT heartwarming perfect for the season!

No one celebrates the holidays like Emily Merkle (Doris Roberts) – or Mrs. Miracle as she is known by some – who is back to ensure that this Christmas is the most magical and meaningful of all. When Mrs. Miracle appears as a seasonal employee in the toy department at the financially troubled Finley’s Department Store, neither the store’s owners, nor the customers, have any idea of the events that are about to unfold. Just when it seemed Christmas might not come at all this year, Finley’s favorite employee proves they don’t call her Mrs. Miracle for nothing! Also starring Jewel Staite, Eric Johnson and Lauren Holly.

Talk about being in the same place at the right time! A family with car troubles lands in a town actually called No Where! There is the usual parts that you want to roll your eyes at. I always believe Angels are sent to us just when we need them and this town got a family just then :). Great Christmas story with a show of the hard times we're in. Heartwarming and a GREAT movie for the family.

An urban family that can’t seem to get along gets stranded in a remote, impoverished lumber town two days before Christmas. When they become involved in the town’s home-grown Christmas pageant, they not only help solve the town’s problems but learn to connect with each other just in time for the holidays.

If anyone needed a little Christmas spirit this family did! When Santa comes knocking with a bump on the head comes to stay over night and lead them on a hunt to find Santa's bag to help his memory! You laugh and of course heartfelt story!

Angela and Wayne Fox (Jennifer Beals and Rick Roberts) could not be more self-absorbed, workaholic parents. Their young children Hannah and Toby long for intimacy and family life the way it used to be. How improbably perfect that one night – without warning – Santa Claus crash lands into their home. Santa has a bad case of amnesia, so with the fate of Christmas resting in their hands, the Foxes will have to put other lives ahead of their own for a change in order to restore Santa and Christmas, just in the “Nick” of time!

Yet another great book that was made into a TV movie. Jamie Pressly is great in this movie I saw her on The Talk the other day and saw she was in the movie so I set the DVR and bam talk about thrilled ride. It of course makes some parts where you are so cliche but over all a good movie.

Sandra Brown’s “Smoke Screen” follows newswoman Britt Shelley (Jaime Pressly), who shockingly wakes up in bed next to the dead body of Detective Jay Burgess and is suspected of foul play. Five years prior, Jay’s lifelong friend Raley Gannon (Currie Graham) also woke up next to a dead body. After learning of Britt’s scandal and the similarities between their two cases, he realizes she might be his only chance for vindication. As the two unravel their mysterious cases together, they find themselves caught in a dangerous political cover-up involving arson and murder.

I didn't know this song by Garth Brooks but he said it's a good song. I love my lifetime movies mostly I only watch Christmas theme movies this had a bit of Christmas in it but more on subject of lost loves and cheating. As I can tell you the wife was strong as heck and didn't fold. She was strong then most. It's a good movie night movie.

The film explores the themes of marriage, family, community and second chances with love, asking, “Did I let the one I loved get away, or is she right in front of me?” It is the story of a happily married father (Eric Close) living the American dream. When the woman (M├Ądchen Amick) of his high school fantasies returns home, he has to face his past and will be presented with a choice that could change his future forever. Executive Produced by Garth Brooks, and based on his song "Unanswered Prayers."

I grew up with a SciFi dad and these type of shows and movies where things we loved to watch. I thought Cole & I could watch this for our movie night together. He watched maybe a hour and was done :). I enjoyed this movie, Nicolas Cage is always a hit in my book. Jay Baruchel usually drives me nuts and I can't stand his movies but I actually like him in this. It of course has some moments where you go really, but you laughed and overall it kept you wanting watch. Not one I would buy, I'm sure my dad did so I can borrow it :). And yes I was a huge fan of Fantasia back in the day, this was a great update on it. Sometimes a remake can be good, I do eat my words every once in a while!

While Horvath (Alfred Molina) and Drake (Toby Kebbell) plot to restore Morgana Le Fay (Alice Krige) to power, master sorcerer Balthazar Blake (Nicolas Cage) makes physics student Dave Stutle (Jay Baruchel) his apprentice, teaching him enough magic to save the world from sure ruin. Also featuring Monica Bellucci, Teresa Palmer and Toby Kebbell, this whimsical fantasy is a live-action update of the beloved animated short from the 1940s, "Fantasia."

This was a guy movie threw and threw. He said it was ok nothing really awesome about it and he didn't ask me to buy it so that says something because he always wants to buy the guy flicks even when they are just plan stupid.

Barney (Sylvester Stallone) leads a ragtag band of hired guns charged with overthrowing a South American despot, a job no official military unit is willing to touch. But once on the ground, the team learns there's more to the mission than they were told. Their next move determines whether they survive -- or are, indeed, expendable. Jason Statham, Mickey Rourke, Dolph Lundgren and Jet Li round out a stellar cast.

