Tuesday, March 1, 2011

WWW ~ Snow, Lowe's, Oscars & A Birthday

I must agree with so many others that I'm not sure where our weekend began and ended. Here in the NW we don't usually get a lot of snow, which is fine with me. Since working at home it doesn't effect me much except for the whole school thing! Thank God Cole's school only had 2 hour delays both days. The boys of course loved it, I stayed inside and took a picture from the window :). Sadly Thursday night our stupid power went out of course only on our block from 8p to 6am!! Yup it sucked coldest night and no heat! My laptop was charged so I put in a DVD, read a book on the iPad and had to borrow a lighter from the neighbor.
Saturday after work we hit the Lowe's Kids Clinic, we just love these! Yes that is the look Caden gives you when you say smile. hehe. The rest of the day was watching some TV shows and cleaning.
Sunday was church and then the OSCAR's. I invited myself over to my friends house again but I of course brought food again. Missed the recipes check them out here. We are so silly we had all three of us on our laptops talking via FB instead of in person ... lol. The kids on the other hand set a bomb go off with the toys. By the end of the night Caden came up to me I want to go home mom. LOL
Next on our list is one of my BFF's from elementary school had her 34th Birthday. So of course I had to make a cake. Since she was over the moon with my S'More bars at the Oscar party I thought what the heck why not do a HUGE cake the shape of the S'More.

If you haven't check out The Birthday Blog you must she had this cake plus EVER imaginable cake, plus some I've never even thought of. for the Marshmallow part I used a The Best White Cake Recipe. I walked into the restaurant and it was that moment you always want, people eating actually stopped and started to point and say how cool is that cake! The guy behind the bar even screamed across to me that he wanted it :). It took a bit to make, I had to take several breaks today to do it but it was worth it!
You know you want to make it! CLICK RECIPE BUTTON TO SEE HOW TO!

S'More Cake

Cake, S'more, Desert

See S'More Cake on Key Ingredient.

It's Wednesday YEAH!!!! Here's to a fabulous week!


  1. Another really fun weekend (The power outage was before the weekend!). Weren't the Oscars so much fun this year! I just loved Ann Hathaway!

  2. Fun times as always at your house. Filled will yummy treats. Have an amazing day. We may have more snow on the way!

  3. I can't believe you talked on FB instead of by voice! LOL

    That Smores cake is amazing!

  4. That cake is awesome! I love the picture of your son on you lap. So sweet. Blessings, Joanne

  5. Hi from http://www.AllThingsDogBlog.com. We were so honored to have you visit and grab a recipe. There are more, so be sure to pop in and search with the Lijit box for all you'd like.

    I'll be announcing a cookbook soon and would love you to submit for it--you'll get a link in it to your site, as well. Happy tails!

  6. Yet another jam packed weekend for you and yours then sweetie? Bless you. I hope you at least had your feet in mini foot spas at your friends house so you could relax a little ;-) This weekend is going to be hectic for us as its Younglings 2nd birthday. How fast has that gone? Yikes. Take care hun be back to comment on more posts shortly. xxx

  7. No way, it's a giant s'mores! I love it. So creative, fun, and yummy I'm sure.

  8. That is freakin cute, you are just a way cool mom!

  9. Sounds like some fun times. I like that Lowe's has that program for the boys. The cake looks awesome. Thanks for the link to her blog.

  10. Looks like the boys are having a great time in the snow, but where is the puppy?
    I love seeing the photos from the Lowes clinics, they always seeme to have the best time. I'm glad you are able to make the time to take them - you SO ROCK as a mom.
    The birthday cake looks WONDERFUL, I hope you link that recipe up to our Thursday meme so everyone can have that one. Your Oscar party looks like it was a LOT of fun, AND exhausting. :)

  11. That Smore cake is awesome! Caden's smile looks just like yours. Definitely not a bad thing.

  12. Smore cake! Nummers! I know that was one happy little boy! Such a cutie too!

  13. Look at you - giving me two recipes... OH you are just the BESTEST!!! You know I wanted that Smores cake and the next time my boys come down (hopefully soon) I will be making it for them because I love them as much as you love yours.
    HUGGLES, my dear friend. Thanks for helping us with our new meme, friends like you are few and far between!! :)

  14. Proof again that you are THE sweetest person! :) cake looks GOOD!


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