Thursday, February 25, 2010

Oh No She Didn't ....

As you most know Rick has been working A LOT of hours, he's salary so don't think it's saving my shinking ship! So he does get this perk is he gets flex time so he may get a day off to you know be here with the kids and HELP me out! So it's finally time, he's got some time and has worked at the new job long enough to be able to use this time! Yeah I know You're all laughing because you know my life and how it works!

So of course in steps MIL her boyfriend (common law husbsand) dad is needing to move and needs help. Most of you are like well that's fair it's family, the catch it's TWO STATES away!!!!! Yes so of course to be cost effective and with work schedule he must leave next Thursday and return Monday!!! So you see my frustration? I love Rick is always willing to help and give the extra hand but sometimes it really puts a bigger load on me. Thankfully yes there is a weekend in there but that means I have do drop off those days with school and daycare meaning I have to take off work.

So I was talking to MIL on the phone this weekend just having a vent about how I'm a bit overwhelmed and will she please kick her son. I don't know why I even said anything it's not like she's on my side ... LOL. She then said she really needed him and hoped I wasn't upset. This time I didn't hold back I sad yes I was upset I understand they need help but the $350 they gave Rick which is not like it's helping us it barely covered the airfare, car rental and his food for those days. They could use that money on a mover! Sorry to be a little snippy but I mean come on!

So MIL who sadly has never meet her grandchildren, she's has diabetes and can't walk. Then said to me why can't you're parents just help out and take them a few days!! I almost came threw the phone I didn't want to be rude but come on you're not here to help, not cool to just think my parents would help out. Well news flash NONE of you grandparents help me out like that! She had other suggestions but didn't want to really understand this is more work and a pain in the arse for me!!!

We ended our conversation with her commented on me and Rick's argument about what I do vs what he does. Her comment was "Well I don't want you to break up but it may be best". Oh hold on Nelly WTF???? Breaking up did I all of a sudden become a teenager in a romance again? Did the kids, the house our lives equivalent to a silly romance? Yup oh wait her last advice to me a few years ago when Rick and I had a rough patch was "Boys will be boys, they just do this stuff we just have to expect it". Oh yeah sometimes I really wonder about this old school thinking, because this girl so does not play that game. Watch out my dear because I don't roll over and let things fly over me either!!

So next weekend I may just be bald in a corner and crying, needing some mommy alone time! I'm stocked up with fruit snacks, cheese sticks and duct tape if needed! LOL

Side Note: Over all my MIL and I get along she's a nice lady, she does live 2 states away so we don't have a lot of contact but by phone maybe once a month. She of course will always think her son can do no wrong. Insert head slap here!
Rick may have this to look forward too!


  1. *HUGS* oh my dear i know where your coming from...

  2. So sorry.
    They never really learn, do they?

  3. Wow! Big hugs! It sounds like she was not listening at all and you're right sons can do no wrong in their mom's eyes. That my mil for sure!

  4. Oh no you are NOT allowed to sit in the corner and cry...You are going to be all "whatever beoch" and take it like a real woman! (I say this with all the love in my heart)
    I could go on and on about the crap of Inlaws...but you know how it goes...Just let him go, say no more, be supportive...and you will look like the hero.

    He will come through for you in the end...BIG hugs!!

  5. Oh my Poser friend. I totally understand and would so go nuts. It is nice to have your husband help out. When you both do a lot it is nice to get a break. I would have used that money to get a mover too. Then know one has to lift heavy things and move. But I guess since it is family that is why he is going..

    But hold on his Mom was so wrong to say you should break up. Yes, that is so high school and you do not do that over something so simple. I guess she does not understand if she is not married.

    I think that Rick should go and I should come and stay with you. I so wish that could happen. I will be in the same boat. My husband leaves next Friday for a whole weekend out with the boys. His friend is getting married.

    We will be on our own. Oh well..

    I think you are amazing and can do it. Hugs.

