Monday, March 7, 2011

We Continue Our Ground Turkey Journey

Happy Tuesday, well I'm not so sure it's happy but well it's another day. My little negative voice (aka person who drives me nuts) is trying to now work others around me to I swear make me loose my mind! One day they will get it that commenting on my weight! UGH, I'm inserting my head in the oven now :). So onto food because that helps keep my skinny ... hehe.
First off is a super yummy recipe! Debbie does healthy did one version and I went with the original roll version from Once a Month Mom. I'm in love with these meatloaf rolls!

Sicilian Meatloaf

Meatloaf, Dinner, Ground Turkey, Meatloaf Roll

See Sicilian Meatloaf on Key Ingredient.

Last on my list was a Cheesy Broccoli Rice. Come on don't let the name fool you I used brown rice, ground turkey and 98% FF Cream of Mushroom. Now take that hater!!!

Cheesy Broccoli Rice Casserole

Ground Turkey, Broccoli, brown rice, dinner

See Cheesy Broccoli Rice Casserole on Key Ingredient.


  1. Oh I love broccoli and cheese! Can't have it often though since DH HATES the stuff.

  2. Yum, that broccoli and cheese looks good! And if I forgot to tell you, I love the way you do the photos for your recipes.

  3. I also love broccoli and cheese. Yum!

  4. The second one is the one I want! Plus, you could leave the meat out if you wanted!

  5. gawd woman u always make my mouth water, lol wish it was smelly internet ;)

  6. You picked some delicious recipes. Both are making me really hungry right now.

  7. Yum to both! I'm with BV. The broccoli cheese casserole sounds good without the meat. My youngest loves broccoli.

  8. Both recipes look really good. I love your post

  9. Yummy I may be ready for dinner. Thanks for your great words today.

  10. That meat loaf recipe sounds really good. Lately I have been in such a funk when it comes to cooking. Your posts help me get new ideas. Blessings,Joanne

  11. I agree with blueviolet - that cheesy broccoli rice casserole looks tasty and would be easy to adapt for us vegetarians! Dang, my stomach is growling yet again...

  12. Reading this right before dinner...probably a good thing so I can eat!

  13. The meatloaf and the casserole both sound delicious. I'd love to have on or both of them for supper tonight. Have a wonderful evening. Blessings...Mary

  14. The meatloaf roll thing looks AMAZING! Deli ham, turkey and cheese? That can't be anything but good.

  15. Hi Alexis! I must say, I love the way you laid out this blog post with the recipe cards! Very cool! It is so true that family sometimes simply open their mouths to stick their feet right in! Sorry you have to deal with that! I am so intrigued by this Sicilian meatloaf especially! Thanks so much for sharing with us on the hearth and soul hop! All the best, Alex

  16. They both sound awesome. Can't wait to try them.

  17. Love the Broccoli & cheese recipe & the Sicilian Meatloaf. Except I think I'll have to use regular hamburger. Turkey hamburger & I don't get along to well if you know what I mean. They all sound so luscious. Nummers! Thanks for stopping by today at our Recipe Swap Meet! Hope you enjoyed it & come back next week too! I'm your latest follower. Nice to meet you. Have a great weekend.

  18. The both look SO good to me that I would love to eat them right now for breakfast. However, Bill wouldn't eat either of them... :(
    He doesn't do: meatloaf, ham or broccoli.
    So, next time you make them, I'll be over for dinner, just give me about a week's notice since you are ALL THE WAY ACROSS THE COUNTRY from me - which, BTW is entirely too far.
    Thanks for playing along, you ROCK!!

  19. Totally trying the broccoli / cheese...not too sure on the meatloaf rolled with ham...that's just... I dunno...can't mix too many meats... it confuses my wee little brain!


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