Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Weight Loss Plan for Beating Diabetes Book Review

Diabetes is a scary disease that affects many people. Rick and I have both have had family members that it have had the trials and tribulations some who have lost their battle with the disease and some who are still fighting with it. As many of you know my waist line is not where it should be and I don't need any reminding of that I need to get that in check.

Thanks to TV shows like Biggest Loser diabetes is become more of a "real" thing. It's so easy to brush things under the rug if you don't have to really see them. But it's real it's out there and we can do things to change things in our life.

I was offered to check out a new book that hit rather close to home. The Weight Loss Plan for Beating Diabetes if you, a loved one or someone you care about has diabetes you have to pick up this book for them. You will find the simple 5 step plan easy to follow to deal with diabetes. From diet to exercise, education, medication and lifestyle alteration. Dr. Frederic J. Vagnini pulled from current clinical studies on diabetes and weight loss. This is not just a diet book but a way of life to get diabetes in control.

Some great things anyone can do:

Here are some specific hints for defensive shopping:

  • Prepare ahead. If there's one rule to follow, this is it: Don't to go to the supermarket "on the fly." We've all run out for a few things and ended up buying twice as much as we needed. Often, something in the store tempts us to do just that. For example, how many supermarkets position the bakery right where you walk in, with the wonderful smell of newly baked bread or cakes perfuming the air? It's not an accident.
  • Consult your cookbooks and create a weekly menu. Write down all of the ingredients you need for it.
  • Know what you are going to make, and make sure that most of what you buy fits into your overall meal plan.
  • Check the fridge and pantry so you know what you don't need to buy.
  • Shop weekly. Shopping too often or stretching your shopping trips to every two weeks will make sticking to your meal plan more difficult.
  • Learn the store layout. The fewer tempting products you see and the less time you spend browsing, the easier it will be to avoid buying the wrong foods. The healthiest fresh foods are in areas against the store walls. Don't spend time in the central aisles with things you don't need.
  • Look up and down. The most attractively packaged food is on shelves at eye level.
  • Stay away from the areas where store employees are offering free samples of high-carb and fatty foods.
  • Eat before you shop. A hungry shopper buys more food and makes worse food choices, plus with diabetes, you need to eat at specific times and in amounts that ensure stable blood sugar.
  • Shop alone and without the kids. Although research claims that men are more likely to stick to their list only, the levels of obesity in both genders suggests otherwise. Going to the supermarket should be a directed, time-limited event. You are there to buy certain things you need; you don't have to review every single one of the store's offerings. If possible, shop for food when the kids are in school because they are special targets for marketers.
  • Make healthy choices. This doesn't only mean buying fresh vegetables from local farms or good produce in the supermarket. A healthy choice is a meal you make at home -- not take-out or prepared foods. Over the past decade, sales of prepared foods at the deli counters and throughout the store have risen steadily. Americans now spend over $15 billion per year on prepared foods in supermarkets and in shopping mall food courts.
BUY IT: $21.99 currently Amazon has it on sale for $14.95

Thank you to FSB Associates for a very interesting book that I believe I can even bring into my regular life! I was given a copy of this book to review and give my personal feelings. No money was given for this review.


  1. Diabetes is a life changer, for sure. As a type one insulin dependant diabetic it never fails to amaze me the people who CHOOSE to do nothing about their type II diabetes. Many times a few lifestyle changes and it goes away. OH! How nice that would be. Aside from the health benefits, I would save enough durn money from NOT having to buy RX's and supplies each month I could consider quiting my job!

  2. You have been a busy reader! Good for you.
    I just wanted to say that the tie buddies are very cool. I didn't want to screw up your randomizing. I don't have any kidlets that age so I am not going to enter.


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