  6. Hang in there! Think thick skin! When I was a kid I used to pretend I had a skin that repelled mean comments (thanks, Mom)... Think about it, could be fun? haha Realizing you are not at this level, I had to share with you that I do not even speak to my MIL anymore. She got a bit carried away in an email and I mentioned it was just too disfunctional for me to maintain contact. Now, that being said, my husband had also reached that point so I wasn't going there all by myself. And, of course there is a long history here, and if my hubs decides he is reinitiating contact I will need to support that... But, I love not having that negative aspect in my life! Ahhh, bliss. Geez, I might be bragging!

  7. Yikes--hang in there!! Definitely sons do no wrong in momma's eyes!

  8. WOW!! JUST WOW!!!!

    if i lived ANYWHERE near where you are i would sooo be there with you and make ya laugh.. but georgia IS iad far away...

    i learned a while ago.. that no matter how sweet the MIL seems.. she'll still never be on my side!!!

  9. I am so sorry!! I honestly can't believe the things she said to you. All I can say is take a deep breath and be thankful she lives FAR away (I know that is horrible to say) Maybe we should go for that long walk we have been talking about. Sending lots of good thoughts and hugs your way!!

  10. Crazy ass people. They are everywhere.
    Sorry about the shit you have to wade through sometimes.
    If you need a break, you know where to find me...if nothing else you can sit and have a cup of coffee and not worry that you should be folding laundry instead...we can even toss the kids into the back yard if it's not raining...

  11. Wow she sure has alot of ideas and opinions. RUDE!!!!!

    Sorry don't deserve that crap!

  12. Oh yikes. That is not fun. Unfortunately, I doubt that your MIL is going to change, but hopefully you and Rick will be able to figure out a happy medium for the two of you. It's kind of on him.... Good luck being solo again!

    And ummm her comment on breaking up? Yikes. Maybe he shouldn't be a topic of conversation when you talk to her ;)

  13. Grrr....

    My momma says I ain't suppose to say nuttin if I can't say it nice... so....yeah....

    I bet your hair looks great today!

  14. Your MIL and MY MOM sound like they could be BFFs! :) We'll have to discuss this at some point! :) ha ha..

    BIG HUGS...

    you know what I think you should do... have a FUN and FANTASTIC weekend... IGNORE HER SELFISHNESS and make some fantastic memories with your kids!

    SCREW HER! Don't give her the power over you or your emotions! NEVER EVER give her that! EVER!

  15. Ugh! Not a fun conversation to have. Take out some aggression at the gym.

  16. Why would she want you to 'break up'? Yeah, that would be so nice for her son to be divorced and his kids' parents be split up... Where's the logic? Crazy!

  17. Break up??? Is she freakin' serious? LOL!

    I thought is was just the younger generation that had no respect for the sanctity of marriage. I'd be pissed, too!

  18. I really can't believe what I am reading. OMG how do you put up with that? Good thing she doesn't live nearby! Our kids have moved numerous times and my husband finally told them to get a mover.
    It is really the best route to go.
    Our daughters in-laws hate us and her. Her husband often feeds into their bullshit. I am so sorry about this. ((HUGS))

  19. Sounds like she really is too far removed to really have any kind of realistic grasp on your life.

  20. I've had two MILs and both were completely nutz. Seriously, NUTZ!!!! Thankfully, the one I have now is dead.

    Love the husband; ignore the MIL!!!

  21. OMG LOL you know, I've told you how I feel about MIL and my mom...they drive me one is ever here to help, but they are always close by to tell me what to do, how to do it! And of course we are still awaiting our break up LOL

  22. Geez! Too bad she wasn't more understanding. When I 'complain' about Rich to my MIL, she feels sorry for me and appologizes, saying that I got the worst of his dad AND his grandpa, then wishes me luck! LOL!

  23. Oh, man... sounds like my first MIL... You and I are gonna go smack the ever lovin' crap out of her! What does she know, she didn't even bother to marry the man she is with now, shows what she knows about committment.
    You know I am here for you and if you need to come and cry in the corner, I've got lots! Plus I'll give you healthy snacks and you can walk all over Disney World for exercise... Come on down!!


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