Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Weekend Wrap Wednesday ~ Just Home Time!

Can you believe we had no parties or anywhere to go this weekend? I know believe me it wasn't with out a lack of trying. I was calling and calling and no wanted us to come visit :(. I'm the type of mom that so many of friends say I go to much. I just can't sit at home with the boys all weekend long. I love to get us out of the house plus it gives me the adult time I so need. Working from home I don't get much adult time so weekends are my only time. Ok I need to find a mommy that lives by me that would want to meet like once a month or every other weekend.
We did have some art ala Caden!
We put together a puzzle & even hit McD's play land
so Mom didn't loose her marbles!
Sunday Cole's Class sun in church (to keep tuition down this is required).
He did such a GREAT job singing Go tell it on the mountain.
We even cleaned the boys room & we donated toys!

Have a wonderful week! Here to a great weekend and hopefully someone will return my call for a playdate :).


  1. Wow, you actually had down time! I can hardly believe it. Lol

  2. I'm going through clothes and toys this weekend. Spring cleaning has started in this house. Is it sad I look forward to spring cleaning? Oh the dreaded writing on everything in sight. This is why every single crayon, marker, chalk etc is out of reach of little hands. After the sharpie incident on our freshly painted wainscoating.

  3. Um? Hello? You can come see me anytime. Hope you know that. Just a phone call away for some coffee, office gossip and letting the kids run around outside or sitting with a movie.
    I need to get Abby and Jakes's rooms cleaned myself...bah. I hate housework.

  4. Oh dear. I guess you have a budding artist....

  5. Sounds like a fun weekend! Down time is appreciated!

  6. I cant believe you actually stayed home for once!!!

  7. Time for the magic eraser! My hubby would and still gets so "annoyed" (blogger speak for stark raving mad) whenever he found crayon or marker scribbles on freshly painted walls. I would ask him "wha, didn't you read that chapter in the new Daddy hand book?" Great post. Blessings, Joanne

  8. Pretty layed back, I like that. I can't believe Caden did all that.
    I hope he had time out!!!

  9. I cleaned out the youngest's closet last weekend. What a job! Now we're working on the oldest's. And then they'll mess them up again. I yi yi.

  10. I like relaxing weekends! I hope you were able to enjoy being home a little bit :-)

  11. Oh know the drawing on the walls that is just so bad.. I am sorry he did that.. Have a great day..

  12. I'm actually GLAD you had time to just sit around the house and do nothing... well excecpt clean up the extra "artwork."
    We've talked about that before, HaHa, remember how I told you we had to repaint the boys room when we sold the house in CT.
    Cole's room looks really great and I'm glad that he was willing to donate his older toys. He's such a good kid. :)

  13. Looks like Caden made his mark on everything! My boys actually cleaned their room a couple of weeks ago. They did a super job and I was surprised and how much they donated. It looks so much better now.

  14. I love how you followed him around taking pictures of his little masterpieces! LOL

    Mine are usually Lego creations OR people that have been strung up with shoelaces to the doorknobs! LOL

    (or stickers... on the wood.... Grrrr)


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