Sunday, November 8, 2009

MSM ~ Tropical Traditions Virgin Coconut Oil Review

For todays MSM I wanted to show a recipe I fell in love with and to go with
my pumpkin theme why not! I have several friends that are really good about their diets, yes I'm trying to become the same! Many do an organic only or gluten free lifestyle either by choice or out of necessity. I'm always looking for products and recipes for these friends. I know I'm crazy once I get on a theme move over!

When I saw Tropical Traditions on a few other sites I knew I just had to check it out myself. What moved me the most was the benefits of coconut oil. Ok now most of you might be like me and think of a coconut it's either a great rare treat or fun in a drink! Never did I think more of it than that, so when I saw the testimony of Brian Shilhavy and his wife Marianita and their quest to share these amazing benefits. What is the is so impressive about them is they stand firm on getting the oil from the coconut the traditional way.

If you're looking for a wonderful cooking oil that helps your immune system, raises body temperature, helps provide greater energy and my FAVORITE part helps boost your metabolism! Bring on the boost in energy and metabolism, I need all I can get. Not only can you add this to recipes you can use it like you would cooking oil but only better for you. And get this they have a recipe guide on their site that you can check out anything your little heart desires!

BUY IT: Currently they have the Gold Label Virgin Coconut Oil Certified Organic Buy 1 Get 1 FREE (32 oz.)! ($37.50 each usually) So buy one for yourself and give one to your friend or you could be like me and keep it for yourself! Don't just limit yourself to the Coconut Oil check out all the other amazing items they sale. They carry Organic Foods, Skin Care Products, Household Goods, Pet Products and many more. I think we've found the Christmas shopping place, load up and check out all the deals they have going on. Sign up for their news letter so you don't miss anything!

Now onto the yummy recipe I made with my Gold Label Virgin Coconut Oil Certified Organic. I couldn't resist a pumpkin coconut recipe! I wish I had the coconut flour I know it would have made these pop even more then they do but believe me they were yummy just the way they were! Meet my new best friend Coconut Oil :).

Pumpkin-Coconut Squares


Pre-heat oven at 350 degree F.

Mix the coconut flour with baking powder. Set aside. Blend all the rest of the ingredients and then mix with the coconut flour and baking powder mixture. Mix well. Grease an 8 x12 rectangular pan with coconut oil. Pour the mixture on the pan.

Bake at 350 degree F for 45 minutes.

Test to see if it is already done by inserting a clean toothpick in the middle. When the toothpick comes out clean or with no residue, the mixture is done.

Cool down. Cut into squares.


  1. Well, that sounds easy enough! But was it good?

  2. This reminds me the the pumpkin coconut bread that I like to make, but I don't think mine is good for you! It's very yummy though! ;-)

  3. Oh yummy that would go so good with my coffee right now.
    My guys don't like coconut, but I sure do!

  4. this sounds totally cool AND as usual that food looks way delish!!

  5. Yay, another pumpkin recipe! I made the banana pumpkin bread over the weekend, YUM!

  6. Wow - looks yummy....who knew cooking oil was so great! Thansk for the info.

  7. Yummy. Did you see my meringues with the coconut oil?

  8. Looks good and sounds very interesting. I am going to check into it. I love coconut. The cookbook on my blog today is all about gluten free slow cooking.

  9. Seriously I need you here! Pleeeeeeeeeeeez! AND can you bring an extra SUPER MOMMY cape for me? WHEN do you have time for all of this (I'm whineing- lucky you this is the internet and you can't hear it because its rather pathetic and annoying....

  10. foodie reporting for why in God's name can't you give something like this away lol. sigh. Anyway. I have tried every oil known to man as far as cooking goes. The only coconut oil I have seen is for suntans hehe....but that is divine. Tell them thanks for letting us know about this!

  11. I love anything pumpkin..this looks yummy, can't wait to try it..I think my family will like this one.:)

  12. yummy, more food LOL are you getting me back for the food posts LOL

  13. I don't usually like pumpkin flavored things, except pumpkin bread, but this looks kind-of good.


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