Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Source of Miracles Book Review

What a perfect book to show you after giving Thanks this week for all the wonderful things we have in life and with Christmas coming soon some of us need a gentle reminder of seeing and appreciate the things right in front of us! Just lately I have been reevaluating my life and trying to put things in a better place. We all find this in different place, I found mine in the church I found.

Each chapter of The Source of Miracles: 7 Steps to transforming your life throught the lords prayer you will find 7 steps to make changes in your life threw the Lord's prayer. What I liked as you know I love books is how easy and practical it is to include these steps into your life. Just like she says True Happiness and success can't just be wished for now isn't that a true statement. Like everything else in life a little hard work and effort go along way. Key word commitment ... I know don't run away because really when we hear that word it makes some of us step back but really who are you stepping back on but ourself? Food for thought there!

The book is only 205 pages and it's the half size type of book, it's really a quick read that you will find yourself reading over. This is a great way to learn and grow your personal life and your relationship with God. And when those challenges are getting you down and you need a boost go to your favorite chapter to find meditations, affirmations, and other activities.

This exercise hit close to home, I always try to give and give and sometimes I feel like those I give to aren't always there when I need them. It's been a tough thing I've been dealing with lately and hard time internally do I move on, what do I do? Then I read this Exercise:
If the person is someone who has no further place in your life, let him or her go. Use this affirmation as needed.

I forgive and release (person's name) from my life with love, and I pray that he/she finds healing on his/her own path and harms no one.
Lord's prayer:

Our Father in Heaven
May Your Name Be Hallowed,
May Your Kingdom Come,
May Your Will Be Done,
As in Heaven, So upon Earth,
Give us Today Our Sufficient Bread,
And Forgive us Our Debts,
As We Also Have Forgiven Our Debtors,
And Do Not Bring Us into Tempation,
But Deliver Us from Evil.
BUY IT: Hard Back $22.00, Currently Amazon has on sale for $11.88 and on Kindle for $9.99

Thank you to FSB Associates for a inspiration book that gave me the guidance I was looking for. It is currently now part of my night stand go to book area. I received this book to review and give my personal thoughts and experience, no money was given to me.


  1. Happy Sunday.. What a great find..

  2. FSB should provide at least one copy for your giveaways!

    Fab books!

    Hope your Sunday went well!


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