Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Big Truck and Digger Machine why must you do this to me?

I interrupt this WWW for a little update of what is happening at our house. For the last 2 months they have been doing construction. The power company bought the empty lot next to our house to put some water shed thing, cool whatever. Well then they have some new pipe line that is going from a few blocks from our house to like 3 towns over. So the workers have been working next to our house as their staging area (starting at 5am) for the 2 months. No big deal doesn't effect my life ... or so I thought.

So today(Tuesday) they started on our street, digging up and putting the new pipes in. No worries you won't be able to leave your house for the day. That's cool I work from home, Me and my little island, I'm all good. I have coffee, radio and my internet ... what could go wrong right? That is until I'm in the middle of setting up a spreadsheet when my internet keeps saying not responding? What does that mean, really I just paid the bill! Almost in tears and panic I see that my modem light is not on. Unplug, scream a little, some tears and nothing! Then Rick comes out to ask what all the screaming is about, what are you talking about I'm crying silently ... LOL then he gives me the "third eye just appeared on your forehead" look and points out the window! That would be a bunch of construction workers cussing!

Yup! The locator people didn't mark correctly and they just ripped out a few blocks worth of phone, internet and TV! Rick headed out mind you it's early around 10am, this can be fixed right? No problem we'll get Quest out here and we'll be just fine! Several phone calls later by 5pm I give up hope of anything happening that day.

Oh did I mention I washed my cell phone last week? So anyone who has tried to call or text that is why I haven't call or text back! Since I had time on my hands I dug out and found an old phone, thankfully since I don't have a home phone for an emergency now. With time on my hands, and a DVR of nothing I want to watch I get to cleaning. I reorganized the cabinets, made a roast, baked a little, did laundry and tried not to freak out too much!

Quick calls to dad and I set up my command post for Wednesday at his house, thank the lord he is computer geek extraordinary and is easy for me to bring my passwords and I'm ready to rock and roll! So sorry if I don't come by to say hi, my friend let me borrow her computer to type this up and tomorrow (today when you're reading it) I'll be at Dad's Command Center and I doubt when I get home I'll have internet yet again!

Some pictures to show our fun times!!
The lot next to me
Staging Area #1 :)
Yup dirt piles and pipes!
This is what my driveway looks like!
The other side of my driveway
The worker with the lovely mouth
The whole and spot where my cables should be!
Do a little dishes
Clean some cubboards

So there it is my lovely world! Pray I have internet tonight or it's another drive up to dads and getting up at 4:30am is not my favorite time! Yes maybe God was telling me to take a slow day and I did get some rest :).


  1. Hey, you can come clean my cupboards! I hope everything goes o.k. today.

  2. Best of luck! This happens quite often around totally makes me wanna kick shins. Very unChristian of me....

  3. Crazy stuff, Locate must not have done their job correctly. Good luck getting your good back. Dad's can be so awesome!

  4. this would soooo drive me crazy.. i hate disruption so much!!

  5. Maybe thats what I need to happen around here!

  6. I would be livid and not have handled it as well as you did...thank goodness that didn't happen at my house! Hope your internet and cable is restored soon! Hugs

  7. That suck big time! I would be soooo pissed off. Glad you are able to go to your Dads. Praying it's on when you get home.

  8. Oh I hate construction around us LOL hope it's over soon!

  9. I hope they are going to compensate you..I mean you can't work due to their negligence. They owe you travel time and mileage at least.

  10. What a bummer! I'd be furious if construction started at 5am next to me, let alone ripping out my phone/tv/internet!

  11. lol..forced reorginization and cleaning...

  12. OH I would so hate waking up to construction outside but to take your phone and internet too. YIKES!

    Please stop by my blog. I left you an award.

  13. What a pain and a mess. Sorry to hear about that. I hope you had fun cleaning. I do the same thing sometimes. I just clean and find things to do...

  14. What a pain! Do the workers wake your kids up that early? That would really make me mad.

  15. Oh no! I hope they have it back up for you-I don't know how long I could be without internet! I might actually get something done around here though-LOL!

  16. Ugh! That's quite possibly the worst location mistake ever. So sorry! I hope you're back up and running soon!

    You have a little something waiting for you over at my blog, so when you get the webs back, come on by. :)

  17. At least they didn't hit your water line...course if they did that I would be making them pay for that too...

  18. Oh my.........not fun........
    But, man, TigerBoy would love seeing the trucks!

  19. OMG, 5:00AM, that would drive me nuts... I get upset when the lawn maintenance people start to work at 7:30 in the morning, but I can understand it because it gets really hot here, and I can take a nap.
    I would be REALLY mad if they screwed up my phone and/or internet service. I would also be extremely angry if they used all than nasty language around my kids and I would definitely let them know to knock it off!!

  20. Wonderful works there! I am pretty sure that every machine like bucket trucks have great help with this activity.


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