Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Weekend Wrap Wednesday ~ Run Run Run

*****UPDATED****** I went and reloaded the photos again I hope you can see them!!!
FIRST off the delay on this post is that Blogger is still giving me issues posting pictures! Since MOST of my post include pictures it becomes a bit of a pain in the rear. Fingers crossed after I spend the time to type this up you too can see the pictures ... UGH
This weekend was VERY busy and fun, we filled every minute with an activity! I've come to the conclusion that I'm not going to wait for an invite or be turned down to come visit I'm just going to load the kids up and go. McD's with yes is like the seventh level of H**L is ok AS LONG AS we come straight home and bath the boys. So there you have it! lol
Cole's school was on Spring Break last week!
Time to spend with our buddy Jake
Saturday after I got down with work we hit the Lowe's Kid Clinic
YUP FREE every other week!
Then we hit McD's to play!
OK all was fine until this dad came in with 2 kids! They just sat down to eat and then abruptly rushed out! Then Cole comes up to me, a kid pee's ALL over the steps to get into the playcenter! YUP you got it, it was dad that left. Ok I get being embarrassed but leaving NOT telling ONE employee what happened is unacceptable! Kids were walking threw the freaking PEE. So one parent went over talked to a employee to come clean up after like 5 min of me trying to keep the kids from the pee area I went over to talk to a employee. Who then said they were busy, I said well give me a bucket I'll clean it up (heck I wk McD's in H.S. I can handle this!). She then went a manager who then said oh yeah I forgot ... REALLY health Code lady come on! So they send a kid out with 2 towels to clean up this mess ... UGH.
And for the BAD haircut. This is after my mom trimmed the bangs so they were as straight as possible!! YUP Rick let Cole pick his own hair cut ... THE BOWL and then the lady didn't even cut straight or in even spots!
Sunday after Church and a Carnival Meeting ... Did I say that? Yes I promised the new girl that took over the carnival I would help but I WOULD not do anything with the ladies from last year. She swore they would have NOTHING to do with it! There was of course a new lady who was pushy that is helping on other things. She WAS rude Every time someone talked she would interrupt and answer the question. At one point I turned to her and said I will answer my own question thank you :). Then off to Rachael's to play and have a quick cup of coffee.
Then to the 2nd McD's that was all about Dino's on the walls, a T-Rex Skeleton, and a Dino to climb on. The boys loved the wall Murial and Skeleton but the play town was more for little kids and not very big so we didn't stay long. I came home and made dinner then sat down to watch Army Wives ... oh lord yes that is what I look like after I've cried for a full hour of a show. Yup of for my critic who gets on me about being so emotional I do cry at TV :)
So there we have it fun times :). Hope you all have an amazing week! HUGS

P.S. I'm still heading strong at the gym I've gone everyday for the last week and a half! I weigh in tomorrow, prayers are appreciated :).


  1. You go girl! Remember it's not the number on the scale but how you feel.

  2. Btw - The pics wont load for me... ?

    Thats how our McD's is. Theres always pee somewhere! So gross. The boys are always begging to go there and Im like no! I probably let them play there about 3 times a year.

  3. I can't see the pics. I haven't seen them all week actually. :(

    That pee on the steps is horrible!!!

  4. Thanks for the update - I wish I could see the pics - especially that bowl cut! :(

    Hooray for going to the gym!!

    Also, just an FYI I use Windows Live Writer for my blog posts. I think it is a lot easier to post from, especially when doing lots of pictures. It's a free download from Microsoft. :)

  5. Sounds like some people I deal with... What is up with Blogger? I had a few pics do a dissapearing act temporarily too, but it hasn't lasted as long as yours....Good for you getting to the gym everyday! I was supposed to run today and I copped out...One day of weakness but I have to go tomorrow. Stay the course Girl, we'll be in bikini shape by July...Ok for me July 2014 but it's still July damn it! Blessings, Joanne

  6. Phew...I don't know how you do it all girl!

    Lots of yummy love,
    Alex aka Ma What's For Dinner

  7. The pictures did not come up. We had someone puke at McD's on the floor. They came right out with a bucket and mop.. Yeah for still hitting the gym.. Have a great night..

  8. Just wanted to let you know the pics didn't come up. People wonder what's wrong with kids these days. Sometimes it's the parents who are raising them. Seriously, it was the dad's responsibility to clean up the urine. Congrats on your dedication at the gym. I need some of your motivation.

  9. Congratulations on your gym workout.
    Way to go!!

    That's a bummer that your pictures are not showing up. I wonder what is going on with blogger.

  10. you are doing so well with your gym... very proud of you!!

  11. Blogger is giving me issues too. Your pictures are not up on my screen. I am working on a post with pictures, I bet they won't show either. No I did not hear that word Carnival!!

  12. You said church carnival and my eye started to twitch!

  13. You know I had trouble with photos and Blogger last week, too, so I can't see the pics, wish I could.
    I can imagine what you look liked after Army Wives, probably just like I did... I cried through the whole thing, too,
    Don't you worry your beautiful little head about any critics, I cry at commercials. :-)
    Good for you about going to the gym as long as it is making YOU feel better!
    I'm with April, as soon as I read carnival... my eye started to twitch... YOU GONNA BE OK???


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