Thursday, March 17, 2011

Pet Peeve Post it Note Style

The other day on my favorite show "The Talk" they were talking about pet peeves, it got me to thinking. I know I have tons of things that probably drive my friends (yes Rick to put he doesn't count ... lol). Mine mostly are about parties, I'm a nut when it comes to parties as you all know. I have the rule I go to yours you come to mine. I'm usually down with going to any event even on short notice. I rather get go out on the weekends with the kids, I just need to find more people who want to do get together's. I need to find a mommy support group ... lol.


  1. I hate the RSVP thing too...people rarely RSVP to any of my invites any more which I also hate because then its hard to plan for the right amount of people!

  2. Ugh, any gifts of a scale or weight comments are just wrong.
    My party pet peeve? My youngest son is 11, we invite a bunch of boys over for his birthday parties and they all have a blast. But my son NEVER gets invited to the other boys' parties. I don't know why; I know he's well liked. But then I see the other boys' mothers posting about their kid's party on Facebook and I'm so offended! I don't get it.

  3. (GASP) I think I fit some of those. Yikes! I had to check but I'm a follower NOW. I can't believe I didn't hit that button before????? I just always pop over anyway.
    The RSVP thing gets me too. urg. I also go nuts with the way some people drive in parking lots. Those lines are there for a reason people and do you really think you should go that fast??? There are people walking around out here too ya know!!!

  4. I am the same way it drives me crazy when people do not even RSVP and you can't plan. Then they show up or you never hear from them. Crazy.. I am the same way if you I talk to you please do the same.. I will always talk to you and be there for you my friend..

    Come on by and see if you guess right..

    Have an amazing weekend..
    love ya..

  5. I have way to many pet peeves I could be here all day. But a few of mine. Late people drives me crazy. Dishes in the sink, can never happen, dirty toilets, I clean mine daily. Wrinkles on the bedding, does that make me crazy? Ok so you see the pattern, I like things nice and neat:) I wish I was near you, we could do playdates all the time.

  6. People that don't respond to emails. I KNOW you read it, so why not just reply? Not that hard!

  7. The whole point of asking for an RSVP is so the hostess can plan how much food to prepare. It's not so she can spy or anything.
    uhm, duh

  8. I hear you dear, yes it is annoying xx

  9. Who the hell would give you a scale and have the nerve to ask if you'll use it. I'd freakin' punch them.

    Lots of yummy love,
    Alex, aka Ma What's For Dinner

  10. NOBODY RSVP's around here. EVER. It's crazy. I had no idea how many kids were coming to Zach's sleepover till all 11 of them showed up.

  11. How 'bout other moms or (friends with no kids) telling you you are doing it all wrong!!! Or hosting party after party without a invite to theirs!!!! Or how 'bout always having a playdate at your house and when its their turn something always comes up!!!! Girl..I could go on and on and on...maybe you should put them in catergories like ...rude friends
    Church goin' fakes
    Mother's who think their kids are angels
    snoops in the medicine cabinet! LOL
    Heres hoping you have a pet peeve free weekend! blessings, Joanne

  12. I agree with your pet peeves! I am sure I could add several more about blogging!!!

    Hey, I watched Harry's Law and I liked it. Also we got Morning Glory in the mail today! Have a nice weekend.

  13. It hurts my feelings when people don't comment on my blog too! It is petty but what are we supposed to feel?

  14. My pet peeve is when someone says they will call or email and you never hear back from them...a famous actor and TV personality did that to me :) uh his name...Ted Allen! LOL

    No really I feel ya on these! I am still waiting for Ted to call or email me, I guess he got busy!

  15. I havent done a RSVP in a long time.. I have once and only two little girls showed up for Koras first and only party. I thought if no one else wanted to show up I wasnt giving her anymore parties utnil she is older.. It was a waste of money on my part..

  16. Oh - those are some good bad ones. I have so many pet peeves. I think my pet peeves are pet peeves! :)

  17. In regards to the blogger thing, I have to agree. I follow a ton of blogs and can't comment on every post but I make it a point to leave a comment on some every now and then. It lets them know I'm paying attention and appreciate their blog. I have a handful of people who are super, including you, at leaving comments on my blog. It is much appreciated. But there's some, no matter how many times I comment on their blog, who never leave one on mine. It's kind of unnerving.


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