Monday, November 23, 2009

Tempt My Tummy Tuesday ~ K.A.F. Kids - ABC Twists

Blessed with Grace
Today for TMTT I'm going to share with you the second product we were asked to try from King Arthur Flour. This is the one Cole has been dying to make, he's been asking ever since the package arrived. K.A.F. Kids - ABC Twists is so cute and easy, Cole had a blast making it, you can see from the pictures! The only problem we had was the rolling out like a snake that was a little hard for him. Over all I must say this was an amazing product that was a great thing for Cole and I to do when Caden went to sleep. Cole has now learned all his letter and their sounds so this was perfect timing for him to make!
Yes you see two C's one if for him and the smaller one is for brother. He even made the B for the neighbor boy! They come with a cinnamon sugar package you sprinkle on, they said to do after you bake but you know me easy so I did pre-bake and it was wonderful! Mom got the F ... Hmm wonder what secret meaning is in that statement!
K.A.F. Kids - ABC Twists is super easy all you need is water (the yeast, flour and cinnamon sugar are included) and butter to brush the bread. EASY!!
Make sure to head over to my King Arthur Flour Giveaway that ends 12/01 you'll receive a bag of flour of your choice and one of these mixes! Enjoy these were super easy and yummy!
Cole making his dough
(Yes he did all this one his own, I just supervised)
Now I had to help with the rolling but ...
Cole made all the letters!
He even brushed the butter!
Thanks for stopping by!
I want to tell you how thankful I am for all of you!
You make my day with your comments and emails.
Thank you for making me want to get out of bed each day.
But then I make more food .... hmmm maybe this isn't such a good idea ... LOL


  1. I my that is darling! Looks like a great time in the kitchen! My grandkids would love something like that!

  2. How much fun. I love this idea.. He looks so proud. I am thankful for you too.. Thanks..

  3. What a nice idea to keep them busy during their break from school.

  4. Now that is just too cute for words...sometimes I really miss my nieces and nephews :(

  5. yay I can comment again..for several days there wasn't a comment box for me to put my 32 cents in lol.

    We all love you that is why we stick around!

    I love kids in the kitchen..its so much fun isn't it?!

  6. Oh sweet mama, that looks yummy AND good!

  7. Those are sweet pictures. Cole did such a great job. They look great!
    Your teaching him well.

  8. I SO love KAF... they have the best spices, flavorings, it is the ONLY flour I use, and their pie crust recipe is the best!! I have spent so much money with them, they gave me my own credit card!!
    NOT a good idea....
    Cole looks like he had a fabulous time, their mixes are wonderful, they are simple, yet tast fantastic. Tell him I think he is magnificent!!

  9. How fun! Cole did an awesome job! I'm not sure if I entered that giveaway, but I'll have to now-Morgan would love to do this! :-)

  10. That looks like fun! My kids would probably make curse words.


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