Sunday, March 20, 2011

Trying a New Gym

So I finally found a gym that is close, well about 15 minutes that is by the house that has a reasonable rate and offer childcare at not a huge rate. And for the person who makes the weight comments I DID NOT do this because you have been riding my arse. I did this because I've been trying to find a place for a while!

So a little run down on signing up at a gym an my experience so far. No I was NOT paid for any of this, this is just me and my experience.

So early in the week I called to find out a little more about the gym.

Now I've worked in sales for almost my whole adult life. So when I called I knew the drill they patch you to someone to talk before they transfer they ask your name & phone # "In case you get disconnected". Ok that is code for we will call you later to check on you! So I get patch threw to a nice enough gal who again takes my name & #. Gives me the drill that she wants me to come in etc. I tell her I will call back, I wanted to test how good they are. I waited 4 days no call, so I call and she doesn't even remember me. So I was a little put off, BUT i liked the per month and the $10 unlimited daycare for the kids.

So today I made my way to the gym the lady I talked to wasn't there but a young kid who needed to take a course on sales was there. First off he didn't even give me a tour of the gym, immediately sat me down and wanted to sign me up! So of course that made my spidysense stand up.

He tried to push me into signing right up with out doing the trial period. He still never showed me the gym and tried to rush me threw the paperwork. I Let him go threw it all and think he signed me up. Then this fluffy girl gave him a little schooling in sales :).

I made him tear up all the paperwork and give me a temp membership that is advertised on their website!

Things to know when signing up:

They offer a trial membership
- Now this is to get you to walk in!
- They will TRY to tell you if you don't sign up today you will pay $45 fee at the end of trial or you will waive this if you sign up today.
- I told him if that was the case I would come back at the end of the month to sign up :). Of course he back peddle told me if I came back by the end of the month I won't have to pay this!

READ everything
- Yes Month to Month
- This is tricky make sure to ask if there is a FEE if you cancel. YES there is a $90 fee if you cancel before 7 months!

- Yes it is $19 a month
- BUT you must pay First and Last MONTH PLUS tax you're looking at $43
- $19 will come out of your checking out the same day you sign up the following month!

- Yes there is NO enrollment fee, No Joining FEE
- BUT there is a $25 Fee for Maintenance that is due in 90 days of the day you enroll!

- They do offer it for $10 unlimited a month, which is pretty darn good for everyplace I found.
- Room not very large and toys mostly for younger kids.
- 2 hour limit
- Monday - Saturday only
- Limited hours block in Morning & Even during the week and only Morning block on Saturday

- They offer one free visit a month
- The ultimate goal is you to buy a package threw trainers
- Trainers are great IF you have the extra cash, it's easy for me to say NO :)

So I will be joining I just wanted to make the kid sweat for not doing a good job on sales and thinking he could push me into a contract. Another sales tactic is that the offer will end soon, yes this is a motivator. There is the $19 deal will end on the 31st :).

I'll be back on the 31st to sign up, but it still would be nice to have a official tour of the gym and all the areas!


  1. So you write a letter to the owners and tell them about your lousy experience and give them the link to your blog post.

    Tell them you will blog a positive post if they give you 3 months for free

  2. I can't believe he wouldn't give you a tour. Great information you shared, it's so easy to get roped in to what they are trying to sell. Hope you enjoy it. I wish you success.

  3. You would be a great "undercover" investigator for companies to show them where they can improve! You rock!

  4. Thanks for the great tips. You are so smart!! I am so dumb and probably would of let them talk me into everything. It pays to pay attention!!

  5. This is all good info...thanks for sharing...I'll be sure to always read the fine print before something like this.

  6. I can't believe all those little add-on fees, and you're super smart not to sign a contract. I wouldn't either!

  7. Thanks for the inside scoop. I've gotten railroaded into all those perks many times in the past. (Then I usually end up not going to the gym more than a week.)

    My gym is free for hospital employees which is a price I can afford.

  8. My husband and I rejoined a gym for the first time in over 5 years about a month or so ago. I SO love it. I can work out at home...but this gym has a daycare and it's a great way to get some alone time in during the day if we have nothing else going on . The kids love their "room" too!


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