Tuesday, February 2, 2010

WWW ~ Clean up, Hiding Toys & Rick's Birthday!H

Well it was a fun weekend here at the house both boys not feeling the best, let's just say Caden's crip needed to be taken apart for a deep clean! After I finished up work Saturday, my dad picked the boys up for two glorious hours! You think I could rest, nope I got to cleaning. I headed to the boys room. How can two little boys make so much of a mess in there! No matter how many times I tell them NO FOOD in your room they keep sneaking it in there!!!
So while cleaning the crib I decided to tackle the toy box. OH boy was I in for a shock! It smelled a little funny, as I take out the toys I get closer to the bottom were I found dried PEE!!!! WTH really dude (has to be Cole) you pee'd in the toy box! You ask him he has no clue? So out come the toys I wash them down and while doing that I got a black bag full to donate (yup see it there all those toys went to Value Village).
Things you find in a Toy box:
Pee! Yup who would have thunk it?
Cracker Crumbs, I always store my crackers in pee!
And oh yeah a diaper! Guess brother thought his pee needed to be w/ brothers!
Oh yeah and I found not One but TWO
APPLES one under each bed!
Should I be happy they sneak healthy food?
Yup that is what an apple looks like if left under one's bed!
With Rick's GC for his brithday from my MIL we hit the mall
I took the boys to the playcenter!
Caden had to have a snack, PB&J
Don't you eat your sandwich like this?
Caden decided my brand NEW TP needed to be organized!
While mom cleaned up I grab her slanket and got to sleep.
Yup Slanket is now "My Blanket" yup Caden says this!
Cole rearranged the toys, of course you need drivers!
Oh yeah and Deigo wanted to hide in the TP after I cleaned it up
Rick's Birthday!
I'm such a great wife I wrap in a Kmart Bag .... LOL
What he got a new Wii remote, 2 wii games, Aviation DVD's and new Apron
(picture of him in it coming soon)
After huffing at my parents they went to a early dinner.
Mom whipped up a cake for Rick! YUMMY
The slowest Mexican Restaurant EVER!

Overall a good weekend, Sunday Rick was suppose to go to Church with me on Sunday but was throwing up so it was just me and the boys :(. The comedian at Church they hyped up wasn't that funny. On my way home called my dad to see if they wanted "TO GO WITH US" to lunch. My dad thought I was trying to get them to take us to lunch and pay! NO I wanted you to go with us. LOVE them to death, I haven't borrowed $ in years, but still they always think I want money! KILLS me. So after a huff and me hanging up and calling my bff in tears (they can always do this to me). She calmed me down letting me know I'm a good person they love me they just are weird like that. A good cry and then dad calls and invites us to dinner??? WTH, I know my same thought. We go to dinner I PULL out my card to pay and they say they are paying. I give up, really I wasn't wanting a FREE meal. Really my parents are awesome people you just don't mix them and money into the mix. They are amazing and have done well for themselves and have taught me to take care of myself and not needing anyone, but again don't borrow money ... LOL.

So there it is my weekend in a wrap it was fun a lot of sick people but we made it threw it! WELL kind of Caden still sick, yesterday he came up to me to tell me "Momma my nose hurts". Poor guy nose is all red from sneezing and snot everywhere :( OH joy!


  1. What a week and weekend. Your boys just make me laugh when you find there little messes. You are such a great daughter and I would go to lunch with you any day. Oh and if you really wanted to you could so pay. (j/k) I hope everyone gets to feeling better... Hugs.. Loved seeing the Poser..

  2. As always.. eventful.. hey.. I found some apples in my purse the other day!!EEWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Apple slices!!!! From McDonald's!!!

    Anyway.. thank you for your well wishes and prayers!

  3. haha doesn't it seem the clean-up never ends? I find strange things in my pockets and purse too!

  4. I ALWAYS eat my sandwiches like that....you don't?

    Rock the Wii!!!! I'm thinking we're just going to have to break down and buy one of those things....

    All the COOLEST wives wrap in KMart bags. I'm suprised you didn't know that already.

  5. I would be happy if my kids snuck healthy food! ;-)

    We did the play area at the mall this weekend too! Not a happy time, though, with a tired little girl.

    LOVE the way Caden eats his PB&J's! He is just adorable!

    Guys love plastic bags for wrapping paper-it's simple-just like they are ;-) (Not saying that to offend-my husband actually told me that-LOL!)

    The whole paying for dinner/parent thing is always confusing. Don't worry about it too much ;-)

    I hope little Caden feels better soon-runny noses are never fun!

  6. i'm still laughing.. and crying for your sake.. over everything that was in the toy box!!!!

  7. Love your wrapping job! Haha! At least it was concealed in something. My husband just hand me over the present, unwrapped, unbagged, no card and all!

    Here I am thinking how gross to find pee in a toy box when I have found dog and cat pee in many other non-appropriate places!!!

    Pets and kids both equals MESSY!

  8. Oh my .... toy box adventures!! I just love all the pictures!! And hey.... you used the same wrapping paper I always use too.

  9. I have to laugh at the pee and crackers. Hopefully it won't become a habit...

  10. Love the post! I can so relate to it all. I must admit I had a good laugh but only because I can soooo relate to it all. The "huffs" were a great visual!

  11. Gross on the pee!

    What is it with apples? I found an apple core that one of my boys had thrown in MY BATHTUB...and I didn't find it until after the ants did. Ants in February? WTH?

    Hubs and I never wrap anything for each other.

  12. Your boys really are a great example of "Boys will be boys"
    Well everything is clean now!
    Happy Birthday to Rick. I am a bit surprised your dad said that. If our kids called us to go out with them I wouldn't think they only wanted us to pay :( We ALWAYS do pay because we love to treat them.

  13. Boys rooms are DANGEROUS places...

    My boys have always shared a room, and boy do I have some stories...

  14. You always find crazy stuff when you clean up their rooms. So funny!

    Sorry about the family drama. You are an awesome person!

  15. Ah parents LOL mine think the same LOL all the time!
    Your boys are awesome!!!

  16. How can you not just LOVE that face (Caden eating the sandwich)? SO adorable!!
    UGH about the toy box... I am always amazed at the things you find in the boys' room! LOL!
    Happy birthday to Rick! You're an awesome wife... He's lucky to have you!

  17. You are the busiest person I know. And the sweetest! You manage to keep a smile on your lovely face no matter what happens to you, around you, or despite you! I love seeing your face on your posts and the faces of those beautiful boys, the way Caden ate that sandwich is just like the way my boys ate lots of their food when they were his age. I'm sorry he stole your slanket, you're gonna have to get a new one... I know how much you LOVE that thing.
    Happy birthday Rick... hope it was wonderful!
    Sorry about your parents... know how that goes, remind me to tell you about the "letter" I got from my mom... HMPH!!
    Talk to you soon sweetie...Hugs!

  18. OMG, you just had me laughing to hard! I love the way you tell the stories of your days!


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