I enjoyed the tv series and the first movie was ok and so was this one. At times I kept going REALLY you wore that, is this a fashion show everywhere and then some of the outfits made me go REALLY? I can tell you I know how Kristin's character could feel a bit overwhelmed and I laughed when they said who do people do it with out a Nanny?? hehe oh life! Of course the adult content was a bit much but overall I laughed and it was a slow TV night so it worked.

Set two years after the wedding that almost wasn't, this sequel finds gal pals Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker), Charlotte (Kristin Davis), Samantha (Kim Cattrall) and Miranda (Cynthia Nixon) embarking on a much-needed vacation to exotic Abu Dhabi. They're still the same soul mates despite responsibilities of motherhood and marriage, but a new romance for Samantha and a little thing called Aidan, Carrie's ex, keep things interesting.

You know I guess once you've seen one Robin Hood really watching it again remade by someone else maybe just a bit much. I should listen to my gut, don't watch a remake. I've never been a big fan of Russel Crowe. So I'm sorry guess I couldn't get into this one.

Russell Crowe stars as Robin Longstride in director Ridley Scott's big-budget twist on the celebrated legend. When soldier Robin happens upon the dying Robert of Loxley, he promises to return the man's sword to his family in Nottingham. There, he assumes Robert's identity; romances his widow, Marion (Cate Blanchett); and draws the ire of the town's sheriff (Matthew Macfadyen) and King John's henchman, Godfrey (Mark Strong).

I love the show My Boys and Jim Gaffigan plays the brother on to PJ on the show. He's very funny with great timing. Rick loves to watch comedy shows on TV so I downloaded it to the instant Netflix. He enjoyed it said that he was rather funny.

In this live stand-up performance filmed at Chicago's historic Vic Theatre, comedian Jim Gaffigan cuts loose with whip-smart musings on a variety of topics, including Hot Pockets, holidays, Catholicism and his favorite activity: doing nothing. (Unimpressed? He also tackles e-mail, the grocery store and spray cheese.) Despite his white-bread appearance, Gaffigan's got some serious subversive talent ... and he's not afraid to use it.

I swear the older I get I think the quicker I loose my sense of humor of comedy TV shows. I guess I only have a little amount of time and you better make me laugh and really laugh and make it worth my time! Ok don't shoot me I'm not a fan of The Office so I guess when I saw this was like it I should have just skipped it. So if you like The Office I'm sure you'll enjoy it :).

The inaction continues in the second round of this BAFTA-nominated British comedy series that follows the desperate lives of three miserable members of an IT support team employed at Reynholm Industries. The show's sophomore season finds a new boss (Matt Berry) shaking things up. Meanwhile, Moss (Richard Ayoade) signs up for a course in German cuisine and Jen (Katherine Parkinson) lands herself a promotion.

Veggie Tales are always a huge hit here from their singing CD's to their movies. They always have a great message and a great lesson behind each one. Veggie tales are a great group that is Christian based.

The first feature-length VeggieTales film depicts -- with the Veggie friends -- one of the most famous stories in the Bible. While Bob the Tomato (voiced by Phil Vischer) and the Veggie kids wait for a tow truck, a bunch of lazy pirates regale them with the story of Jonah. But in this case, it's Archibald the Asparagus who's charged with delivering a message from God to the people of Nineveh but ends up in the belly of a whale.

Thomas is always a hit around here, and of course Cole found this on the instant download on Netflix and loved it. I think Caden was even more enchanted by it, he's big time into Thomas now. Great one for these cold days when the kids are couped up inside.

The weather takes a turn for the worse, causing avalanches and stranding Thomas the Tank Engine and his friends in the mud. It's particularly troubling for Isabella, a vain sentinel lorry who's extremely fussy about her appearance, even when disaster strikes. But when the other vehicles begin to run out of fuel, Isabella must put her concerns about her looks aside and cross muddy fields to save the day.

And on the instant download for Netflix we have a classic show I loved. The boys of course loved it too! WE are all about Christmas season here. A good one even the adults would love.

All your favorite characters from the All Dogs Go To Heaven children's series are back in this captivating canine retelling of a Christmas classic the whole family will love! It's shaping up to be a wonderful Christmas for all the precious pooches at the Flea Bite Cafe. There's shining packages, sparking decorations, and even a hefty donation fund for Timmy, a loveable little pup who's in need of an operation.


  1. How do you have the time? My word!

    I love the Christmas movies on tv so much. Hallmark and Family Channel do a great job in December. I think that Debbie Macomber movie is on its way in the mail for me. :)

  2. sounds like some were a pretty good pick...

    i LOVE a good movie this time of year!!

  3. Wow. That's a lot of watching. Thanks for your thoughtful reviews.

  4. I loved November Christmas.. I watched it on Sunday and I was happy the way it ended.. I am getting Sex and the city 2 for Christmas.. Can't wait to watch it..

  5. Wow that is a lot of movies. I love the Christmas ones. Hallmark's are always the best. Been trying to catch all the new ones this year.

  6. My husband and teenage daughter watched The Expendables and they liked it. I can't give my opinion though because I haven't seen it.


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